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Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 15-- Farris tells T.O. tales

WR Brandon Lloyd was placed on injured reserve today ending his season, and possibly career with the Skins.. VP of football operations Vinny Cerrato would not speculate as to whether Lloyd has played his last game with the team and called the news "sad, because he was going to play a big role this weekend." Cerrato said Lloyd was going to be on special teams as well as figuring into the offensive game plan with the injuries at WR..

The team signed Jimmy Farris who has worked out for the team twice during training camp.. Farris has been out of football since the summer when he failed to make the Jaguars..
Jimmy is a good friend of Terrell Owens who he said he called and told he was coming to Dallas this weekend.. Owens apparently took Farris in when he was a undrafted rookie in San Francisco.. Farris lived with T.O. and said the two ate dinner 4 nights a week, went to movies together, played pool where the loser would have to do ten push-ups for every ball left on the table, etc. Farris sayd he believes outside of T.O.'s family, he might be one of his closest friends..
Farris also still owns a number of clothes that T.O. gave to him, apparently when Owens would receive gear and would stick it in the dryer, it would end up not fitting him anymore so he told Farris to go into his laundry room and "load up."
Farris promised me during an interview that will air during the pre-game show this weekend that should he actually score a touchdown in Dallas, he would do something to show off to Owens, but asked if he would run to the star, he responded, "I think Joe Gibbs would hang me by my face mask!"

WR Santana Moss is hopeful to return to practice tomorrow, his bruised heel kept him out of practice again today.. He decsribed the injury as something that sounds as if it is "soft," but because he is having nerve issues with the bruise, he said it is affecting the "things that I can do."
WR James Thrash (high ankle sprain) was out of practice for a second straight day..
S Sean Taylor (sprained knee) missed practice as well, he won't play this weekend anyway..
CB Fred Smoot (hamstring) took part in limited portions of practice..
LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) was part of full practice for a second straight day..
G Pete Kendall (ankle/knees) returned to full practice after being limited on Wednesday..

RB Clinton Portis did not dress up this week claiming that "when I find Choo-Choo, I'm going to choke him out! He kept me out of the end zone." Portis dressed as Choo-Choo the dance instructor before the Eagles game..
Portis is now the 3rd leading rusher in the league this season, asked about this suddenly new standing, he said "I don't care about being the third leading rusher. I'd rather have the wins then the stats."

CB Shawn Springs is heading back to Dallas this weekend to play where his father was a star, in the meantime, Ron Springs remains in a Dallas hospital in critical condition resting in a coma.. Springs has remained quiet this week deferring requests to speak to the media about the situation, but his teammates and coaches have priased his ability to put the sad news aside and work extra time to remain up to date with the game week preparation. Springs has been travelling in the early parts of each week the last month or so to visit with family in Dallas then returns to Redskins park and is said to be staying late and coming in early to stay up to date. Gregg Williams credited his leadership through adversity..

OK men..


Blogger Justin said...

i'm hoping farris does play. his enthusiasm may help fill the void of not having james thrash on special teams. i don't think anybody really knows or thinks about how much thrash does for our special teams.

predictions for this week at dallas:

campbell 20-36 196 2 td 1 int
portis 31 carries 101 yds 1 recTD
betts 6 carries 21 yds
caldwell 1 rec 6 yds
mccardell 5 rec 83 yds 1 td
cooley 4 rec 33 yds

FINAL SCORE: dallas 26 washington 20

2:22 AM  
Blogger Justin said...

and i hope i'm wrong about those predictions, but they are based on what i've seen thus far this season.

2:24 AM  
Blogger skinsfan4life said...

Hey Justin,

I think your prediction is optomistic. I think the Redskins have all of the parts to be a good team and I think that that is what is so agrivating about the Skins' loses. Still, if we do what we did against the Pats, we will get killed.

I hope the coaches have learned from their mistakes. If the Skins lay back on defense and get torched like they did at Foxborough, that would be unforgivable.

I hear many people say that they think the Skins will blitz more since we are missing Sean Taylor. I would like to see this happen, but I don't think our coaches have learned their lesson and so I am predicting a blowout. I don't know how much blitzing would really help, but if we go down, I just hope we go down swinging!!

Like you, Justin, I hope I am wrong. Also, this is very atypical of me to make such a negative prediction, but I think I'm finally starting to face reality.

I think this team COULD be great, but they are being prevented from playing up to theit potential.

12:44 PM  

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