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Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26-- Skins news and prediction

Injury report: RB Rock Cartwright did not practice and is listed as questionable with a strained quad.. Joe Gibbs would not disclose would be be the lead kickoff returner if Cartwright can not play against New England..
Everyone else on the injury report practiced and is probable: CB Carlos Rogers (knee), CB Fred Smoot (hamstring), OL Stephon Heyer (hamstring), C Casey Rabach (groin), Lb Marcus Washington (hamstring), S Pierson Prioleau (coache's decision)

Gibbs said he was happy about about his team's health getting better this week, it appears only one player, Cartwright is definitevly out and for a week, the injury list didn't grow..
The team spent all three days of practice in rain, today it was driving.. Gibbs continued to contend he prefers to practice outside no matter the weather despite likely clear skies in Foxboro this weekend.. There are no intentions for the team to build an indoor practice facility..

Gregg Williams credited the Patriots execution for their remarkable success to start the season.. He says they haven't changed their play calling or game plans all that much, just the execution is higher.. he laughed off assertions the team was being quiet earlier in the week because they were "scared."

Clinton Portis believes the Redskins could have similar offensive results as the patriots if they could stop making mistakes (penalties/turnovers/drops).. He continues to claim he is not concerned by the lack of a consistent run game saying "as long as we keep winning, my stats aren't that important." He did concede if the team loses, he could be looked at as someone who has to be "the answer."
Portis earlier this week said he believes the Redskins roster stacks up to any in the NFL including the Patriots..

I typically shy away from predictions but considering the magnitude of the game and the opportunity for such a major upset, I figured why not: Simply put, I personally don't believe the Redskins are 16 point underdogs to anyone, even the Pats.. This will be the best secondary Tom Brady and those receivers have faced. Anyone who has tested Sean Taylor and that Skins umbrella defense have paid the price.. And despite my inclination that The team won't get enough pressure using just their ffont four, and certainly Brady is not Jon Kitna, you stick with what's working.. The Pats will find out the physical nature of the Skins D as well.. This week has been all about utter disrespect..
That said, I don't live on Mars and while I expect the Skins to be much more competitive then the other Pat opponents, my biggest concern is the Skins inability to consistently score more then 20 points.. So, if the Skins catch the ball, don't turn it over, and throw a little cation to the wind (wide open playbook, no conservatism if they get a lead, big if) then why not.. So I say it's close, but close is not good enough, Skins look good but fall 28-17..

OK men..


Blogger Lee said...

Bram, were you called on the carpet recently by Redskins management? I've noticed several times on air that you mentioned not wanting to ask any questions, hard or otherwise, of Redskins players, staff etc. Have the higher ups tried to put a muzzle on you?

I personally think you do a great job. It's refreshing to hear an unbiased opinion on the Skins. Keep doing what you're doing, it's appreciated!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Nah, just an inside joke.. I am free to do my job.. But this week might be a tough one now!

12:03 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Bram, when you and Larry have Joe Gibbs on the show I'm always hoping that you'll ask the Coach why the Redskins offensive stats are so low when compared to all other NFC teams. Clearly we're not now, nor have we been in recent years, among the top rated offenses in the NFC. Why does he think that is the case? What's preventing Joe and Al Saunders, two bright offensive minds, from developing a highly proficient offense with the Skins? We can't seem to run, and we can't seem to get our receivers open on a regular basis. Why is that? Is it aging and/or frequently injured personnel? Is it the scheme? Is it lack of consensus on what the offense should look like. Is it inconsistency in the play calling? Is it the lack of a real dominating O-line? What is it? Above all, it's the apparent lack of progress on the part of the team offensively that troubles Skins fans, me included. I'm dying to hear his take. And I don't want you to accept all of the "it's all of us" crap. :o) Really enjoy your lunchtime show and your pre-game, game and post game reports.

12:45 PM  

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