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Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 25-- Skins drop to 5-6 after falling in Tampa 19-13

There goes the best 5 and 6 team ever.. Kidding, sort of..

6 turnovers turns out to be one too many as Washington falls to Tampa Bay 19-13.. They allowed 16 first half points on four fumbles, three recovered inside the Redskins 20 yard line.. Jason Campbell threw 2 late game interceptions, (numbers 2 and 3 if counting from last week) that prevented the team from possibly scoring the game winning touchdown.. The first was grabbed by Ronde Barber who was covering Keenan McCardell in the slot, the throw was to Santana Moss on an out.. Barber went inside McCardell and jumped the route, bottom line, he made a nice play.. The second throw was a bad one in the back of the end zone with under a minute to play down six picked by Brian Kelly..

Campbell wasn't as publicly dismayed by the loss as he was a week ago in Dallas but by all accounts continues to take the late game failures pretty hard.. All of his teammates who were asked about the inability to finish games for Campbell as something they believe he should not take on himself..
Joe Gibbs said it is not something he is worried about the "long term effects of."

WR Antwaan Randle El injured his hamstring in the first half and did not return in the seocnd half.. He'll be re-evaluated tomorrow.. McCardell replaced him on punt returns, interesting choice considering Moss's history of punt return success but Moss has been injured himself, a likely reason..
McCardell had his best game as a Skinw ith 5 catches, he said he was very tight ealy because of returning to Florida and all the success he had playing in the state, but that he calmed down..

Clinton Portis fumbled twice in the first half and took the blame for the miscues.. Portis was asked about the team's constant close calls against better teams in the league and he said that what is promising to him is that there has been a lot of frustration since joining the team four years ago and that the team believes "they have some of the best talent, the only thing missing is wins." But because the team doesn't stop fighting nor takes an attitude that they believe they can't win, he knows the team will bounce back and play hard regardless of the outcome..

There is a strange similarity to the '05 season when the Skins lost three in a row including a close one in Tampa that dropped them to 5-6 before they ran off 5 straight to make the playoffs.. The outcomes (prior to the NE-Philly game) were all mainly good for Washington as Arizona, Detroit and the Giants lost, so Washington remains one back of the Lions for the final playoff spot, and two back of the Giants for the 5 spot and the own a tiebreaker over the Lions..

Other injuries: DT Cornelious Griffin (ankle) he injured it last week and it flared up again on him.. QB Jason Campbell suffered a forearm injury that he played through and the team doesn't believe it is serious..

The Redskins defense held Tampa to 13 offensive plays in the second half and 15 yards, no first downs.. This was as close to a perfect defensive half as anyone could have.. When asked about it, Gregg Williams said the team needed to turn the Bucs over, the one part missing.. Washington lost the turnover battle 6-0.. Williams said the game plan defensively did not change when Jeff Garcia left the game on the first Buc series and was replaced by Bruce Gradkowski.. He praised Jon Gruden for "the best coaching job he has done in his career playing to his team's strengths an today playing to let his defense win the game." Williams downplayed any team phsyche repair after giving up 47 second half points in the two previous losses to the Eagles and Cowboys..

Joe Gibbs defended a 4th and 1 call inside the Bucs five down 19-10 by saying "it was only six inches and we had momentum." the Call was made by Campbell who could choose between a QB snak and a run play, Campbell said the defense dictated the Redskins go with the run play that was stopped behind the line of scrimmage..

T Stephon Heyer made his first start in place of Todd Wade (knee) who was inactive.. WR James Thrash (ankle), S Sean Taylor (knee) both missed their second straight games.. FB Mike Sellers was inactive as well due to a back injury..

OK men..


Blogger teddy b. said...

"The Redskins defense held Tampa to 13 offensive plays in the second half and 15 yards, no first downs.. This was as close to a perfect defensive half as anyone could have.. "

Yeah, the D was great in the second half but, seriously, the Bucs quaterback was possibly the worst second-string quaterback I've ever seen in my life. How about at least qualifying the Skins defensive job by mentioning that. Can you really say with a straight face that Tampa wouldn't have had at least 7-10 more points if Garcia had played the whole game. If that happens, then we're not talking about how the Skins "almost" won this game. I'm tired of everyone giving this team an "A" for effort. W's and L's are the only two letters that count in the NFL.

7:21 AM  

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