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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24-- Skins do no smack talking

The Redskins were extremely tight lipped during today’s open locker room session as preparation began in earnest for their game with New England this weekend.. Carlos Rogers would only concede, “all you hear about is New England and Indianapolis, what is there to say? We’re 17 point underdogs, I’ve never seen that.”
The typically chirpy Fred Smoot would only answer questions by saying, “we’re just going to play football.” LB London Fletcher went so far as to not answer questions asked directly about New England. Fox 5 anchor Dave Feldman asked two straight questions about the Patriots, Fletcher just stared back at him and Dave finally went “Really?”

Asked if he is playing up the underdog perspective with his team, Joe Gibbs said, “No, I think our guys are smart enough to understand the challenge ahead of them.” When asked about how you go about trying to stop the Patriots pass attack, secondary coach Jerry Gray said, “Pray.” He followed that up with, “hope one of them slips or something.”
Either the Redskins are putting on one of the best poker faces I have ever witnessed or they are in big trouble…

Gibbs did have a funny moment when he was asked about the fact that the Skins are the only team Tom Brady has yet to defeat and that the Patriots haven’t beaten Washington since 1972. He quickly responded, “How much money you got bet on that?”

Injuries: G Randy Thomas (triceps) out, RB Rock Cartwright (quad) was held out of practice, T Stephon Heyer (hamstring) also held out of practice.. Limited participation: S Pierson Prioleau (coache’s decision), CB Carlos Rogers (knee), he says he is just taking it easy and will definitely play, CB Fred Smoot (hamstring)..
C Casey Rabach (groin) and LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) both returned full go to practice and are expected to play this weekend..

NE injury report: LB Eric Mitchell (knee), S Mel Mitchell (groin), RB Sammy Morris (chest), TE Ben Watson (ankle), S Eugene Wilson (ankle) all missed practice.. QB Tom Brady (shoulder) was limited in practice.. Don’t get your hopes up..

Mike Vrabel was remarkably boring on the conference call, you would have thought his team was 0-7.. Bill Belichick said it was a “huge compliment,” to be talked about in the same breath as Joe Gibbs.. Belichick was very good on the call today talking openly about the 3-4 defense, what kind of character players he looks for, how NE did not go into this or any season trying to build a dynasty but works every season as a new season and said Randy Moss is the best receiver he has ever coached..

OK men..


Blogger Tony said...

Wait the redskins are playing the Patriots? Are you sure? I am positive that its Indy vs NE.

3:46 PM  
Blogger budgesblitz said...

Bram, You are 100% correct. NE is by far the best NFL team "EVER". I hope and pray that our D finds the weak points and does damage and early. That our O line can keep Jason out on the field and eat as much time as possable. Love your show and keep the "YES MEN" cough Larry cough in line.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Voicekiller said...

Bram I have to disagree with you that these Pats are the best team ever. One of the best sure I can handle that, but the best? I think we all have a very selective memory, and think the team that is right now is better than any team in the past. But anyways, GO SKINS!!!!


9:38 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

Random question: Is Bram short for something? Bramstein? Bramberg? Bramford? Abram?

10:57 AM  
Blogger patrickhenry said...

Can you imagine what this week would be like if the Skins had won those games against NY and GB? The 6-0 Skins against the Greatest Team Ever? Yum. As it is, the Pats might be looking ahead, and losing streaks by one team to another are strange things that frequently lead to strange happenings on the football field.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Lee Hernly said...

Greatest team of all time? Or greatest cheaters of all time?

Hmmm...I think you'd have give some love to the '85 Bears who just about ripped through everyone on their schedule.

The 1985 Bears were led by the punky, and effective, Jim McMahon. The running attack? Sweetness and, at times, the Fridge. Defense? Impenetrable. The Bears finished the regular season with a 15-1 record, scoring 456 points while allowing only 198.

You'd also have to give some love to the '91 'Skins team that save for a 3 point loss at home to the Cowboys in week 13 and a 2 point loss in week 17 to the Eagles in a meaningless game would have been undefeated.

The 'Skins outscored their opponents 485-224, and they had a tough schedule. After going 14-2, they romped through the NFC playoffs, beating the Falcons 24-7 and demolishing the Lions 41-10 on their way to the Super Bowl.

And lest we forget the '72 Dolphins who are still the only team to go through an entire season undefeated. Those were truly great teams.

I say let's wait till the end of the season to anoint this team as the 'Greatest of all time'.

4:41 AM  
Blogger Lee Hernly said...

You could make a case for the '91 'Skins team to be the Most Underappreciated Team' of all time.

This squad had Gibbs, The Hogs, Mark The Ripper, The 'Capitol Punishment' Defense. Second only to the ’85 Bears in average margin of victory, playoffs included (17 pts) and one of only two champions to play 11 teams with 10+ wins (Even this years Patriots (if they get to the big game..) can't make that claim).

Yet no player on this team is in the Hall of Fame. What a shame!

4:49 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Bram is my full name but it was short for my my grandfather's name, Abraham..

As for greatest of all time, at this point, here are the facts, Tom Brady's 27 TD is well pace to shatter Manning's 2004 single seson record, the TD to INT ratio is 13.5 to 1, best margin ever was Manning, 4.9 to 1.. No team has ever won their first sveen games by 17 points or more until now, their defense is rated 4th in the league and has been remarkable front runners thus they have yet to be depended on.. last week, 49 points on 51 plays and Miami actually won time of possession.. Average ammount of plays for a game ranges in the mid to high 60's!

Comparing to '91 team, best team in Skins history, Mark Rypien had 28 TD passes in the season.. gary Clark led receivers with 10 TD receptions, Moss already has ten.. The Pats passing game averages nearly 300 yards per game, Skins that year, 230.. Rypien was only sacked 7 times, an astounding number..
Most impressive '91 stat, Skins played Detroit and Atlanta in the NFC playoffs that year despite beating them by a combined 101-17 in regular season meetings..
The Skins scored 30 or more 7 times that season, NE already has matched that..
To me, right now, they are the best team ever, but we do have a long way to go!

3:00 PM  
Blogger Lee Hernly said...

First seven games Bram the '91 Skins team scored 231 points and gave up only 82. The average difference divided by 7 is 33-12.

6:00 AM  

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