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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16-- Springs father in critical condition in Texas hospital

CB Shawn Springs has left the team team to be with his father in a Texas hospital.. Ron Springs, who received a kidney transpant from former teammate Everson Walls this spring went into a coma during a procedure this weekend to remove a cyst from his arm..

The early reports sound dire with Springs showing no brain activity (according to reports, no official word yet).. As for Shawn's availability this weekend, we shall see how things go with his family..
My thoughts are out to Shawn...

The team worked out a number of O-linemen today, there has been no change as of yet in the status of the 3 injured linemen from this past game.. The team could release a WR to make room for an extra lineman as well as make a roster move with the current group of O-linemen.. We''ll know a lot more about the situation tomorrow when practice resumes...


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