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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30-- Gibbs on Redskins Radio

Joe Gibbs told Larry and myself during Redskins radio that he asked his starters if they wanted to come out of the game during the NE blowout, and they all told him “No.” So he let them go back into the game and play out the final moments despite losing 52-7..

Gibbs said he wouldn’t want his team to get caught up in any kind of retaliation during a game that is getting out of hand.. Asked directly about the “disrespectful,” manner in which the Patriots ran up the score, Gibbs stayed even keeled and continued to suggest the team need not get caught up in whether feelings were hurt, but more keep it’s focus on not being in that position again..
Should the team have reacted differently? Good question..

The Redskins are attempting to figure out why they have had a continuing issue with hamstring and groin injuries this season.. They have brought in a specialist to talk with the players about the risks.. They also had all of their players flexibility tested.. Gibbs also admitted that he could be “overworking his players.” And the practice regimen has been decreased in recent weeks due to it.. He said it “blows his mind” how many upper leg injuries the team has had.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

October 29-- Thought on Running up the score chatter, Rogers done for season

CB Carlos Rogers will miss the rest of the season after tearing the MCL and ACL in his knee during the NE game.. He will allow the swelling to go down over the next couple of weeks then undergo surgery.. The team is hopeful his rehab will allow him to start practicing by training camp next summer..

Cb Fred Smoot did not play on Sunday because of coaches decision, not just because his hamstraing was still not 100%.. When asked about whether he'd play this weekend, Smoot relented that he's going to have to, but when asked if he'll be 100% on Sunday, he said "We'll see on Sunday." Quite obviously, he wasn't happy he wasn't active..

LB HB Blades, mild knee sprain, he played with it and should be OK.. RB Rock Cartwright missed the NE game, (quad), he is said to be doing better and there is a "good chance" he'll return this week.. Lb Rpcky McIntosh has a shoulder burner, we'll see about practice this week.. RB Clinton Portis got his fingers bent back trying to recover a fumble, he ended up with a bruised hand, x-rays were negative and he should be OK..
C Casey Rabach (groin) and LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) both were said to have made it through the game well..
TE Todd Yoder has a mild sprianed ankle.. T Stephon Heyer "needs to gain some more strength in his injured hamstring," but the tam thinks he may be ready to go this week..

Players were pretty reserved in their comments the day after the game I will now only refer to as "The Unspeakable." Most players took the route of suggesting you have to put it behind you, Santana Moss did admit that it is still lingering a little.. It was a quiet locker room session..
Joe Gibbs said the team had "productive" meetings today saying "some guys, if that happens to them, will walk out the building." I'm assuming he was suggesting "Throw in the towel," but that might be putting words in his mouth.. He said his team was very aware how much of the season is left and he always preaches a week to week mantra anyway.. The question is whether this has a hangover effect.. Pete Kendall said "shame on us if we let this affect how we perform against the Jets."

AP witer Joe White reminded Gibbs of the loss to the Giants two season ago in NY, 36-nothing anf how the team bounced back and ultimately ended up in the playoffs.. Gibbs said he hadn't remembered that but, "Maybe I should have you come talk to the team, you'd do a better job then me. I'm making a note of it right now."

Gibbs reiterated that he has no problem with the Patriots decisions to go for two 4th and 2's in the fourth quarter of a 38 and 45-nothing game.. He basically said "You can't let yourself get into that position."

Asked about the offensive ineffectiveness of the past couple of games, Gibbs said "I don't have the advantage of hindsight. This goes with the trritory of being a head coach.," when questioned about whether the team isn't running or passing enough..

OK men..

PS-- Quick thought on the running up the score stuff.. Credit to my buddy Diron (possibly named after Diron Talbert but I'm not sure) who brought it up to me last night..
Why didn't the Skins retaliate when Brady went for it on 4th down with his team up 38-0? Interesting question.. Why didn't the tam take a cheap shot at him, start fighting with the Patriots maybe? If this was so disrespectful as some players and obviosuly fans would insinuate, why didn't they do anything about it while NE had it's starters on the field late in a game where the outcome was not in question?
When the back-up scored, well that's on the Skins.. But I think he makes a good point..

Ooh yeah, one more Diron story, he tells me the manager of a fancy (here will be unnamed) restuarant in DC is this Moroccan dude who says he is a huge Redskins fan even though he doesn't "understand exactly" what he is watching. He told Diron, wen the Skins are playing, he can't watch the game with anyone else because he might not be able to control his emotions.. So if you ever hear of someone dying after being struck by a cobra while watching the Skins game, we have a suspect..

October 28-- Holy Crap!

Well, there isn't really much to say. I'm not sure an adjectve exists for the Redskins performance in New England, so I won't try to come up with one..

Injuries: CB Carlos Rogers scheduled to have an MRI today, he suffered damage to the MCL in his right knee, fear of an issue with his ACL.. If he tore the MCL, he'll miss a month minimum, if he tore the ACL, he'll miss the rest of the season. I'm expecting them to say he'll be out for some period of time..
LB HB Blades, sprained knee, returned to the game..
RB Clinton Portis, bruised hand, returned to the game
LB Rocky McIntosh, shoulder burner, did not return, this has ben a recurring problem for McIntosh where he appears to lose some feeling in his arm, so my guess is maybe he has a pinched nerve, but that is just a guess.
S Vernon Fox, hip, will be re-evaluated today..

Did NE run up the score?: There were many different opinions on that from all levels of the organization. Joe Gibbs succintly said, "I have no problem with anything New England did today." Jason Campbell described the questions as one that is "hard to answer," so while suggesting he thought maybe going for it on a 4th down when you are already up 38 is a little much, he offered, "It's our job to stop them, in this league nobody is going to give you anything." T Todd Wade was certain that they ran up the score.. Others took the Campbell approach essentially believing that once the other team's back-ups are in, if you can't stop them, then, well...

There were no locker room or sideline incidents amongst the members of the Redskins, a good sign as the team has a big week ahead of them to try and prove this was a one week thing, against the best team in half-season history..

Issues with the Redskins headsets continued yesterday with intermittent issues between the coaching staff and the booth.. There were no sidleine to quarterback issues as there were in Philadelphia and Green Bay, but for long stretches of time, the Skins lost commuincation with the coaches in the booth.. The rule in the NFL is if you have just one of your lines working, then the other team is not forced to shut down any of their lines of communication..
After losing 52-7, Joe Gibbs said he didn't want to address the headset issues saying he didn't want it to come off an an excuse for the outcome..

