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Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11-- Portis feels conditioned now

CB Fred Smoot missed Thursday’s practice, he had some form of stomach ailment, the team is hoping he’ll be back tomorrow..
WR Antwaan Randle El missed a second straight day of practice (hamstring)
DE Phillip Daniels missed a second straight day of practice (shoulder)
LB Marcus Washington was also held out of practice again (hamstring)

Gregg Williams said he has not ruled out either Daniels or Washington from playing Sunday calling them day to day.. The team is not obligated to designate either questionable, probable, or doubtful until tomorrow..

FB Mike Sellars who missed yesterday (heel) was back in practice and participated fully..

Clinton Portis has practiced on back to back days for the first time since last year.. Portis said he believes the team has handled his injuries through the off-season into this season very well limiting him to only 66 carries through 4 games.. He says he is not concerned with his overall stats as long as the team is winning.. Portis would be on pace for about 1200 yards rushing right now, which he is considering a good season right now all things considered..
As far as the overall state of the run game, Portis said “everyone knows at some point we will become reliant on the run game but as long as we are winning without having to be dominant on the ground, that’s OK too.”

Gregg Williams said the main reason the Redskins defense has gotten better particularly in the pass game is “better people.” He credited the addition of Laron Landry and the progression of Sean Taylor as the main reasons the team is not allowing big pass plays while in cover 2 as the team did a season ago..
Williams credited Brett Favre for being able to do things in an unorthdox fashion mainly because of his arm strength.. He likened facing Favre to when he was coaching in Houston and practicing against Warren Moon every day in practice saying those two were able to place a ball in the same that would fit a “coke can.”
In terms of the Favre risky throws, Williams only said it is up to the team to take advantage of the mistakes “he might make.” The team figures to have to stop GB on the short passes that ultimately become big plays with yards after the catch.. The Lions were punished for throwing underneath and in the middle of the field. The Skins D will be tested in that way again.. On being ranked 3rd overall in defense, Williams said he pays no attention to rankings like that and “didn’t know it till you told me.”

Should Washington and Daniels not be able to play, expect a healthy dose of Demetric Evans at defensive end and Randall Godfrey at outside linebacker.. Williams noted, “we signed Randall to play.”

OK men..


Blogger Pilkertone said...

With the Packers running game being what it is/isn't, will the Reskins be able to adapt the same strategy that they employed last week? Watching the Bear/Packers game last week, it seemed to me that the Packers ran a huge amount of slants. I'm not sure if that was a staple of their offense or if it was because of weakness in Chicago's secondary.

11:27 AM  

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