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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20-- Jason needs to "shut his trap."

The Redskins signed former Giants/Auburn WR Anthony Mix, a 6’4” 240 pound receiver.. He was taken off the NYG practice squad and according to Joe Gibbs was someone who got a big endorsement from his former QB Jason Campbell..
T Calvin Armstrong was released and re-signed to the Redskins practice squad, a sign that the Todd Wade injury is not deemed overly serious even though it is possible Stephon Heyer will be starting in his place Sunday against TB..

G Rick DeMulling was released, so the injury issues of the O-line have been subsiding and the return of Randy Thomas could be just a few weeks away.. Thomas is already deemed out for this weekend’s game..
Also, WR Burl Toler was released from the practice squad to make room for Armstrong..

Joe Gibbs was quite effusive on Redskins Radio today when he was asked about a audible Jason Campbell made during the Dallas game that ended up in Santana Moss’s one handed catch against Dallas.. Gibbs said Jason needs to learn to “shut his trap” about telling the media things like that.. He also hinted that Larry Michael, who asked Gibbs about it should tell Jason “since he can get through to him” to keep some of those state secrets more to himself..
Gibbs wasn’t overly angry at Campbell who revealed that tidbit during the post game locker room interview session..
On Campbell’s emotions following the game Gibbs said it shows “how much the game means to him and hopefully next time he won’t make some of the same mistakes.” Gibbs told a funny story about dealing with different personalities at the position saying Joe Theismann would never take losses like that to heart believing “it was always someone else’s fault.” He also said his son was like that saying “Coy would fall off his water skis when I was driving the boat and then blame me!”

Gibbs praised the pre-game energy that was brought into the game against Dallas but after another loss, there of course is concern that team will be able to “Bring it again. We were rockin’ and rollin”. Now, can we do that again?”

Believe it or not, the Redskins say their game plan was attempting to take T.O. away from the Cowboys, but as the defensive coaches learned, “some of these young guys got an interesting induction into the NFL.”
Missing Sean Taylor of course hurt this team, described best by Gibbs who said, “He’s the best at his position in the league. Nobody has even tried to go downfield on him even New England.” So we’ll see how the Skins respond with Taylor likely out again this weekend..

The Redskins are one of the few if not only teams that does not have players wearing the designated “C” on their uniforms this year.. Gibbs said the Redskins captains are chosen on a weekly basis dependent on performance in games and in practice.. That is not expected to change..

OK men..


Blogger skinsfan4life said...

hey Bram,

First of all, I stand corrected.

well, it sounds like a lot of players will be back when it really counts. I hope we can get through these next games and win the games we should. I'm really lookin for us to make a run.

Also, i'll be interested in seeing how Mix does. I guess J-Cam used to throw to him? that might be sick!!


8:45 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

I just got around to watching the tuesday broadcast on my DVR.

I loved Gibbs' "this is news to me" reaction when Larry asked him about the audible.

I've got two questions:

1 - Gibbs said something to Larry along the lines of "well why don't you tell him (to shut his trap) because apparantly I'm not getting through to him". Does this seem to be an ongoing issue or was that just emotion talking?

2 - I'm dying to know if the coach made any off-air comments about that. He seemed to be pretty angry about it.

And by the sure sounded like you and Larry were snickering through that whole exchange. Is that accurate?

5:34 AM  
Blogger Bill said...


Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your great 'Skins reporting.

Are you going to the Sugarman's today?


10:15 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Thanksgiving was at my house.. We're sorry the Sugramans couldn't make it..

As for the Gibbs interview, he was half kidding, it was a surprising exchange, but I don't think he was too serious, and no, there is no issue getting through to JC, they love him..

I spoke to a Post reporter about it who asked Gibbs to clarify and the coach told him he was kidding, I'm sure sure that's completely accurate, but I'll take Joe at his word and it didn't seem to get heated so maybe Joe was just loose for us which was nice

1:56 PM  

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