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Monday, November 26, 2007

November 26-- Sean Taylor in Critical Condition

Here's what I know: Sean Taylor was shot at least once in his leg at or around 1:45AM last night at a home he owns in Palmetto Bay an incorporated community in Mimai.. A bullett severed the femoral artery in his leg, a main artery and Taylor lost copious ammounts of blood..
He was airlifted to a Miami area hospital where he underwent 6 hours of surgery.. And as of the time of writing this, he is in critical condition..

Owner Dan Snyder along with other members of the organization, from players to front office are heading to Miami now to be with the friends and family of Taylor..

Critical is the operative word here, a couple of players said they had heard that Taylor was in a coma following the surgery.. Others say they had heard his condition was "stabilizing."

Joe Gibbs has yet to address the media, Snyder did giving only a statement saying he had no new information only that "our hearts and prayers go out to Sean and his family."

Clinton Portis was virtually in tears speaking about Taylor, " everyone knows the changes Sean endured. He was a new Sean when he had his daughter. He changed his life, he changed his attitude, he wa sone of the best teammates you could have."

Gregg Williams had been touting Taylor as not only the best athlete he has coached, but a player who had matured to become of the leaders of this defense.. Chris Samuels said that he "had talked to coach Gibbs a few weeks back about how much Sean had matured."

Taylor was aloof with the media, he didn't trust us, including myself, I rarely if ever spoke to him. He declined practically every interview request from just about anyone who covered the team. But his teammates had spoken up for him in recent weeks saying what kind of teammate he'd become, how much repsonsibility he'd taken on about his profession as a football player and how the birth of his daughter really changed his attitude and outlook on life..

The team was apprised as a whole this morning when Joe Gibbs and the team's chaplain addressed the group and held a team prayer.
It is believed that Santana Moss's mother is with the family at the Miami hosopital and she has been giving updates to the team throughout the morning and into the afternoon, but nothing I have heard has been substanatiated to the point where I feel comfortable reporting it..
What's clear is the next 24 hours is critical in every sense of the word..


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