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Friday, November 23, 2007

November 23-- I'm back, Sellers isn't

I picked an odd time to catch a cold.. I'm starting to think I caught it from someone at the Park because I felt fine on Tuesday then woke up Wednesday morning and felt like someone hit me over the head with a 2x4.. But I'm slowly creeping back into shape ready for the warm weather of Tampa and hopefully a win..
By the way, never get sick on Thanksgiving, the docs don't really want to leave their turkey to get you some antibiotics so I'm sucking this one up hoping the over the counter meds work..

Injury report: G Randy Thomas (trcieps), S Sean Taylor (knee) and WR James Thrash (ankle) are all out..
FB Mike Sellers had x-rays done on his back which he injured in practice on Wednesday.. He is listed as doubtful and though he won't rule himself out, Joe Gibbs conceded he probably won't even make the trip.. This is a big loss!!
Questionable: T Todd Wade who will wamr up Sunday morning an if he can't go Stephon Heyer would start..
Probable: RB Ladell Betts (illness) T Stephon Heyer (illness), thus my theory that something was going around out there that I caught, good news is within 24 hours I felt a world better and better news, the Redskins docs do leave their turkeys to get the players better quickly..
DT Cornelious Griffin was limited in practice (foot) but is expected to play, also probable.. G Pete Kendall (ankle), WR Santana Moss (heel), WR Antwaan Randle-El (chest), LB London Fletcher (ribs) all practiced and are all probable..

TB injury report: DE Greg Spires (calf) is out.. RB Michael Pittman (ankle) is doubtful.. FB BJ Askew (ankle) is questionable.. WR Michael Clayton (ankle) and RB Earnest Graham (ankle) are both probable..

The team brought back TE/H Back Brian Kozlowski, a favorite in the locker room and released WR Jimmy Farris to take the spot of Mike Sellers who appears like he'll be inactive for the game.. Kozlowski was someone Gibbs described as a player who "just won't die." He wasn't suggesting Koz should actually die, just that his playing career won't come to a complete end..

Now for the playoff talk fun: Did the numbers on the contenders at this point, Detroit who looks like a complete fraud now after home losses five days apart, has five games against teams with a combined record of 33-21.. Arizona looks like the one to be most concerned about, the Cardinals opponents combined record is 23-53.. Yikes.. But the Skins do hold a tiebreaker and Seattle could lose their division to AZ meaning a Seattle collapse could put them squarely in the Skins crosshairs.. Best case scenario of course is Seattle beats AZ when they meet in a few weeks.. Washington owns the tiebreaker over the Cardinals thanks to their win at Fed Ex Field..
Philly is 5-5 heading to 5-6 with a trip to NE and are facing teams with a combined record of 42-18 with AJ Feeley likely at QB, see ya phatties..
NO faces teams that are 27-33 but with losses to Houston and Carolina those guys don't look primed for a playoff run.. Carolina has a 69 year old QB and a schedule against teams that are 36-26, hello Bill Cowher..
Chicago faces teams that are 35-26 and have to play here and Minnesota goes against teams that are 29-33 but also face the Skins.. Both of them are 4-6.. Basically Washington wins over those two go a long way to probably get the Skins in the playoffs.. Beat the NYG too and we might be talking about a five seed but a likely playoff game out west as opposed to going back to TB, so pick your poison.. If I'm the Skins D which has been torched in rceent weeks, I think I'd rather take my chances ith the Bucs again then fly across country to face a team that throws and throws and throws..

The NFC East race for Washington is effectively over, they would need Dallas to go 0-5 down the stretch and the Skins to go 6-0 with the Giants losing at least 3 of their final 6 for Washington to steal the division, so the five spot is the highest realistic possibility and that may take some work..

for those who care, I didn't fry a turkey yesterday because of wind factors.. The reason why it is so dangerous is because the turkey fryer is actually just a propane blow torch with a pot sitting on top of it.. If the wind didn't blow the flame out (which it did five times) it turned the turkey pot into a mini-conflagration, so because of weather delays, we are holding off until next year.. It sucks, but at least I still have my house and arms..

OK men..


Blogger skinsfan4life said...

houses and arms are overated!

5 seed looks good to me. we could play the role of sleeper.

let's not forget that the two best teams in the nfc almost got beat by the Skins. in fact, we SHOULD have beaten them.

also, let's not forget what the Steelers did only 2 or so years ago once they got into the playoffs.

I think a lot will be learned by what happens this sunday in Tampa. A solid win, in my opinion, would go a long way to prove that what we have done so far is legit. If we win this game, we will make the playoffss and we should be peeking at the right time.


4:46 PM  

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