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Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1-- I'm back, so are the Skins and a new WR is here

Hi! Nice to be home after a LONG weekend in Vegas..

So the Skins signed WR Keenan McCardell who was released by the Texans at the end of training camp.. Washington brought McCardell in during the summer and offered him a minimum deal to join the team then but he choose the same offer from Houston where he currently resides.. But he didn't make the team so he's here..
Asked about yet another WR signing, Brandon Lloyd said, "my motto this year is all about the team.." He also added that the team needs to "get through the next 13 weeks." Take that for whatever you want it to mean..

So I'm back from Vegas where I had a lovely stay at Mandalay Bay. What happens in Vegas definitely needs to stay in Vegas except for my football picks.. I'm sorry but I can't not point out what I did right considering how often I am at being wrong when it comes to picking winners..
While the tables were brutal to me, my football weekend consisted of taking Cal on the money line, paid 2-1, (and trust me when you win because a guy fumbles the ball out of the end zone while reaching for the pylon with :14 to go, that might be better then sex)
I took the Browns with the points, almost went money line which would have paid 180 for every 100 bet, but I got scared from going straight up with McNair starting at QB, still a big win..
Then I took the lock of the week, the Colts minus 10.. I had Tampa in a parlay that I blew taking the Kelly Holcomb Vikes but still the way I look at it was 3 for 4 on major plays..
This blog will probably never be devoted to gambling successes again, but when you are hot, you just have to share your experiences!!

The Skins practice later today so I'll give a full update later..


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