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Monday, November 26, 2007

November 26-- Taylor Update

VP of football operations Vinny Cerrato said Sean Taylor was able to respond to some simple commands including sqeezing a nurse's hand and some eye movement as his recovery from a gunshot wound continues..

He remains in intensive care in critical condition at a Miami hospital after a run-in with an armed assailaint or assailaints last night.. It was the second time his home was broken into in less then 8 days..
Joe Gibbs said Taylor alerted him to an incident where his house was burglurized 8 days ago and went to Miami to work with the police and clean the place up.. A knife was reportedly found on his bed..

Taylor's lawyer and family friend Richard Sharpstein told us that he is not sure whether the incidents were coincidental, he also told us he turned over files from a case two years ago when Taylor's car was shot at after he attempted to retrieve stolen ATV vehicles.. Taylor was called a "victim" of the events that night by Sharpstein, but charges of felony aggravated assault were dropped to misdemeanors when a attention seeking D.A. was exposed.. Abd he admitted there could be a connection to the people who were involved in that incident calling them "very dangerous people."

Gibbs said he did not know that Taylor was returning to Miami this weekend and typically players who are injured and receiving treatment stay in Washington when they don't make the team trip to an away game.. Taylor was with his girlfriend and 1 and half year old child during the incident last night but they were unharmed.. ..
Taylor may have had a mchete in his hands for self defense when the intruders barged in.. The shooting took place in or near his bedroom when the assailiants according to Sgarpstein kicked in the door when he tried to lock them out..

So there is what is being described as a "ray of hope," as his recovery continues..

A vigil was held by some fans last night at Redskins park and the contingent of Dan Snyder, Bubba Tyer, Clinton Portis and Cerrato as of when I was writing this were still in Miami..


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