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Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18-- Portis questions his long term future in DC again

For the second time since camp began, Clinton Portis left open the possibility that this might be his last season as a Redskins.. he emphasized it would not be by choice and that he would like to stay here but added, “This is reality, we have great players here and if we can’t win as a team here reality is they might rebuild.”
The conversation started innocently with Portis being asked about whether he is concerned about few 100+ yard performances.. He said no because he would be in better condition to start next season, “if” he is here. That’s when we asked him to expound upon the “if.”
Portis is well liked in the organization, kidded by Jason Campbell as the “executive Vice President of the Redskins.” There has never been an inclination that if Portis doesn’t produce he would be out, but maybe he knows something we don’t.. Essentially, he wasn’t just talking about himself but the entire team saying, no playoffs, anything can happen..

DT/G Lorenzo Alexander has been practicing with the offensive line, is in on goal line defense and will likely play special teams, so he could become the first two way player for the Skins since Sean Taylor was used as a decoy on goal line offense a few seasons ago.. Champ Bailey played both ways for the Skins on rare occasions.. he begged often for the opportunity.. I couldn’t come up with a Skins lineman who has been used on both sides of the ball in recent years.. Alexander of course is a back-up on the line so if there are no more injuries (certainly not a given considering what’s happened so far) he likely won’t play..

T Todd Wade (groin) and G Pete Kendall (knee/hamstring) both returned to limited practice today, both are expected to play on Sunday.. C Casey Rabach (groin) did not practice.. The team is still expecting him to go.. T Stephon Heyer (hamstring) missed practice again.,,.
LB Marcus Washington continues to do limited work in practice..
CB Shawn Springs remains in Texas with his family dealing with the hospitalization of his critically ill father.. Gregg Williams said if Springs comes back and wants to play to “honor his father,” he will let him play..

OK men.,.


Blogger Lee said...

Portis is using the "if I'm here" thing as a self-motivational tool. I think you're reading too much into Bram.

And I'm sure you have a lovely singing voice.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...


I don't mind a little insecurity ina locker room full of highly paid players.. It's actually a little refreshing..

7:23 PM  

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