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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 2-- Gregg will "Beat you over the head with a stick"

Joe Gibbs revealed that the injury Clinton Portis is dealing with is in a different part of his kneee.. It is the same knee that forced him to sit out the summer due to tendonitis.. Gibbs seemed more pleased that the injury was not completely related so I guess two knee injuries are better then one..

Gibbs described Mike Martz as someone who throws caution to the wind saying that he has thought of many of the formations and "risks" he takes with his offense but often would take the chance to execute them like Martz does.. I think he meant all of this as a compliment, but it certainly was an interesting contrast to hear his take on a style of offensive play that couldn't be more categorically oppostie from the style he employs..

Gibbs did admit that the team has discussed a number of different unique ways to use his personnel.. He was asked on Redskins Radio today about the Patriots using Junior Seau and Mike Vrbael on offense, and he said that the team thought about giving HB Blades a chance to be a lead blocker on goal line plays with Mike Sellars being the short yardage tailback but thus far they didn't think it was in his best interest to spend practice time away from defense..

Gibbs also talked about the prevent defense saying the Redskins don't really employ one except when the Skins themselves turn the ball over.. Gregg Williams has told the players that after a turnover he is insistent that a big play will not be gotten on the D, so that's when he employs a prevent in the hopes of stopping the momentum of the sudden change caused by a turnover.. According to Gibbs, Williams tells his players "if they get a big play after a turnover, I will beat you over the head with a stick."

On that note, have a nice day..


Blogger Rob said...


Following the giants debaucle, I had a chance to speak with Coach Williams and his very early take on the lions game was that it would be "a track meet" and "they'll probably throw the ball on us 50 times".

Now grant it, he's the defensive coach, but do you get any indication from the coaches this week that they're going to open up the offense?

And what do you see Brandon Lloyd's game looking like if Santana is forced out. Thanks!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Lloyd got hurt in practice today so we'll see..

Track meet definitely.. I'd test the Skins corners and not be overly concerned with spreading them out and testing the Skins front four in the passing game.. I don't like this matchup but maybe this is a chance for Landry and Taylor to take some shots, hopefully cause some turnovers

2:56 PM  

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