CB Fred Smoot ws inactive, he re-injured a hamstring injury last week but was probable heading into the NE game.. LB Marcus Washington returned after missing to weeks wth a hamstring injury.. T Stephon Heyer was inactive for a second straight week, hamstring..

Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26-- Skins news and prediction

Injury report: RB Rock Cartwright did not practice and is listed as questionable with a strained quad.. Joe Gibbs would not disclose would be be the lead kickoff returner if Cartwright can not play against New England..
Everyone else on the injury report practiced and is probable: CB Carlos Rogers (knee), CB Fred Smoot (hamstring), OL Stephon Heyer (hamstring), C Casey Rabach (groin), Lb Marcus Washington (hamstring), S Pierson Prioleau (coache's decision)

Gibbs said he was happy about about his team's health getting better this week, it appears only one player, Cartwright is definitevly out and for a week, the injury list didn't grow..
The team spent all three days of practice in rain, today it was driving.. Gibbs continued to contend he prefers to practice outside no matter the weather despite likely clear skies in Foxboro this weekend.. There are no intentions for the team to build an indoor practice facility..

Gregg Williams credited the Patriots execution for their remarkable success to start the season.. He says they haven't changed their play calling or game plans all that much, just the execution is higher.. he laughed off assertions the team was being quiet earlier in the week because they were "scared."

Clinton Portis believes the Redskins could have similar offensive results as the patriots if they could stop making mistakes (penalties/turnovers/drops).. He continues to claim he is not concerned by the lack of a consistent run game saying "as long as we keep winning, my stats aren't that important." He did concede if the team loses, he could be looked at as someone who has to be "the answer."
Portis earlier this week said he believes the Redskins roster stacks up to any in the NFL including the Patriots..

I typically shy away from predictions but considering the magnitude of the game and the opportunity for such a major upset, I figured why not: Simply put, I personally don't believe the Redskins are 16 point underdogs to anyone, even the Pats.. This will be the best secondary Tom Brady and those receivers have faced. Anyone who has tested Sean Taylor and that Skins umbrella defense have paid the price.. And despite my inclination that The team won't get enough pressure using just their ffont four, and certainly Brady is not Jon Kitna, you stick with what's working.. The Pats will find out the physical nature of the Skins D as well.. This week has been all about utter disrespect..
That said, I don't live on Mars and while I expect the Skins to be much more competitive then the other Pat opponents, my biggest concern is the Skins inability to consistently score more then 20 points.. So, if the Skins catch the ball, don't turn it over, and throw a little cation to the wind (wide open playbook, no conservatism if they get a lead, big if) then why not.. So I say it's close, but close is not good enough, Skins look good but fall 28-17..

OK men..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24-- Skins do no smack talking

The Redskins were extremely tight lipped during today’s open locker room session as preparation began in earnest for their game with New England this weekend.. Carlos Rogers would only concede, “all you hear about is New England and Indianapolis, what is there to say? We’re 17 point underdogs, I’ve never seen that.”
The typically chirpy Fred Smoot would only answer questions by saying, “we’re just going to play football.” LB London Fletcher went so far as to not answer questions asked directly about New England. Fox 5 anchor Dave Feldman asked two straight questions about the Patriots, Fletcher just stared back at him and Dave finally went “Really?”

Asked if he is playing up the underdog perspective with his team, Joe Gibbs said, “No, I think our guys are smart enough to understand the challenge ahead of them.” When asked about how you go about trying to stop the Patriots pass attack, secondary coach Jerry Gray said, “Pray.” He followed that up with, “hope one of them slips or something.”
Either the Redskins are putting on one of the best poker faces I have ever witnessed or they are in big trouble…

Gibbs did have a funny moment when he was asked about the fact that the Skins are the only team Tom Brady has yet to defeat and that the Patriots haven’t beaten Washington since 1972. He quickly responded, “How much money you got bet on that?”

Injuries: G Randy Thomas (triceps) out, RB Rock Cartwright (quad) was held out of practice, T Stephon Heyer (hamstring) also held out of practice.. Limited participation: S Pierson Prioleau (coache’s decision), CB Carlos Rogers (knee), he says he is just taking it easy and will definitely play, CB Fred Smoot (hamstring)..
C Casey Rabach (groin) and LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) both returned full go to practice and are expected to play this weekend..

NE injury report: LB Eric Mitchell (knee), S Mel Mitchell (groin), RB Sammy Morris (chest), TE Ben Watson (ankle), S Eugene Wilson (ankle) all missed practice.. QB Tom Brady (shoulder) was limited in practice.. Don’t get your hopes up..

Mike Vrabel was remarkably boring on the conference call, you would have thought his team was 0-7.. Bill Belichick said it was a “huge compliment,” to be talked about in the same breath as Joe Gibbs.. Belichick was very good on the call today talking openly about the 3-4 defense, what kind of character players he looks for, how NE did not go into this or any season trying to build a dynasty but works every season as a new season and said Randy Moss is the best receiver he has ever coached..

OK men..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23-- Gibbs on Redskins radio

I thought the most telling moment during Joe Gibbs weekly appearance on Redskins Radio with Larry and myself was when he said, “No one cares about the excuse of injuries.” The Redskins have been taking a tremendous amount of heat for the inability to produce against the Cardinals on Sunday yet no one wants to use the shuffling of the line as the reason.. The Skins O-line injury situation has been well documented and last week the practice group looked nothing like the unit on the field against AZ, but as Gibbs intimated, excuses are just that, even valid ones..

Gibbs said Brandon Lloyd remains the #4 receiver calling the core a “very competitive place.” Santana Moss is “our playmaker,” even after a couple of tough weeks.. Antwaan Randle El remains the clear number 2 and James Thrash was cited again as the clear #3.. Gibbs even mentioned Keenan McCardell when discussing the core menaing you can expect Lloyd to remain a role player and 4th WR on 4 wide sets at best..

The Redskins-Patriots game is an interesting matchup.. This will be by far the best defense the Pats have faced this year, only Jax and Pitt have given up fewer points and the Skins are tied with them and one other team for fewest touchdowns allowed in the NFL.. Still Tom Brady has 27 TD throws, on pace to shatter Peyton Manning’s single season record.. NE also stands as currently the highest scoring team in NFL history at 39.9 points per game, one point better then the 1950 Rams.. The 1998 Vikings and 1983 Redskins are ranked 5th and 7th on the all time scoring list and are the first among current era teams.. Gibbs described the situation not unlike other golfers facing Tiger Woods, saying “going up against someone better then you is very tough.” I asked him whether he believed their roster is THAT much better then his, and Gibbs deferred more to the results which is inarguable..

OK men..

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 22-- Does the O go into a shell?

