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Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 21-- Skins escape with 21-19 win over Cardianals

The Redskins produced a season low in yards gained 164 and were outgained by nearly 200 yards but still beat the Cardinals 21-19..

The Cardinals could not convert a 2 point conversion attempt with :21 left in the game when they lined up WR Anquan Boldin as the QB with back-up QB Tim Rattay as a WR, Boldin went to the right edge but ended up throwing an intercpetion in the end zone to Laron Landry..
The Skins scored their second defensive touchdown in 4 weeks when London Fletcher returned a first half touchdown for a score.. The team put up 14 offensive points for the second week in a row..
Fletcher was called by DE Andre Carter as "the heatbeat" of the team.. Gregg Williams and Joe Gibbs both lauded Fletcher for his leadership abilities with Gibbs admitting there are times after practice that Fletcher tells Williams when he made a mistake during the session..

CB Shawn Springs returned to the team Friday night and said he thought his Dad would want him to play.. He currently anticipates staying in DC this week unless something happens in regard to his father's health that forces him to return to Texas to be with his family..
Springs was not expected to play as much as he did but there were in game injuries to CB Carlos Rogers (sprained knee but played with it) and Fred Smoot (hamstring) that forced him onto the field for more plays.. Smoot said he became more of an on field coach helping Springs know the reads the team had worked on through the week..
Springs found out about his father's critical condition before the Green Bay game and said it was harder for him to focus and play in that game then this one calling football, "a place to put your personal stuff aside." Springs detailed the issues leading into the coma he father is resting under.. Ron Springs was scheduled to have a cyst removed from his arm, it was supposed to be an easy procedure but the doctors were forced to put him under due to some complications, at this point, Springs suffered cardiac arrest, lost oxygen to his brain for upwards of 3 minutes and slipped into a coma.. Ron also suffered some seizures during the process..

T Chris Samuels was nearly thrown out of the game after he got visibly upset when a Cardinals player spit on him while they were having an on field dissagreement.. Samuels said he was face to face with the player when Khary Campbell came over to break them up, that's when he got spit on.. Joe Bugel and Joe Gibbs both had to come over to calm down the normally even tempered Samuels who said he hopes that player gets fined and also gets some more "home training."

O coordinator Al Saunders said the team had hoped to run the ball more effectively to get more manageable third down conversions.. No one on the team wanted to publicly use the line injuries as an excuse for the team's offensive output but this game featured the third starter missing, C Casey Rabach (groin) and had numerous back-ups taking the practice reps.. Pete Kendall and Todd Wade both missed time during the week.. Gibbs admitted he didn't think Wade would play this week.. During pre-game well wishes, numerous teammates went over to Wade to ask if he'd "be OK." Wade did finish..

Kick off returner Rock Cartwright suffered a strained quad during a long return to start the second half, he'll be re-evaluated..
LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) was inactive for the second straight week..

Gibbs disagreed with a call that allowed an Arizona drive to continue where London Fletcher was called for taunting saying Fletcher was only playing to the fans, not taunting the Cardinals sideline or the referrees..

OK men..


Blogger Lee said...

Question: Where the heck was Santana Moss on Sunday? I saw the one play but other than that, I noticed a fair dosage of Thrash and Randle El.

8:37 AM  
Blogger BigJim77 said...

Do you have any knowledge of an incident between Rock Cartwright being called a name by an official. During Gibbs' conference today a reporter stated that Rock said one of the officials called him a name and Gibbs said that he hadn't heard of the incident.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

I know you will probably post this as soon as you know anything, but any word on the availability of Rabach and Washington for Sunday?

3:47 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Marcus likely in, Rabach day to day..

I learned of the Rock incident at the presser too and as for Moss, the passing game was absent as well.. I'd like to see more of him too!

7:27 PM  

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