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Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15-- O-line injuries mounting

Injury Update: C Casey Rabach has a “mild” strained right groin.. Athletic trainer Bubba Tyer said that he believes, “We think we will be OK there.” That might be some light at the end of the tunnel of a rash of injuries to the offensive line.. As for whether Rabach will be able to practice or play this week, that remains ambiguous..
T Todd Wade has a strained right groin.. T Stephon Heyer has a strained left hamstring.. No word on their availability for the immediate future..
MLB London Fletcher suffered a mild knee sprain, he is expected to be fine..
WR Santana Moss had some cramping in his left hamstring but is expected to be OK..
WR James Thrash has a mild bruise on his knee and ankle, he is expected to be able to practice..
WR Antwaan Randle El played with his hamstring injury and was said to have gotten through the game well..
DE Phillip Daniels played with a shoulder separation and is said to be doing fine today as well..
G Randy Thomas obviously remains out with a triceps injury, asked jokingly today if he could come back sooner he quipped, “You got any horse pills I can take.”
LB Marcus Washington will continue rehab on his strained hamstring..
FB Mike Sellars has a mild foot sprain, he has missed some practice over the last couple of weeks but has played with the injury..

As for how the team plans to move forward with the offensive line, if Casey Rabach cannot play, Mike Pucillo moves to center.. If Rabach can play, then Pucillo is an option at RG should neither Wade nor Heyer be able to go.. Jason Fabini would likely move to right tackle in that scenario.. If all the players in question are out, the team would likely be forced to use G Rick DeMulling who was inactive for the Packers game..
The team has also discussed moving DT Lorenzo Alexander to guard.. He practiced at the position during the spring but was a better fit for the DL.. He played O-line in high school, but never in college and said he was open to the transition if the team needed it.. Until there is clarity on the three injured linemen, there is no movement on that front yet..
Joe Gibbs said there is little to no chance of a trade possibility for an able bodied veteran as of right now..

Practice squad OL Kili Lefotu was arrested over the weekend, Gibbs said he had spoken to him about the incident which occurred in a Loudon County Bar but did not have any comment further and didn’t specify what he might do in regard to his status.. The team may ultimately need Lefotu should the numbers of injured players warrant the Skins calling him up..

On Santana Moss taking the blame for the loss in GB, all players continued to come to his defense including Gibbs who said he “has the utmost confidence in Moss” and believes in his heart that Moss will makes plays for him down the stretch.. What hasn’t been addressed but something I’ll be certain to get to during the Joe Gibbs show tomorrow is the affect on Moss’s confidence as he decided to remove himself from the latter stages of the Packers game..

Gibbs said the communication between the coaches and Jason Campbell was intermittent throughout the Packers game.. This is at least the 3rd game where the team has had on and off trouble with the quarterback microphone.. Gibbs pointed out that the GB coaches were not forced to turn off their communications.. Gibbs also said he will be turning in the James Thrash pass interference play to the league for review..
Gibbs said he believes there were 11 plays on offense that ultimately stopped the team from scoring enough points to win the game with GB..

On the 4th and 2 decision, Gibbs said he felt the long field goal was out of range considering the weather conditions in GB.,. He (as well as Ladell Betts) credited the Packers with a defensive play to stop them.. Gibbs described the options Jason Campbell had on the play with a slant by the tight end that should force a one on one option, Betts in the flat and a receiver down the field.. Campbell went to Betts, but the LB read the play, got underneath a “legal pick” and made a great play..

OK men..


Blogger Rob said...

Bram, I've got another B-Lloyd question for you. Late in the game Sunday, Lloyd was shown on camera and it appeared that he was shouting at someone on the sideline "I'm open, I'm open".

Was this a non-issue? Is this guy determined to have the team not want him around? What's your unofficial prediction on what will happen to him?

7:52 PM  
Blogger Bucktown Skins Fan said...

Good question Rob. I saw that too.

Also, why would moving a DL to OG be a better move than activating an OG? Is DeMulling THAT bad?

5:54 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

I think DeMulling will be active, there are just so many injuries and few roster spots the Skins might have to have the extra body with Lorenzo..
As far as B Lloyd, more chances might be coming his way, tide is turning for him a little around here, I think he's safe through this season, we'll see how things pan out when it is all said and done

11:20 AM  
Blogger Carlton said...

With so many hamstrings and groin injuries, do we need to look into the strength coaches, how are they training. Proper warm-up and streatching can prevent these types of injuries.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Johnny said...

Stretching is all good and fine but Strengthening the biceps femoris has shown to reduce hamstring problems, as to strengthening the adductor muscles do the same for the groin more than stretching has ever proved.
what are the strengthening coaches getting paid for?

3:57 PM  
Blogger paulg13 said...

Well with all these injuries to the front line. I feel that the style of play the Redskins have been wanting to play needs to be modified. I really havent seen any type of mods in the past few years or this season at that. If Gibbs wants to run the ball up the gut, establish some type of running game you have to have big healthy bodies to move the defence around. Thats the only way the holes are going to open up to produce the results that Gibbs is looking for.As for the air assault Cambell has less time to be able to make good decisions. No doubt he could be even better if we had the man power to support him. Its gonna be a tough season. Its kinda like a game of chess when there are no pawns, rooks, bishops etc... left, what can the King do except scramble around and defend himself the entire game. CHECKMATE!! I hope things turn around. This will be another interesting season as it always is. Hope for the best!!! Skin for life!!!

1:20 AM  

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