DT Corenlious Griffin found during the AZ game that his wife had given birth to his second child.. Joe Gibbs said he told Griffin not to fret about missing the birth because his second child came while he was in Fort Smith, Arkansas with 17 recruits.. Uh, Ok..

Injuries: RB Rock Cartwright (mild quad strain) is expected to be OK for this week.. LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) has missed two straight games with a hamstring, is expected to return full go to practice on Wednesday with no limitations.. Trainers say that G Pete Kendall and T Todd Wade both got through the game and are doing well after missing a good portion of practice a week ago.. C Casey Rabach "did more running today then he did on Saturday" and remains day to day with a groin injury..
CB Fred Smoot has a hamstring strain and is day to day.. CB Carlos Rogers has a mild knee sprain and is not expected to miss any time.. DE Phillip Daniels got his hand stepped on, it is swollen but he is expected to be OK..

Joe Gibbs and Al Saunders both admit the team got conservative with the ball in the second half of the AZ game choosing to try to protect their lead consideirng how the defense was playing.. Gibbs said he is definitely influenced by the way the defense plays in terms of how he wants to attack offensively.. The Skins are not using the offensive line issues as an excuse for their lack of production on Sunday only to the extent that Gibbs admitted the team nearly spent the entire week of preparation doing walk throughs instead of practice due to the man power issues on the line.. Jason Fabini was practicing at RT even though Wade ultimately returned to that spot.. Mike Pucillo was making his first start at C and LG was manned by a number of players with Kendall resting his sore knees and hamstring..
Gibbs says he doesn't go into any particular game with a set plan of how many times they will throw or run and each week the ideas going in will change based on the opponent plus in game scenarios force your hand as to how to attack..
The mesh of Saunders and Gibbs obviously remains a work in progress with Saunders leaning more toward an open attack with a passing game, and Gibbs wanting to protect leads and the ball plus being a more physical run team..

On NE: Gibbs said he expects his team to "be the biggest underdog in the history of sports." While it's an overstatement, for a week pumping up the opponent as a great team certainly does apply.. Pats QB Tom Brady has 27 TD passes in seven games, well on pace to break Peyton Manning's single season record.. In 1991 when the Redskins went 11-0, ultimately 14 and 2 and won the Super Bowl, mark Rypien had 28 TD passes.. Randy Moss leads the NFL with 10 TD receptions, in 1991 Gary Clark led the Skins with 10.. Just a fun little comparison.. NE is certainly on pace right now for statistically and potentially record wise inarguabl the best season in NFL history, of course it's just week 8..

Gibbs siad he would look into assertions that Rock Cartwright made that an official "called him a name." Also, Gibbs said he would help Chris Samuels in any way to alert the league about a spiting incident that took place with a Cardianls DE..
On the onside kick recovered by AZ, Gibbs said the team may have been too passive on the play..

OK men..

Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 21-- Skins escape with 21-19 win over Cardianals

The Redskins produced a season low in yards gained 164 and were outgained by nearly 200 yards but still beat the Cardinals 21-19..

The Cardinals could not convert a 2 point conversion attempt with :21 left in the game when they lined up WR Anquan Boldin as the QB with back-up QB Tim Rattay as a WR, Boldin went to the right edge but ended up throwing an intercpetion in the end zone to Laron Landry..
The Skins scored their second defensive touchdown in 4 weeks when London Fletcher returned a first half touchdown for a score.. The team put up 14 offensive points for the second week in a row..
Fletcher was called by DE Andre Carter as "the heatbeat" of the team.. Gregg Williams and Joe Gibbs both lauded Fletcher for his leadership abilities with Gibbs admitting there are times after practice that Fletcher tells Williams when he made a mistake during the session..

CB Shawn Springs returned to the team Friday night and said he thought his Dad would want him to play.. He currently anticipates staying in DC this week unless something happens in regard to his father's health that forces him to return to Texas to be with his family..
Springs was not expected to play as much as he did but there were in game injuries to CB Carlos Rogers (sprained knee but played with it) and Fred Smoot (hamstring) that forced him onto the field for more plays.. Smoot said he became more of an on field coach helping Springs know the reads the team had worked on through the week..
Springs found out about his father's critical condition before the Green Bay game and said it was harder for him to focus and play in that game then this one calling football, "a place to put your personal stuff aside." Springs detailed the issues leading into the coma he father is resting under.. Ron Springs was scheduled to have a cyst removed from his arm, it was supposed to be an easy procedure but the doctors were forced to put him under due to some complications, at this point, Springs suffered cardiac arrest, lost oxygen to his brain for upwards of 3 minutes and slipped into a coma.. Ron also suffered some seizures during the process..

T Chris Samuels was nearly thrown out of the game after he got visibly upset when a Cardinals player spit on him while they were having an on field dissagreement.. Samuels said he was face to face with the player when Khary Campbell came over to break them up, that's when he got spit on.. Joe Bugel and Joe Gibbs both had to come over to calm down the normally even tempered Samuels who said he hopes that player gets fined and also gets some more "home training."

O coordinator Al Saunders said the team had hoped to run the ball more effectively to get more manageable third down conversions.. No one on the team wanted to publicly use the line injuries as an excuse for the team's offensive output but this game featured the third starter missing, C Casey Rabach (groin) and had numerous back-ups taking the practice reps.. Pete Kendall and Todd Wade both missed time during the week.. Gibbs admitted he didn't think Wade would play this week.. During pre-game well wishes, numerous teammates went over to Wade to ask if he'd "be OK." Wade did finish..

Kick off returner Rock Cartwright suffered a strained quad during a long return to start the second half, he'll be re-evaluated..
LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) was inactive for the second straight week..

Gibbs disagreed with a call that allowed an Arizona drive to continue where London Fletcher was called for taunting saying Fletcher was only playing to the fans, not taunting the Cardinals sideline or the referrees..

OK men..

Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19-- Injury Update, Incredible fake blog find

To whoever is the author of this, the fake Todd Collins blog, I salute you as a satirical genius.. Check this out..

As for the serious Skins news, C Casey Rabach was held out of practice again (groin), Joe Gibbs hedged on him playing against AZ more then any other day this week but he listed as probable.. Pete Kendall (knees/hamstring) probable, WR Santana Moss (hamstring) probable, T Todd Wade (groin) probable..

LB Marcus Washington (hamstring), CB Shawn Springs, still in Texas as of this afternoon with his family due to critically ill father, and T Stephon Heyer (hamstring) questionable..
G Randy Thomas of course is out with the triceps injury..

