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Thursday, October 04, 2007

October 4-- Moss still out, Portis still chippy

WR Santana Moss was absent from practice again.. he said until he put son cleats and tries to do some football moves, he won’t know if he will be able to play on Sunday.. The early feeling right now is that he will not be available for Sunday, but we will see tomorrow..

WR Brandon Lloyd was held out of practice after he suffered a bruised shin in practice yesterday..

WR Reche Caldwell suffered some cramps toward the end of practice and missed the latter stages but is expected to be OK..

O-line coach Joe Bugel was hospitalized for kidney stones.. He is expected to be back with the team by this weekend and should be fine for the game on Sunday..

RB Clinton Portis took part in practice for a second straight day and said that if he is practicing Wednesday and Thursday then you better bet he is playing on Sunday.. The chip remains squarely on Portis’s shoulder who told the assembled media that he “hates us.” I’m not even sure he was totally joking..
Portis said he was happy that the area is once again “concerned” with his health but he isn’t over the fact that people were saying “Get Rid of Portis” earlier this summer.. This despite the fact that I have no idea who was intimating that on any kind of serious level..
Earlier this week Joe Gibbs complimented Portis for not just being a guy who gets up in his ear during games with demands, but someone who has some “thought” behind the plays he thinks the team should run.. I asked Portis about this and he said it comes down to studying and talking to his teammates about how they feel they are doing in their one on one matchups during the game.. He said he doesn’t focus necessarily on trying to get plays called that are specifically for him but ones he feels will help the team win.. As for whether there is a coaching future for Portis, “Nah, My goal is to save up enough money to talk junk to ya’ll, maybe make a guest appearance on the NFL Network, but this coaching stuff takes too much time.”

Gregg Williams said he has come from two schools of defense when dealing with an offense that will spread you out as much as the Lions might.. “Buddy Ryan told me to bring the house and turn it into a chuck and duck.” The other way is to rush four and cover.. Williams admitted that this game will come down to one on one match-ups between the Skins CB’s and Lions WR’s.. The hope of course is that the Skins can get a consistent pass rush with their front four, but that is currently an unknown.. Williams said the game plan was finished before the bye weekend came and they spent the week “teaching it.” He says some coaches make the mistake of over thinking the plan when they have the extra week of preparation..
He called the 4th quarter of the Lions-Bears game one that “set defense back 100 years.”

OK men..


Blogger Jamie said...

Love your radio show with Larry on You guys crack me up and keep me informed. I am in Binghamton, NY so any info I get is awesome. I'm a homer (if that's possible from NY) like Larry Micheal, but I need to hear your opinions because you usually tell it like it is. I'm glad I found this blog and will return often. Portis should know that most fans love him with the Redskins, but if a shoulder chip makes him run harder and take the game more seriously, then so be it. Please tell him someone said Betts is better once in a while if he starts to get nice. I've got your back.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Thanks.. The team keeps playing like they did today, they can have as many chips on their shoulders as they want

8:31 PM  

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