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Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12-- A lot of questions following comfounding loss, Taylor out at least 2 weeks

S Sean Taylor has a grade 2 sprain of the MCL in his knee, he will miss at least 2 weeks.. Pierson Prioleau likely starts in his place at Safety..

WR James Thrash has what is being described as a "mild" high ankle sprain, but he will not likely play this weekend in Dallas.. He had an MRI on his leg, his knee has a bruise but is expected to be OK...

WR Santana Moss had an MRI on his bruised heel, it came back negative.. He has what is being described about a soft tissue injury but he is expected to be back by the end of the week with the hope of returning for the Cowboys game..

LB Marcus Washington will "hopefully" return to practice this week as he continues to deal with a hamstring injury.. The team expects him to take limited reps when practice resumes Wednesday with the hope of full go by Friday..

CB Fred Smoot did not aggravate his hamstring injury by playing in the Eagles game and is said to be doing better..

Joe Gibbs spoke with the media for 35 minutes, by far his longest media briefing following any game this season peppered with questions about the in game decision making against the Eagles.. He defended the coaching staff saying in assessing his performance as head coach that in 30 years that "I am always learning," suggesting that ego is left at the door when the staff meets to discuss all potential in game issues..
On the 4th and 1 where the team called a timeout, Gibbs (somewhat) rhetorically fired back at the media "What would you do in that situation?" The Redskins burned a timeout when Mike Sellers was deemed short of a first down by a yard.. Gibbs thought and still thinks that the spot was not a good one and "can't believe that a 280 pound guy didn't get an inch." So Gibbs wanted a measurement but was not afforded one by the refs who deemed the length needed to gain a first down wasn't close enough to warrant it.. Measurements are not implied even in 4th and 1, refs have the discretion to choose whether to give a team one when asked for it.. Gibbs said he considered challenging the spot but thought that the chances of it being awarded to the Skins was slim and it wasn't worth the risk.. Of course, if yu are going to burn a timeout, what do you have to lose? Still, he said he still believes the team handled the situation the right way..

On the 3rd and Goal call from the 7, Gibbs explained that Jason Campbell had two options on the play, that if the Eagles played "soft" which Campbell and Gibbs believed they did, there was a shot to "pop" a draw play in for a touchdown.. Clinton Portis got the ball and was tackled at the 3 leading to a short Shaun Suisham field goal.. So Gibbs believes Campebll made the right decision, it just didn't work out.. Funny that while I'm writing this, the Seahawks had four recievers on the field on a 2nd a goal inside the Niners five and ran a run play to maurice Morris and scored a touchdown..
On the other timeouts, Gibbs doesn't believe the team made the wrong decision challenging the Ladell Betts fumble syaing it was worth the risk because of the momentum change..
Also, Campbell placed the Redskins in the wrong formation forcing him to use the third timeout of the half..

CB Carlos Rogers remains in Alabama rehabbing his surgically repaired knee, he will stay there for a few more days.. The surgery as deemed a success and the hope is he'll be ready for training camp next summer..
I spoke with T Jon Jansen who was on the sideline for the Eagles-Skins game, he was in a walking boot and needn't use a cart to carry his broken leg any longer.. He said he'll be out of the boot in 6-7 more weeks and he will be back working to get into football shape by January with the hope of being back on the field for mini-camps..

Asked about the second half collapses this season, Joe Gibbs answered by the question by first stating how many times the team has held on or won games in the second half citing the Jets, Cardinals (he did put a caveat on this one) and the Dolphins games which all went down to the wire..
Numerous players cotninued to express concern about the lack of a "killer instinct" or being able to "finish" games..

OK men..


Blogger Kicha said...

I'm really hoping that you lay into Gibbs on Redskins Radio this afternoon and not shy away from tough questions.

And in response to his 'what would you do' question from yesterday -- tell the man what you would have done.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Skin fan said...

Ok, enough with the G.W. Bush speak after every loss, Coach Gibbs goe's into this mode, and that's been the case for the last two years. I love the guy but we as fan deserve a lot more respect as inteligent football savy fans to recognize what happening. I feel we are being asked to dummy down..

12:29 PM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Bram, and my fellow Redskins faithful, it's time to get off of the blame everything on Gibbs take after every game. The GB loss fell squarely on the shoulders of the players. The loss on Sunday fell squarely on the shoulders of the players as well, as far as I'm concerned. If Cooley hadn't moved prematurely from his set, Thrash would have caught the "winning TD" easily. It was Cooley, not Gibbs. If Samuels, and company had made some blocks inside the 5, we'de be 6-3 now. It wasn't Gibbs and Saunders, it was an OL that simply didn't get the job done. Period! If a certain back-up safety hadn't choked on the long bomb. the Eagles may not have scored the go ahead TD. It's wasn't coaching. It was poor execution again. If any defensive player had made a tackle on the Eagles' long screen pass play, we might be 6-3 now. It wasn't Gibbs or Williams, it was 11 clueless defensive players who couldn't make a single tackle. Finally, if Moss could ever get on the field (he's never healthy!) maybe the offense would be more consistent. Again, to me the issue is the performance of the players not Gibbs, Saunders, Williams, etc. The issue is whether or not the players perform up to their abilities.

4:33 AM  

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