So the O-line looks like this as of right now.. T Chris Samuels and Todd Wade, G pete Kendall and jason Fabini.. C Mike Pucillo..
If Rabach goes, Pucillo moves back to back-up.. If Wade goes down, best guess is Fabini moves to tackle and either Rick Demulling or Pucillo go in at right guard.. Lorenzo Alexander the converted DT is a back-up and an injury away from playing guard..
The team could still make a roster move by bringing up either of the two linemen signed this week to the practice squad for insurance, should that happen, the likely candidate to be released to make room would be TE Cody Boyd..

Have a good weekened, I'll be at Gold Cup tomorrow checking out the ponies and crazy lady hats..

OK men..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18-- Portis questions his long term future in DC again

For the second time since camp began, Clinton Portis left open the possibility that this might be his last season as a Redskins.. he emphasized it would not be by choice and that he would like to stay here but added, “This is reality, we have great players here and if we can’t win as a team here reality is they might rebuild.”
The conversation started innocently with Portis being asked about whether he is concerned about few 100+ yard performances.. He said no because he would be in better condition to start next season, “if” he is here. That’s when we asked him to expound upon the “if.”
Portis is well liked in the organization, kidded by Jason Campbell as the “executive Vice President of the Redskins.” There has never been an inclination that if Portis doesn’t produce he would be out, but maybe he knows something we don’t.. Essentially, he wasn’t just talking about himself but the entire team saying, no playoffs, anything can happen..

DT/G Lorenzo Alexander has been practicing with the offensive line, is in on goal line defense and will likely play special teams, so he could become the first two way player for the Skins since Sean Taylor was used as a decoy on goal line offense a few seasons ago.. Champ Bailey played both ways for the Skins on rare occasions.. he begged often for the opportunity.. I couldn’t come up with a Skins lineman who has been used on both sides of the ball in recent years.. Alexander of course is a back-up on the line so if there are no more injuries (certainly not a given considering what’s happened so far) he likely won’t play..

T Todd Wade (groin) and G Pete Kendall (knee/hamstring) both returned to limited practice today, both are expected to play on Sunday.. C Casey Rabach (groin) did not practice.. The team is still expecting him to go.. T Stephon Heyer (hamstring) missed practice again.,,.
LB Marcus Washington continues to do limited work in practice..
CB Shawn Springs remains in Texas with his family dealing with the hospitalization of his critically ill father.. Gregg Williams said if Springs comes back and wants to play to “honor his father,” he will let him play..

OK men.,.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17-- Line shuffling continues

Reports in Dallas are suggesting that Shawn Springs father Ron has little to no chance of surviving the coma he slipped into during a surgical procedure over the weekend.. Springs remains in Dallas and the team is allowing him to make his own decision about whether he will return to the team this week.. Fred Smoot has had some experience with this over the last year, he lost a half brother and mentioned today about dealing with death in the family (mentioning his Dad, I am uncertain if his father passed away) and said while choking up, “this is a personal issue for me and hard to speak on.”

O-line injuries: Joe Bugel joked he almost had to go in and play against the Packers after 3 linemen went down.. The team officially moved DT Lorenzo Alexander to guard and have him now practicing with the offense/defense and he is also a potential tight end on the “elephant package,” a spot reserved for Mike Pucillo who might have to play either guard or center this weekend..
Both T Todd Wade (groin) and C Casey Rabach (groin) missed practice but both proclaimed they will play this weekend.. Bugel said he expects Rabach to play..
T Stephon Heyer missed practice as well (hamstring).. The team was not as optimistic about him returning this week..
G Pete Kendall is the latest to sit out practice, he has arthritic knees and a minor hamstring injury.. Both Bugel and Joe Gibbs said they do not expect Kendall to miss the Cardinals game..
All the movement including the signing of two practice squad linemen will not affect the status of Randy Thomas as the team continues it’s intentions to hold his roster spot in the hope of a return to the field by December..

LB Marcus Washington was limited in practice but “did everything we asked him to do, “ according to the trainers.. Washington said he is feeling much better this week and is hopeful to return after missing the GB game..

WR Santana Moss took part in full practice despite a hamstring injury he suffered in the GB game.. He spoke for a long amount of time with the assembled media making sure to clarify that he did not bench himself in the latter stages of the Packers game due to any lack of confidence, only that he felt the leg injury and felt it better served to let another WR get in.. He said 24 hours after the GB game he had put the performance (numerous drops and a fumble) behind him and said if “I wasn’t the type of person that I am I might not have bounced back as well from it.”

QB Jason Campbell has a bruised finger but it is not limiting him in practice..

There was word of a “hamstring specialist” at Redskins Park as the team keeps getting afflicted with those types of issues.. But none of the players who I spoke to who have hamstring injuries knew this person was in the building.. How bizarre..

AZ injury list: Coach Ken Whisenhunt told us during a conference call that QB Kurt Warner did take some snaps in practice and despite ligament damage in his left elbow has not been ruled out for the game against the Skins on Sunday.. Whisenhunt said if the team can “stabilize his elbow, I will be optimistic that he might play.” The team has not named a starting QB even suggesting that newly signed Tim Hasselbeck could start this weekend..
Those who did not participate in their practices: S Aaron Francisco (knee), LB Karlos Dansby (knee), S Adrian Wilson (hamstring), WR Sean Morey (concussion)..
Limited participation: T Levi Brown (ankle), QB Kurt Warner (elbow), DE Joe Tafoya (hamstring)..

WR Anquan Boldin has a hip injury but did take part in the Cardinals full practice…

More on the headset issues: This became a long topic of discussion again as the Skins have had headset issues for 3 of their five games but had intermittent problems in GB for the entire game.. Joe Gibbs said he was told over and over that the helmet issues would be fixed but never were.. Apparently he wrote letters to the league last year saying that if a team loses headset communication between their sideline and their QB, the other team should be forced to shut down their communication citing a competitive advantage.. Gibbs said the league has chosen not to change that rule.. He believes the issues were league related and not Redskin related, meaning he believes their equipment works..

Gibbs said he had hoped to bring Russ Grimm onto his staff during his return but because of contracts was unable to even broach the subject with Grimm who he called “someone who I thought was too smart to become a head coach.”

OK men..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16-- Springs father in critical condition in Texas hospital

CB Shawn Springs has left the team team to be with his father in a Texas hospital.. Ron Springs, who received a kidney transpant from former teammate Everson Walls this spring went into a coma during a procedure this weekend to remove a cyst from his arm..

The early reports sound dire with Springs showing no brain activity (according to reports, no official word yet).. As for Shawn's availability this weekend, we shall see how things go with his family..
My thoughts are out to Shawn...

