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Monday, October 29, 2007

October 29-- Thought on Running up the score chatter, Rogers done for season

CB Carlos Rogers will miss the rest of the season after tearing the MCL and ACL in his knee during the NE game.. He will allow the swelling to go down over the next couple of weeks then undergo surgery.. The team is hopeful his rehab will allow him to start practicing by training camp next summer..

Cb Fred Smoot did not play on Sunday because of coaches decision, not just because his hamstraing was still not 100%.. When asked about whether he'd play this weekend, Smoot relented that he's going to have to, but when asked if he'll be 100% on Sunday, he said "We'll see on Sunday." Quite obviously, he wasn't happy he wasn't active..

LB HB Blades, mild knee sprain, he played with it and should be OK.. RB Rock Cartwright missed the NE game, (quad), he is said to be doing better and there is a "good chance" he'll return this week.. Lb Rpcky McIntosh has a shoulder burner, we'll see about practice this week.. RB Clinton Portis got his fingers bent back trying to recover a fumble, he ended up with a bruised hand, x-rays were negative and he should be OK..
C Casey Rabach (groin) and LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) both were said to have made it through the game well..
TE Todd Yoder has a mild sprianed ankle.. T Stephon Heyer "needs to gain some more strength in his injured hamstring," but the tam thinks he may be ready to go this week..

Players were pretty reserved in their comments the day after the game I will now only refer to as "The Unspeakable." Most players took the route of suggesting you have to put it behind you, Santana Moss did admit that it is still lingering a little.. It was a quiet locker room session..
Joe Gibbs said the team had "productive" meetings today saying "some guys, if that happens to them, will walk out the building." I'm assuming he was suggesting "Throw in the towel," but that might be putting words in his mouth.. He said his team was very aware how much of the season is left and he always preaches a week to week mantra anyway.. The question is whether this has a hangover effect.. Pete Kendall said "shame on us if we let this affect how we perform against the Jets."

AP witer Joe White reminded Gibbs of the loss to the Giants two season ago in NY, 36-nothing anf how the team bounced back and ultimately ended up in the playoffs.. Gibbs said he hadn't remembered that but, "Maybe I should have you come talk to the team, you'd do a better job then me. I'm making a note of it right now."

Gibbs reiterated that he has no problem with the Patriots decisions to go for two 4th and 2's in the fourth quarter of a 38 and 45-nothing game.. He basically said "You can't let yourself get into that position."

Asked about the offensive ineffectiveness of the past couple of games, Gibbs said "I don't have the advantage of hindsight. This goes with the trritory of being a head coach.," when questioned about whether the team isn't running or passing enough..

OK men..

PS-- Quick thought on the running up the score stuff.. Credit to my buddy Diron (possibly named after Diron Talbert but I'm not sure) who brought it up to me last night..
Why didn't the Skins retaliate when Brady went for it on 4th down with his team up 38-0? Interesting question.. Why didn't the tam take a cheap shot at him, start fighting with the Patriots maybe? If this was so disrespectful as some players and obviosuly fans would insinuate, why didn't they do anything about it while NE had it's starters on the field late in a game where the outcome was not in question?
When the back-up scored, well that's on the Skins.. But I think he makes a good point..

Ooh yeah, one more Diron story, he tells me the manager of a fancy (here will be unnamed) restuarant in DC is this Moroccan dude who says he is a huge Redskins fan even though he doesn't "understand exactly" what he is watching. He told Diron, wen the Skins are playing, he can't watch the game with anyone else because he might not be able to control his emotions.. So if you ever hear of someone dying after being struck by a cobra while watching the Skins game, we have a suspect..


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Dear Bram,

It's your main man TC here. Tough game last week, but, blowouts tend to happen when two men as good looking as Brady and myself are thrust into the same place at the same time. But don't worry, we'll take care of the Jets on Sunday. And don't be surprised if there are two QB switches involved in that game. Thanks for promoting my blog. If you have any questions feel free to email me at I'll see you at the media picnic.


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That blog was fabulous

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