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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 11-- Random thought for Etan

I was saddened to hear the news regarding Wizards center Etan Thomas and just wanted to publicly share my wishes for an easy procedure and speedy recovery for Etan..
He is undergoing heart surgery tomorrow to repair an aortic valve.. It's always amazing to me that an athlete as well conditioned as Etan could go through so many years of playing at the highest levels and no doctor during any physical would have seen this coming..
I don't know Etan well, only interviewed him a couple of times but I know many who know him well and have heard only good things about him.. While his cat fights with Brendan Haywood made for interesting subject matter, you never wish anything like this on anyone..

I have had some experience with family members undergoing open heart surgery and I know the pressure of waiting for results and the pain of watching someone go through recovery.. While I have no first hand experience with this type of procedure I certainly understand the serious nature of it..

Here's to Etan and the hopes for a speedy recovery..

On another note, my friend with the Caps Paul Rovnak sent along a note asking for well wishes for a family member of his who is dealing with stomach cancer.. He is only 28 years old.. He has asked everyone he knew to send out well wishes to Tim Davis, so here are mine..


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