The team worked out a number of O-linemen today, there has been no change as of yet in the status of the 3 injured linemen from this past game.. The team could release a WR to make room for an extra lineman as well as make a roster move with the current group of O-linemen.. We''ll know a lot more about the situation tomorrow when practice resumes...

Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15-- O-line injuries mounting

Injury Update: C Casey Rabach has a “mild” strained right groin.. Athletic trainer Bubba Tyer said that he believes, “We think we will be OK there.” That might be some light at the end of the tunnel of a rash of injuries to the offensive line.. As for whether Rabach will be able to practice or play this week, that remains ambiguous..
T Todd Wade has a strained right groin.. T Stephon Heyer has a strained left hamstring.. No word on their availability for the immediate future..
MLB London Fletcher suffered a mild knee sprain, he is expected to be fine..
WR Santana Moss had some cramping in his left hamstring but is expected to be OK..
WR James Thrash has a mild bruise on his knee and ankle, he is expected to be able to practice..
WR Antwaan Randle El played with his hamstring injury and was said to have gotten through the game well..
DE Phillip Daniels played with a shoulder separation and is said to be doing fine today as well..
G Randy Thomas obviously remains out with a triceps injury, asked jokingly today if he could come back sooner he quipped, “You got any horse pills I can take.”
LB Marcus Washington will continue rehab on his strained hamstring..
FB Mike Sellars has a mild foot sprain, he has missed some practice over the last couple of weeks but has played with the injury..

As for how the team plans to move forward with the offensive line, if Casey Rabach cannot play, Mike Pucillo moves to center.. If Rabach can play, then Pucillo is an option at RG should neither Wade nor Heyer be able to go.. Jason Fabini would likely move to right tackle in that scenario.. If all the players in question are out, the team would likely be forced to use G Rick DeMulling who was inactive for the Packers game..
The team has also discussed moving DT Lorenzo Alexander to guard.. He practiced at the position during the spring but was a better fit for the DL.. He played O-line in high school, but never in college and said he was open to the transition if the team needed it.. Until there is clarity on the three injured linemen, there is no movement on that front yet..
Joe Gibbs said there is little to no chance of a trade possibility for an able bodied veteran as of right now..

Practice squad OL Kili Lefotu was arrested over the weekend, Gibbs said he had spoken to him about the incident which occurred in a Loudon County Bar but did not have any comment further and didn’t specify what he might do in regard to his status.. The team may ultimately need Lefotu should the numbers of injured players warrant the Skins calling him up..

On Santana Moss taking the blame for the loss in GB, all players continued to come to his defense including Gibbs who said he “has the utmost confidence in Moss” and believes in his heart that Moss will makes plays for him down the stretch.. What hasn’t been addressed but something I’ll be certain to get to during the Joe Gibbs show tomorrow is the affect on Moss’s confidence as he decided to remove himself from the latter stages of the Packers game..

Gibbs said the communication between the coaches and Jason Campbell was intermittent throughout the Packers game.. This is at least the 3rd game where the team has had on and off trouble with the quarterback microphone.. Gibbs pointed out that the GB coaches were not forced to turn off their communications.. Gibbs also said he will be turning in the James Thrash pass interference play to the league for review..
Gibbs said he believes there were 11 plays on offense that ultimately stopped the team from scoring enough points to win the game with GB..

On the 4th and 2 decision, Gibbs said he felt the long field goal was out of range considering the weather conditions in GB.,. He (as well as Ladell Betts) credited the Packers with a defensive play to stop them.. Gibbs described the options Jason Campbell had on the play with a slant by the tight end that should force a one on one option, Betts in the flat and a receiver down the field.. Campbell went to Betts, but the LB read the play, got underneath a “legal pick” and made a great play..

OK men..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14-- Skins suffer more O-line injuries in 17-14 loss at GB

The Redskins fell to the packers 17-14 after being held scoreless in the second half partially due to turnovers and partially due to an array of injuries that crushed the offensive line..

C Casey Rabach suffered a groin injury, the severity of which won’t be disclosed until tomorrow, he could not return and was replaced by back-up center Mike Pucillo..

T Todd Wade left in the first half with a hamstring injury that he admitted happened earlier last week which limited him in practice.. His replacement Stephon Heyer suffered a hamstring injury as well forcing Wade back into the game at the end because the team had no one else to play.. he described the situation as “dire straights,” but is believed not to have a serious injury..

The team de-activated G Rick Demulling, he likely will be active next week against Arizona if the team does not have Wade/Rabach/Heyer..

WR Santana Moss had a few drops including a long pass down the sideline that hit him in the helmet.. he also had a ball tip off his hands that ended up being intercepted by Charles Woodson even though Antwaan Randle El may have had possession of the ball as well.. Moss also fumbled a second half reverse that was returned for the decisive score by Woodson.. Moss then took himself out of the game dealing with a hamstring injury and said he wanted some others to go in to “try to make some play.” Moss shouldered the blame for the loss saying he is probably going “ to want to break my TV when I see the things I did tonight.” Moss’s coaches and teammates came to his defense saying no one player should shoulder any of the blame for the loss and the mood in the locker room was essentially that despite the injuries and mistakes, the team had every opportunity to win..

TE Chris Cooley who had 9 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown said the injuries began to add up where the team was not going to be able to run to the right and that the Packers were aware of this..

RB Clinton Portis said “I need to stop fumbling the ball,” after he lost a second half fumble that resulted in no Packer points when Mason Crosby missed a field goal..

Other injuries: WR James Thrash (leg contusion) he continued playing.. CB Leigh Torrence (sprained knee) but continued playing as well..

The team de-activated WR Reche Caldwell in favor of Brandon Lloyd who just missed catching a touchdown throw when the ball slipped off his fingers as he dove full out for a Campbell pass.. Lloyd was slowed by a chest injury that occurred during that play but also returned to the game.. James Thrash started for the second straight week this time in place of Antwaan randle El who did play despite suffering a hamstring injury in the Lions game.. he still has yet to miss a game in his NFL career..

LB Marcus Washington was not active due to a hamstring injury.. He was replaced in the starting line-up by Randall Godfrey.. Sean Taylor had two interceptions helping Brett Favre break the all time mark for most interceptions in a career..

The Skins have not won in Green Bay since 1986..

OK men..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11-- Portis feels conditioned now

CB Fred Smoot missed Thursday’s practice, he had some form of stomach ailment, the team is hoping he’ll be back tomorrow..
WR Antwaan Randle El missed a second straight day of practice (hamstring)
DE Phillip Daniels missed a second straight day of practice (shoulder)
LB Marcus Washington was also held out of practice again (hamstring)

Gregg Williams said he has not ruled out either Daniels or Washington from playing Sunday calling them day to day.. The team is not obligated to designate either questionable, probable, or doubtful until tomorrow..

