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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14-- Lloyd breaks shoulder in practice

WR Brandon Lloyd suffered a broken clavicle on the last play of practice today, he will not require surgery but will be out a minimum of six weeks meaning he will likely be placed on injured reserve ending his season.. The team currently has three healthy receivers on the active roster, possibly four if Santana Moss can return to play against the Cowboys, more on him in a minute..

The injury to Lloyd may eefectively end his playing career as a Washington Redskins.. Lloyd has two catches this season after being releagted to the 4th and sometimes 5th receiver on the depth chart following a lacksadasical play in the opener against Miami where he didn't make a play on a ball that was intercepted in the end zone and subsequently didn't chase after the defender who was returning it..
The cap impact of cutting Lloyd will be in the neighboorhood of 7.1 million dollars should the Skins decide to take the entire hit on next year's cap, or they could release him and make an exception for next season, take a hit of approximately 1.8 million for 2008, and the rest on th following cap..
The team currently has no receivers on the practice squad..

WR Santana Moss missed practice with a bruised heel.. The MRI he underwent showed no new damage but the tissue injury is affecting a nerve in his foot, as why he can't currently run.. The team remains hopeful that the swelling will reduce in the foot and he will return by the end fo the week..
WR James Thrash is using a walking boot and crutches to support his high ankle sprain.. He did not practice and is not expected to play this week in practice..

S Sean Taylor was held out of practice (knee), G Pete Kendall was also held out of practice (knee/ankle).. The training staff said he will be fien for this weekend, he just has soreness in his knees and ankles because in football, he's considered a "senior citizen."
LB Marcus Washington took part in full practice (hamstring) he has missed four of the last five games..
CB Fred Smoot (hamstring) was limited in practice today..

Cowboys injury list: WR Terry Glenn (knee) will not play this weekend..
CB Anthony Henry (ankle) was limited in practice.. WR Isiah Stanback (shoulder) took part in full practice, not that that matters..

During Jason Campbell's media session, he was harrassed by one player, either Smoot or Antwaan Randle-El who kept yelling at him while he had a crowd of reporters around him.. Among the jibes, "Look at those lips. I haven't seen lips that big since I owned a catcher's mitt.. Steee-rike." And my personal favorite, "I hope you don't kiss any girls Jason, you might suffocate them."
This is standard practice for the weekly media meeting, Campbell is very good natured and even shoots back when it happens saying at one point, "Was that Randle-El? Tell him I got some miracle grow for his forehead."

Fred Smoot joined Larry and myself for Redskins Radio today, he said the team gave out the "Tyrone Hill Award" for the ugliest player on the team.. And the winner is, Stephon Heyer, T, University of Maryland. The runner up gets the "Sam Cassell Award" but I can't remember who he said that went to..

Smoot was among the players I spoke with who stood behind Joe Gibbs as Gibbs has been getting criticized through the week for the in game management problems during the Eagles loss.. Smoot said, he loves Gibbs and then defended him by saying "show me a coach who doesn't make mistakes. I'd like to meet him."
Antwaan Randle-El told me he "hates all the citicism Gibbs is getting." He did admit that Gibbs should not be held to a higher standard or be given a reprieve based on his Hall of Fame credentials, but he said he believes Gibbs takes too much of the blame in general when the team loses...
Jason campbell said the criticism is "not fair, we all need to do better, players and coaches.."

Campbell also had an interesting slip during his session when asked about a comparison to Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, "We play in different offneses, his offense is more wide open and we are more of a run based offense, so we are different players in different offenses, as a quarterback you have to do what they ALLOW you to do." How about them apples.

Chris Cooley defended the offense's call on 3rd and goal from the 7 in the 4th quarter against Philly (it was his false start penalty that moved them back) by saying "we work on the plays during the week we think will work against an opponent, it's easy to say the coaches made the wrong calls if they don't work." Cooley said he is hopeful for a big day after he saw Jeremy Shockey get 12 catches against Dallas last week.. Since his 9 for 105 and a TD game in Green Bay, Cooley has had a combined 12 catches for 125 yards and one TD in four games.. With the lack of depth at WR, it will be interesting to see how incorporated he'll be this week..

The Dallas Morning News reports a Plano man was arrested for distributing illegal performance enhancing substances.. The report suggests that the man told FBI agents that he has sold the products to former and current Cowboys.. I asked Wade Phillips directly about the story and he said he "knew nothing about it and had no comment."

OK men..


Blogger Justin said...


