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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13-- Gibbs on Redskins Radio

Joe Gibbs continued to stand behind his decision making saying it definitely wouldn’t have been smart to take a 5 yard penalty in lieu of a timeout on the 4th and 1 second half opening drive at the Eagles 5.. He also said the decision to not challenge was a no brainer for him because it is very unlikely the officials would move the spot of the ball.. Still, having used a timeout, there was little to lose by challenging, but I digress..
I wasn’t going to go into full blown attack mode about all the decisions that occurred during the game but when we started talking about the specific one on the Eagles 5, Gibbs said, “I like those questions,” essentially telling me to bring it on.. He also suggested that he “was nice yesterday,” (referring to the media press conference) so I thought he’d go after me, but it turned out to be quite cordial.
Gibbs said his staff “always bears a burden when the team loses,” when asked about the coaching decisions adding up ending up in the Eagles defeat..

Gibbs said he believes defensively the team will continue to utilize a similar scheme despite the loss of Safety Sean Taylor.. Reed Doughty and Pierson Prioleau are the likely successors..


Blogger Christa said...

Bram - I enjoy your show on Redskins radio, and particularly like your approach to questioning the team and it's leadership when things appear murky, confusing or just plain dumb (which is often!) It seems to me that you've always had a great "feel" for the pulse of this team.

In this vein, can you please ask Joe Gibbs -- whom I'm still a fan of but am beginning to lose patience with as the losses pile up and the team continues to languish in mediocrity -- why his philosophy continues to be that the team is destined to "win every game by one or two plays...every single game is going to be hard-fought", etc. Can you please, please ask him if he considers this "motivational" tactic a bit too negative...doesn't he think this attitude of "just enough to win" is setting his players up to fail? Does he not believe instead that demanding excellence might net him a different result?

I wonder...if I had a boss who continually told me I simply had to fight hard and do my best, would I really ever strive to be better, knowing as long as I "did my best" all of my mistakes would simply be excused? What would be the point of trying to succeed if my boss was constantly telling me I was going to be in a dogfight every day...simply hanging by my fingernails to be successful? Is Gibbs not sending a subtle message to the players that they're just not good enough to win??? Do they believe him and "rise" to the occasion by losing?

You, of all the media people who cover this team, can ask this question in good faith, and I beg you to do so on behalf of the many frustrated fans who would love to see these players forced to take their game to the next level!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Wow! That's an excellent observation. I second that. I'd like hear your take on that Bram and would love to hear Coach answer that question.

8:22 AM  
Blogger skinsfan4life said...

Yo Bram,

FIRST OF ALL, I watch you guys almost everyday. So stop complaining about that.

I think we need a "Fred Smoot" on offense. We need a swagger on offense. Sometimes it's execution, sometimes it's playcalling, sometimes it's stupid mistakes. Always, however, is the fact that their is a lack of passion or agression. I see this "lack of" on both offense and defense.

Don't get me wrong, I know the team wants to win. I do not question their heart. But I tend to agree with Christa from this blog and Ken Harvey on Washington Post Live today. You gotta be fired up to play and win on sundays. But they don't seem like they are out for blood, neither in the play calling nor in the emotion I see from the players, whether good or bad.

Put simply, the team needs to sac up and punch someoene in the mouth and the coaches have to call more agressive plays!! I think we may be a little too mechanical. I understand that scheme is important but sometimes it just comes down to hitting the guy in front of you as hard as you can. WE NEED THE KILLER INSTINCT!

I think alot of this starts from the top and trickles down. But I still have hope, but Gibbs might need to punch someone in the mouth himself!

2:26 PM  
Blogger alfonzo said...

I want to point out that there were 2 HUGE opportunites for the defense to really put the pressure on the Eagles. If you recall before the LJ Smith TD, Randell Godfrey had a chance to intercept the ball but did not make the play. That would of ended a good Eagles drive. Second was a deep ball before the TD pass to Reggie Brown, once again Godfrey was there and had the ball in his finger tips. To me that is not coaching error but lack of focus and play making. I firmly believe that if those to balls were picked off the game tempo would of been in our favor with the way we were moving the ball on the Eagles. Lack of focus I believe on defense cost us the game, plays needed to be made and that is just the bad luck of the Redskins. Changes in coaching staff is why we have been so inconsistent every year there is a new approach instead of working what worked in the previous seasons. One thing we have now that we seriously lacked the past 10 years is a quality young QB. Campbell is our future Gibbs and work with him under center.


3:53 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

The defense and it's failings late in the game have certainly been overlooked this week.. Their numbers in recent games have declined ramatically, a subject for later this week for the shows for sure..

Christa-- Excellent observation.. And certainly I will find a way to phrase it.. Thanks for posting..

As usual, any of you can e-mail me directly at

5:15 PM  

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