FB Mike Sellars who missed yesterday (heel) was back in practice and participated fully..

Clinton Portis has practiced on back to back days for the first time since last year.. Portis said he believes the team has handled his injuries through the off-season into this season very well limiting him to only 66 carries through 4 games.. He says he is not concerned with his overall stats as long as the team is winning.. Portis would be on pace for about 1200 yards rushing right now, which he is considering a good season right now all things considered..
As far as the overall state of the run game, Portis said “everyone knows at some point we will become reliant on the run game but as long as we are winning without having to be dominant on the ground, that’s OK too.”

Gregg Williams said the main reason the Redskins defense has gotten better particularly in the pass game is “better people.” He credited the addition of Laron Landry and the progression of Sean Taylor as the main reasons the team is not allowing big pass plays while in cover 2 as the team did a season ago..
Williams credited Brett Favre for being able to do things in an unorthdox fashion mainly because of his arm strength.. He likened facing Favre to when he was coaching in Houston and practicing against Warren Moon every day in practice saying those two were able to place a ball in the same that would fit a “coke can.”
In terms of the Favre risky throws, Williams only said it is up to the team to take advantage of the mistakes “he might make.” The team figures to have to stop GB on the short passes that ultimately become big plays with yards after the catch.. The Lions were punished for throwing underneath and in the middle of the field. The Skins D will be tested in that way again.. On being ranked 3rd overall in defense, Williams said he pays no attention to rankings like that and “didn’t know it till you told me.”

Should Washington and Daniels not be able to play, expect a healthy dose of Demetric Evans at defensive end and Randall Godfrey at outside linebacker.. Williams noted, “we signed Randall to play.”

OK men..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 11-- Random thought for Etan

I was saddened to hear the news regarding Wizards center Etan Thomas and just wanted to publicly share my wishes for an easy procedure and speedy recovery for Etan..
He is undergoing heart surgery tomorrow to repair an aortic valve.. It's always amazing to me that an athlete as well conditioned as Etan could go through so many years of playing at the highest levels and no doctor during any physical would have seen this coming..
I don't know Etan well, only interviewed him a couple of times but I know many who know him well and have heard only good things about him.. While his cat fights with Brendan Haywood made for interesting subject matter, you never wish anything like this on anyone..

I have had some experience with family members undergoing open heart surgery and I know the pressure of waiting for results and the pain of watching someone go through recovery.. While I have no first hand experience with this type of procedure I certainly understand the serious nature of it..

Here's to Etan and the hopes for a speedy recovery..

On another note, my friend with the Caps Paul Rovnak sent along a note asking for well wishes for a family member of his who is dealing with stomach cancer.. He is only 28 years old.. He has asked everyone he knew to send out well wishes to Tim Davis, so here are mine..

October 10-- Campbell goes to Favre's house unannounced

QB Jason Campbell won the NFC offensive player of the week award after going 23-29 against Detroit.. He was quite charming today during his weekly press conference saying it was great honor to win the award but credited his teammates for all their help in the 34-3 win over Detroit..
Campbell was asked about the big game Mike Sellers had and he cracked, “It was good for him because he’s got some dried grass on his chin and now maybe he’ll change the color.” Campbell was extremely complimentary of Sellers, the two have spent a good amount of time together off the field with Sellers helping him in “life lessons” and well as how to be a better pro.. Sellers story is well documented with substance issues when he was younger bouncing around community college to the NFL, CFL and back to the Skins..
Campbell admitted he went unannounced to Brett Favre’s house this off-season while he was in Mississippi and rung some gate bell.. Favre apparently wasn’t home so Campbell left.. Asked how long he stayed, Campbell laughed, and said “not too long, I didn’t want to invade his privacy or come off as a stalker.”
Campbell attended Steve McNair’s camp as a young football player but said he never went to Favre’s, but has had occasion to meet the hall of fame bound quarterback and was hoping to talk more to him after he became the starter for the Redskins..

Injuries: WR Antwaan Randle-El did not practice (hamstring), he has never missed a game in his career and said “I don’t intend to this week either, but I have to listen to the doctors.” DE Phillip Daniels did not practice (shoulder) He called himself “fine” and said he intends to play this weekend in Green Bay.. FB Mike Sellers missed practice (heel), he missed a couple of days last week with the same injury.. LB Marcus Washington was held out (hamstring)..

WR Santana Moss returned to practice after missing the past couple of weeks with a groin injury, he suffered no setbacks and is on schedule to play against the Packers..

GB injury list: Out: CB Will Blackmon (foot), C Scott Wells (eye).. All of the following were limited in practice: T Chad Clifton (knee), TE Bubba Franks (knee), CB Al Harris (back), WR Greg Jennings (shoulder), DE Michael Montgomery (knee), RB Vernand Morency (coaches decision), CB Charles Woodson (foot)..

Skins CB’s Shawn Springs and Fred Smoot both rare relishing the opportunity to play against Favre this weekend aware the opportunities to get some opportunities to make plays.. Springs says Favre “doesn’t discriminate” when he throws the ball and enjoys playing against him because Favre will tell him before the game that he will throw it “at me.” The last time Springs was at Green Bay, he was playing for Seattle in a playoff game where Matt Hasselbeck famously told the referee during the overtime coin flip, “we’ll take the ball and we are going to score.” Hasselbeck proceeded to throw an interception for a touchdown on the first possession of overtime..

This is the second straight week the Skins are facing the league’s top pass offense.. The last time Washington won in Green Bay was 1986, they also defeated the Packers in Milwaukee in 1988.. They’ve only been back a few times since, the most recent was a 37-0 MNF loss in Marty Schottenheimer’s lone season and a 30-9 defeat under Steve Spurrier in his first season as head coach..

OK men..

Monday, October 08, 2007

October 8-- Gibbs praised for week off, Campbell shines while dazed

Injuries: WR Antwaan Randle-El (hamstring) questionable, LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) questionable, DE Phillip Daniels (shoulder) he said he would be able to play with the injury.. RB Clinton Portis (knee) is said to be fine for practice this week, CB Fred Smoot (shoulder burner), we’ll see if he practices later this week..

WR Santana Moss is expected to return to practice possibly as early as Wednesday after missing the Lions game with a groin injury.. There was no detailed report of his availability for the Packers game yet..

James Thrash will remain the back-up punt returner to Randle-El assuming Randle-El can play this weekend..

