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Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19-- Belated Musing from the Dallas loss

OK, I’m awake now..

Injuries: T Todd Wade, sprained knee, DT Cornelious Griffin, sprained ankle, LB London Fletcher, bruised ribs.. We should get updates later this afternoon on all of them..

WR Santana Moss, who was supposed to be limited to a set amount of plays recovering from a heel injury certainly played more snaps then expected but have a season high 121 yards and scored his first TD of the season in the loss..
QB Jason Campbell set career highs in attempts and yards with 33 and 348, 2 TD’s 1 INT.. His passer rating however ended up at 84.5, lower then Tony Romo after Romo connected on 22 of 32 and threw 4 TD passes to One INT..

This will be making the rounds on the local news tonight, but apparently Campbell was teary eyed after he threw an INT late that ended a potential game winning drive.. Chris Samuels said he consoled Campbell who admitted to some tears and said he isn’t embarrassed by it..

LB Marcus Washington returned to play against the Cowboys after missing 4 of his last 5 with a hamstring injury..
The Skins were as hyped for a game as I have seen, they were staring down the Cowboys when Dallas took the field during the pre-game and one player told me Fred Smoot was “going berserk” in the locker room that got everyone ready..
One longtime vet told me this team wanted this “so badly,” based mainly on the lack of success through recent years playing in Dallas..

On the huge day by Terrell Owens (8 for 173) a number of members of the secondary said it was “mental errors” in the defensive backfield that led to the numerous long scores (3 of over 31 yards in the second half) not coverage scheme.. This was as mad as I’ve seen the typically even keeled Jerry Gray during the game.. The coach got into it with Pierson Prioleau and Shawn Springs after the second T.O. TD of the second half with a garbage can feeling his wrath..

Clinton Portis went split left on a play late in the 4th and no Cowboy bothered to cover him.. Portis was obviously miffed at the lack of run calls on short yardage plays and of course was disappointed after Jason Campbell failed to see him on the play where Dallas left him alone, he would have scored easily..
The Skins ran it 17 times, they threw it 54, 26 times in the 4th quarter of a game where they fell behind by as many as 12 in the final quarter..

Most of the players remained optimistic after the loss feeling as if they had “let another slip away.” Asked if this team remains a playoff contender, Santana Moss returned that query to a reporter asking directly, “Do you think we have a chance?” When the reporter said, “It’s getting tough,” Moss responded that “It doesn’t matter what outsiders think. We know what we can do now we just have to do it.”

Joe Gibbs was wondering if the overturned Rocky McIntosh interception in the second half was made with “clear evidence.” The replay appeared to have shown the ball hitting the ground.. The team chose not to review a 3rd and 15 pass in the first half to T.O. to the Skins 9 that led to Dallas’s first score.. The replay possibly would have shown him not getting both feet in before securing possession of the ball.. This happened at the 2 minute warning so there was ample time to throw the flag, but Skins officials believed it would not have been overturned..

Washington has given up 47 points in the second half of the last two games.. In their last 3 division games, Washington has given up 68 points in the second half of the three losses combined..
To win the NFC east, The Skins would need to go 6-0 down the stretch and have Dallas lose 5 of their final 6.. The good news is the wild card remains firmly in their grasp.. Detroit is 6-4 but the Skins own that tiebreaker.. Arizona and Philly are both 5-5 but the Skins hold a tiebreaker on the Cardinals and split with Philly.. The Eagles have to play New England in Foxborough this weekend..

The Redskins rush D did hold a team under four yards per carry for the first time in five games, the Cowboys rushed it 25 times for 72 yards, 2.9 per carry..

Fred Smoot called Tony Romo the “best backyard quarterback he’s ever seen.” Smoot contends most quarterbacks are coached to throw passes away when certain coverages dictate certain issues, but Romo rarely will throw it away and it’s his playmaking ability that makes the Dallas O go..

OK men..


Blogger Joe said...

The rematch will be fantastic. I'd favor the Redskins if they stay healthy and get Sean Taylor back, but that's a big IF.

Speaking of which, is it possible to compile the number of player-games (e.g., one player missing two games to injury equals 2 player-games) the Redskins have missed to injury, and see how that stacks up against other teams? Even better, the number of "starter"-games missed?

2:44 PM  
Blogger Christa said...

Bram - Any word on how Sean Taylor is healing up thus far? Is the "two-to-three week" window still in effect, or is there a possibility he might return sooner?

Also, I am vaguely anxious about this weekend's match-up with Tampa. We've been burned a number of times over the years by Joey Galloway and other receivers down there (even in that one game where we harrassed the heck out of Chris Simms). Any thoughts on how Gregg Williams is going to prepare for this game? He doesn't seem to make very many halftime adjustments...seems like teams come out in the second half and have his defenses figured out. Any chance you can ask him about that this week? Any chance you might get a straight answer?

5:04 PM  
Blogger Christa said...

Hey, more thing: Can you please let Larry know that the word is "valiant", NOT "galliant"? He said the phrase "galliant effort" at least 2 times during his post-game interviews and it irritated the heck out of me yesterday.

Tell him to pick one: either you make a "gallant" effort or a "valiant" DON'T make a "galliant" effort.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

I'll pass it along..

Straight answers from Gregg, ha ha ha ha ha..

Check the blog, I gave a Taylor update..

7:10 PM  
Blogger skinsfan4life said...


The Cowboys would have to lose 4 of their last 6 and then it would come down to a tie breaker (if the Skins win out). I know that doesn't really give us a better chance of winning the division, but I just wanted to point that out.

But don't worry, I'm not a finger pointer. I'm just saying that if there was a finger that happenned to be pointing, it would be pointed at, well... you.

Could you and Larry talk about the difference between a team like the cowboys vs the Skins? I would say that in the game we played them equally and really should have won that game, so I am thrilled that we can do that, even without #21. But still, some teams like the cowboys and the packers are finding ways to win while the Skins have lost 2 close divisional games in a row.

Before, i blamed it on lack of "killer instinct." But after you talked about Smoot going crazy in the locker room and the guys being as pumped as you've seen them, I'd say that this was not a problem against Dallas. Perhaps this is proof of a change in additude for the Skins.

The only other thing I could see is that the Cowboys and Packers seem to be having more fun on the field. Of course, it's always more fun when you're winning but they show more emotion- they get more excited when good things happen. Tom Brady is up by 5 scores and yelling at the ref!

Lastly, I heard Larry say get rid of Aikmen doing our games. But I have to admit that as much as I hate the Cowboys, I really like Aikmen's commentary. During the game he actually said that Portis might be one of his favorite players in the league. He also gave alot of praise to J-Cam and the Redskins.

We all know that he must be going crazy on the inside watching those games, but, if you ask me, he stays pretty even. I don't even mind Moose Johnston.

But Saragusa and Emmit are horrible. I think we all can agree with that.

Go Skins!


1:00 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

If Skins win out and Cowboys win 4 of 6, Dallas would have a better record then the Skins in the division so Washington would lose that tiebreak.. Thus Dallas would have to lose 5 of 6.. Sorry to have to point that out..

8:39 AM  

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