Just some random thoughts:
I think the Redskins are learning with the failure of Brandon Lloyd (and he is now going to be on IR and eventually either dumped or traded after the season) that we need a veteran receiver that is a master at running routes and has A+ hands. I'm talking past receivers like: Art Monk, John Taylor, Sterling Sharpe, Steve Largent, Tim Brown, Irving Fryar, James Lofton and Jimmy Smith. These are prime examples of the veteran type receiver who we need. Keenan McCardell was an awesome step, but I'm sure we can find someone younger who is smart and can mesh well with young Jason Campbell. Right now are number one and two receivers are mirror image receivers and not only that but they are both under 6 foot. I know people like to brush that off as not that big of a deal, but neither run the best routes and the smaller target they present for Jason Campbell does hurt him in the passing game (slightly). We are definitely missing an Art Monk type persona on our team. I know their is a rumor about the Bengals maybe wanting to trade Chad Johnson in the offseason, but is this the type of receiver we need? With his talent it definitely would improve the team, but we are talking team and the "right pieces" so we can win another Super Bowl.

Look at what we have going into the Cowboy game:
Santana Moss (5 ft. 10)
Antwan Randle-El (5 ft. 10)
Keenan McCardell (6 ft. 1)
Reche Caldwell (6 ft.)
Jimmy Farris (6 ft.)

and just for fun here are the Patriots WR heights:
Moss - 6 ft. 4
Gafney - 6 ft. 1
Stallworth - 6 ft.
Welker - 5 ft. 9
Washington - 6 ft 3

- Justin (Germantown, MD/Sterling, VA)

9:31 PM  
Blogger skinsfan4life said...


I have noticed more people talk about and question the Redskins' receiving core. But, what about the year that Santanna Moss had in 2005? I agree that all of the receivers this year are underperforming and, of course, it would be nice to have a bigger target, but let's face it: J-Cam has missed alot of guys deep.

Still, overall, I think that the reason that the Skins haven't found the QB-WR connection has alot to do with the coaches' conservative attitudes. J-
Cam is so scared to under throw the deep ball and throw a pick, that he air mails it.

Also, I have to add that I feel bad for Loyd-especially now that he is hurt. Everyone is scared to question it, but I don't like the way management treated him. Guys like Randy Moss and T.O. can find new homes and be considered good teamates, yet Loyd, who worked hiss butt off in the offseason and gained 10 pounds of muscle, can't make one mistake and ever be forgiven??!! I can't help but think that there must be something underneith the surface, but it almost just seems like a grudge of ego. Forget the money, forget the talent, forget everything. Loyd is a man, a human being and from what I have seen, a family man. We did him wrong like we did Lavar and Peirce and others.

I hate to say it but I actually hope Loyd goes to new team next year and lights it up.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. You and Larry need to talk more about the Skins and football and less talking about what you want to talk about and actually talking about nothing. you should remember that people watching on tv sit through almost 10 minutes of commercials before the show really begins so we are anxious to get to the meat.

love the show!!

Poolesville, MD/Havre de Grace, MD

10:45 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

Hey Bram, I have been trying to find a way to ask you some questions but the extreme skins question thing doesnt work for me so im going to ask them here. i have been hearing some of these rumors out of Arizona that Larry Fitzgerald wants to leave and go into free agency or a trade. Is it just me or is that seem like a great fit for the Redskins, he is very tall (like 6'5 or 6'4) and he is fast. i hope he finds some way to get a 'Skins uniform and he could be the #1 reciever with Santana being the second and Randle El the third. Also i would love your idea of having Chad Johnson on the team. He could add energy to the team who already has Portis and Smoot (can you imagine Smoot and Chad at practice jawing at each other).
I am a big fan of the redskins and i live on the eastern shore of Maryland, and i cant pick up a radio signal for XXX ESPN Radio. I was just wondering if there is ever going to be an affiliate for your station down here. i think it would get alot of listeners (plus im sick and tired of all the Ravens crap that gets talked about around here)

If there is any way you can awnser some of these questions on Redskins lunch on Friday during the ExtremeSkins questions I would greatly appreciate it. Just want to know your awnsers/opinions on any of my questions.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

There's a lot more to the Lloyd thing then what's on the surface.. Profanity laced verbal spats with his coaches, issues with teammates.. Personelly, I think he owes this organiation better then what he gave them.. But that's just me..

As for the show, Larry and I are trying to have fun and not be so serious constantly.. We'll talk mainly about the Skins, but part of doing radio is having some fun too!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

steven-- you can e-mail me directly at

7:14 PM  

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