Awards given to the team after the 34-3 win over the Lions: Andre Carter, Carlos Rogers, Phillip Daniels, Marcus Washington, Fred Smoot on defense.. Lorenzo Alexander, Carlos Rogers, Sean Taylor and James Thrash on special teams.. He didn’t name the offensive players but Gibbs did reiterate he thought this was Jason Campbell’s best game of his young career..

Asked about the accolades Campbell said he is “just trying to move on.” He said he spent last night watching the Packers play the Bears and working toward preparation for the game Sunday not allowing himself to get too high.. He said he has met Brett Favre but doesn’t know him very well.. Campbell said he never attended Favre’s quarterback camp as a kid even though they are both from Mississippi but instead worked at Steve McNair’s camp.. Of course, Campbell was very laudatory about the career Favre has carved out, but told me for an interview to air for the pre-game show that Favre is the one quarterback who can get away with a lot of mistakes that others would be criticized for, but for good reason..
Campbell said he was dazed after fumbling the snap that led to a 4th and 2 play that ended with him hitting Randle-El that led to a Skins touchdown.. he said he doesn’t remember what happened but he was spitting out grass after a player knocked his helmet back across his face.. he said he was dizzy but after the team used a timeout he told the coaches he was ready to go back in for the 4th down play..

Joe Gibbs laughed when he was reminded about his decision to let the team have the entire bye week off.. He said “one of the things you think about when you are a coach are all the questions you are going to have to answer when decisions don’t go right.” In this case, it did..

OK men..

Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7-- Skins crush Lions 34-3

The Redskins defeated Detroit 34-3 in what might have been Joe Gibbs most complete victory since returning to coach the Redskins.. The Lions offense, which led the league in passing yards had 80 total offensive yards through 3 quarters.. This was the fewest ammount of points allowed by a Skins team since Gibbs return as well..

Gregg Williams defense did not blitz once against Detroit.. He said it wasn't the first time he had taken a less aggressive approach, but he felt comfortable with his front four in their matchup with the Lions.. The defensive line had five sacks, helped cause two turnovers (which could have been numerous more with the many fumbles recovered by detroit) and got a safety..

DE Phillip Daniels separated his shoulder but returned to play with it and said he would not miss any time with the injury.. He said it feels "crunchy" but otherwise isn't too painful not to play..

WR Antwaan randle El who had 7 catches for 100 yards in the first half left the game with a hamstring injury and did not return.. His status will be reviewed Monday.. LB Marcus Washington also suffered a hamstring injury and missed the bulk of the seocnd half..

WR Brandon Lloyd made his first catch of the year but didn't even have his helmet with him during the majority of the first half and didn't get into the game until Randle-El was forced out with injury.. James Thrhash and Keenan McCardell both made their first receptions of the seaosn as Skins.. Thrash also ignoted the team with a long punt return that led to a Redskins touchdown.. Lloyd received a Bronx cheer when he made his lone reception thus far in the season..

DT Kedric Golston was a surprise inactive before the game.. Gregg Williams said it was not injury related but would not disclose the reasoning behind the decision..

FB Mike Sellars scored two touchdowns, one rushing, one receiving despite missing two days of practice with a foot issue.. WR Santana Moss was on the field during pre-game warm-ups but was held out due to a groin injury that forced him to miss the entire week of practice..

Jason Campbell had what was described by the coaches as his best day since becoming the starting quarterback, 23-29, 2 touchdowns no interceptions.. Campbell's shining moment was a 4th and 2 conversion at the Lions 37 where he hit Randle-El on a slant that ended at the Detroit one.. Campbell had fumbled a snap on the previous play and had either been hit or kicked in the face.. The Skins needed a time out to let Campbell collect himself.. Todd Collins was warming up just in case.. Campbell held a towel to his nose to help ease whatever swelling or bleeding was occuring at the time..

CB Carlos Rogers had an intercpetion for a touchdown in the waning moments of the game, his first as a Redskin.. Teammates have mercilessly kidded Rogers for drops of previous INT opportunities..

For the second straight game the Skins had a 14 point halftime lead at home.. A number of players I talked to said the locker room was different this time after blowing the game against the Giants saying the team talked openly about finishing this time around..
Washington had a tremendous ammount of success throwing on first down against Detroit, to which Al Saunders only said his team was looking for balance..

The Skins play three of their next four away from home starting next Sunday in Green Bay..

Thursday, October 04, 2007

October 4-- Moss still out, Portis still chippy

WR Santana Moss was absent from practice again.. he said until he put son cleats and tries to do some football moves, he won’t know if he will be able to play on Sunday.. The early feeling right now is that he will not be available for Sunday, but we will see tomorrow..

WR Brandon Lloyd was held out of practice after he suffered a bruised shin in practice yesterday..

WR Reche Caldwell suffered some cramps toward the end of practice and missed the latter stages but is expected to be OK..

O-line coach Joe Bugel was hospitalized for kidney stones.. He is expected to be back with the team by this weekend and should be fine for the game on Sunday..

RB Clinton Portis took part in practice for a second straight day and said that if he is practicing Wednesday and Thursday then you better bet he is playing on Sunday.. The chip remains squarely on Portis’s shoulder who told the assembled media that he “hates us.” I’m not even sure he was totally joking..
Portis said he was happy that the area is once again “concerned” with his health but he isn’t over the fact that people were saying “Get Rid of Portis” earlier this summer.. This despite the fact that I have no idea who was intimating that on any kind of serious level..
Earlier this week Joe Gibbs complimented Portis for not just being a guy who gets up in his ear during games with demands, but someone who has some “thought” behind the plays he thinks the team should run.. I asked Portis about this and he said it comes down to studying and talking to his teammates about how they feel they are doing in their one on one matchups during the game.. He said he doesn’t focus necessarily on trying to get plays called that are specifically for him but ones he feels will help the team win.. As for whether there is a coaching future for Portis, “Nah, My goal is to save up enough money to talk junk to ya’ll, maybe make a guest appearance on the NFL Network, but this coaching stuff takes too much time.”

Gregg Williams said he has come from two schools of defense when dealing with an offense that will spread you out as much as the Lions might.. “Buddy Ryan told me to bring the house and turn it into a chuck and duck.” The other way is to rush four and cover.. Williams admitted that this game will come down to one on one match-ups between the Skins CB’s and Lions WR’s.. The hope of course is that the Skins can get a consistent pass rush with their front four, but that is currently an unknown.. Williams said the game plan was finished before the bye weekend came and they spent the week “teaching it.” He says some coaches make the mistake of over thinking the plan when they have the extra week of preparation..
He called the 4th quarter of the Lions-Bears game one that “set defense back 100 years.”

