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Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19-- Backs against the wall

On Jason Campbell's emotions after the game Sunday: Joe Gibbs says it is something that is not premeditated and it is something that shows how much the game means to him.. The mood in general following another close loss was pretty upbeat, but at 5-5 and with the division title all but out of the question the team and Gibbs knows, "our backs are up against the wall." Gibbs remains positive about the playof prospects knowing he has tie breakers against Detroit and Arizona, "we knew those were going to be big games."
TE Chris Cooley called the game with TB a must win..

Gibbs joked about playing in Tampa, a regular occurrence (and not one that I mind) that he "needs to talk to the athletic director about this one. We should be getting a home and home at some point here."

On the opening of the offense, Gibbs conceded he doesn't want to get into a situation where the team is throwing 54 passes, but he knows the game with the Cwoboys turned into a shootout and the Skins had no choice with time constraints not to open it up and give it to Campbell to make some plays.. The players are very intereste din putting more on Jason's shoulders but Gibbs remains adament that a physical run team as part of a balanced attack will remain the mantra of the team.. Gibbs also conceded the team remains in attempt to try and find some consistency on offense..

The defense should be a point of contention this week, The Skins have given up 47 second half points the last two games in divisional losses.. Add the Giants falter and they have given up 68 second half points in those three losses.. Washington has given up 152 points combined in the last 5, and average of 30 a game.. The Skins contend the breakdowns n the secondary in the second half wree mental and a byproduct of "young players getting some chances in the secondary." Laron Landry was switching between free and string safety during the Cowboys game..

Injury Report: T Todd Wade had an MRI, it showed a grade 1 sprain of the MCL in his knee, he is day to day and could play this weekend.. If he doesn't, rookie Stephon Heyer would start at RT.. LB London Fletcher has bruised ribs, he'll be OK.. DT Cornelious Griffin sprained his ankle and has a bruised foot as well, X-rays negative, he's day to day.. G Pete Kendall is treating sore knees and ankles, he should be fine but might miss some practice time as he has in recent weeks..
WR Santana Moss made it through the game well with his bruised heel..
S Sean Taylor has been described as doubtful for the game with the Buccaneers, it's better then out which was expected.. But with a sprained knee, it remains unlikely..
G Randy Thomas remains out rehabbing his torn triceps muscle..
WR James Thrash, high ankle sprain will get out of walking boot later this week and is questionable to play against TB..
S Reed Doughty has a bruised knee, hs is expected to be fine..
CB Fred Smoot and LB Marcus Washington both got through the game well and are expected to be feeling better heading into this week's game with the Buccaneers..
WR Antwaan Randle-El suffered a sprain in the joint securing the clavicle and the sternum.. he took a shot from Ken Hamlin after a catch in the Cowboys game.. Randle-El is looking forward to the rematch where he may have some things to say to Hamlin..
QB Jason Campbell has what is being described as a minor throwing hand injury..

On the Rocky McIntosh Intercpetion, Joe Gibbs believes the video evidence was extremely close and maintains the only way anything like that should be overturned is with concrete evidence.. He cited the Green Bay call against James Thrash as another momentum killing moment in games that could be the difference in two games against 9-1 teams on the road..

The team will get a "good break" following the Thursday game with the Bears in 2 and a half weeks, but Gibbs proclaimed this stretch as a defining one, saying it will "set up the final 3 games." I know I know..

OK men..


Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

The Redskins DID have a home-and-home with Tampa Bay in the mid-'90s. It was weird. I believe we lost both games to the still-wearing-orange-and-orange Bucs.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

I remember that.. I went to the game that was here and some Redskins fans surrounded a Bucs fan in that old tangerine colored stuff and they started pushing him.. It was a little weird..

6:03 PM  

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