OK men..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 3-- Portis doing better, Moss still questionable

WR Santana Moss did not practice today and said he is not sure of his availability for the game against Detroit.. Joe Gibbs said he is not ruling him out due to the groin injury, so we’ll see if he can do anything “football related” the next couple of days..

RB Clinton Portis has a knee contusion and a grade sprain of the MCL in his right knee, so although Joe Gibbs claimed does not have a knee sprain, according to the trainers he does.. That said he did take part in limited practice today and Gibbs feels as if he will be able to play Sunday against Detroit.. This is a different injury then the tendonitis he’s been dealing with throughout the summer, which again was considered “good news.”

WR Brandon Lloyd was kicked in the shin during practice and had to leave.. X-rays were negative so it’s a bruised shin.. We’ll see how he progresses through the week..

S Sean Taylor has a bruised knee that occurred before the Giants game and was limited in practice but the team feels as if he will be fine for Sunday.. CB Fred Smoot returned full go to practice today after missing the last two games with a hamstring injury..
G Randy Thomas (elbow) is obviously out for the Lions game..

Detroit injuries: RB Brian Calhoun, LB Alex Lewis, DE Corey Smith and CB Kevin Smith all missed practice.. LB Anthony Cannon, RB TJ Duckett, DE Kalimba Edwards and WR Calvin Johnson all were limited in their practice.. Williams missed last week’s game with Chicago with a back injury..

QB Jon Kitna said the fact that the Lions have never won in DC is not even an issue.. He said that you couldn’t name ten players in his locker room who would have even known that.. Coach Rod Marinelli was a little heated when asked about the history saying “Do you think when guys come out for warmups and run sprints to get in shape they are even thinking about that?”

Joe Gibbs spoke again about Mike Martz who’s offense comes from the same coaching tree as Gibbs (don Coryell).. Gibbs joked that Martz is “smater then me.” And Gibbs continued to tout the risks that Martz will take with his offense.. The Lions have ten turnovers and given up 18 sacks in four games but are 3 and 1 and are averaging 28 points a game.. Gibbs team has five turnovers and given up 4 sacks..

LB Marcus Washington said the biggest problem with wearing the arm brace for his injured elbow is that it is heavy and weighs his arm down.. He said he has been able to wrap up pretty effectively though and feels as if the injury hasn’t hindered him very much..

WR Reche Caldwell and WR Keenan McCardell are likely now to make their debuts this weekend with Lloyd and Moss in question.. Caldwell said he doesn’t want to talk about what he might bring to the field but felt as if he was ready to play two weeks ago, it was the team’s decision to wait out a couple more weeks..

OK men..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 2-- Gregg will "Beat you over the head with a stick"

Joe Gibbs revealed that the injury Clinton Portis is dealing with is in a different part of his kneee.. It is the same knee that forced him to sit out the summer due to tendonitis.. Gibbs seemed more pleased that the injury was not completely related so I guess two knee injuries are better then one..

Gibbs described Mike Martz as someone who throws caution to the wind saying that he has thought of many of the formations and "risks" he takes with his offense but often would take the chance to execute them like Martz does.. I think he meant all of this as a compliment, but it certainly was an interesting contrast to hear his take on a style of offensive play that couldn't be more categorically oppostie from the style he employs..

Gibbs did admit that the team has discussed a number of different unique ways to use his personnel.. He was asked on Redskins Radio today about the Patriots using Junior Seau and Mike Vrbael on offense, and he said that the team thought about giving HB Blades a chance to be a lead blocker on goal line plays with Mike Sellars being the short yardage tailback but thus far they didn't think it was in his best interest to spend practice time away from defense..

Gibbs also talked about the prevent defense saying the Redskins don't really employ one except when the Skins themselves turn the ball over.. Gregg Williams has told the players that after a turnover he is insistent that a big play will not be gotten on the D, so that's when he employs a prevent in the hopes of stopping the momentum of the sudden change caused by a turnover.. According to Gibbs, Williams tells his players "if they get a big play after a turnover, I will beat you over the head with a stick."

On that note, have a nice day..

Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1-- Portis and Moss miss practice

The Redskins signed WR Keenan McCardell and released S Omar Stoutmire.. Joe Gibbs said he thinks McCardell would know enough of the offense to be active on Sunday against the Lions if the team needed him.. Gibbs also said Reche Caldwell could be active for the first time since signing with Washington 3 weeks ago..

On the signing of McCardell: Brandon Lloyd said that his "motto" is all about the team winning and if guys are signed to help the team win that's good.. He also mentioned that the team needs to "get through the next 13 weeks." Whatever that means..
Jason Campbell was asked about the ever changing WR core, his initial response was "it's always something," when asked about trying to get continuity with his WR's..
WR Santana Moss was held out of practice dealing with a sore groin.. Gibbs said that Moss is expected to return to practice on Wednesday..

RB Clinton Portis was held out of practice as well, he is dealing with a sore knee that Gibbs said started troubling him after the Giants game but then also linked it to the tendonitis he has been dealing with since the beginning of training camp..

Everyone else on the large injury list that was out after the Giants game were said to be back at practice..

Campbell said it took him 4-5 days to get over the Giants loss and the way the team lost the game.. He said now though he had to come to terms with it and move on..

October 1-- I'm back, so are the Skins and a new WR is here

Hi! Nice to be home after a LONG weekend in Vegas..

So the Skins signed WR Keenan McCardell who was released by the Texans at the end of training camp.. Washington brought McCardell in during the summer and offered him a minimum deal to join the team then but he choose the same offer from Houston where he currently resides.. But he didn't make the team so he's here..
Asked about yet another WR signing, Brandon Lloyd said, "my motto this year is all about the team.." He also added that the team needs to "get through the next 13 weeks." Take that for whatever you want it to mean..

So I'm back from Vegas where I had a lovely stay at Mandalay Bay. What happens in Vegas definitely needs to stay in Vegas except for my football picks.. I'm sorry but I can't not point out what I did right considering how often I am at being wrong when it comes to picking winners..
While the tables were brutal to me, my football weekend consisted of taking Cal on the money line, paid 2-1, (and trust me when you win because a guy fumbles the ball out of the end zone while reaching for the pylon with :14 to go, that might be better then sex)
I took the Browns with the points, almost went money line which would have paid 180 for every 100 bet, but I got scared from going straight up with McNair starting at QB, still a big win..
Then I took the lock of the week, the Colts minus 10.. I had Tampa in a parlay that I blew taking the Kelly Holcomb Vikes but still the way I look at it was 3 for 4 on major plays..
This blog will probably never be devoted to gambling successes again, but when you are hot, you just have to share your experiences!!

The Skins practice later today so I'll give a full update later..