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Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11-- Skins Blow another one in 33-25 home loss to Philly

S Sean Taylor sprained his knee in the third quarter and did not return to the game, his status is undetermined but Joe Gibbs hinted the injury might be "mild." He did also whisper the words grade 2, which would likely mean missing some time, but we'll know more Monday..
I don't think it's a coincidence that the Eagles their one and only deep pass down the middle of the field when Taylor was out..

WR James Thrash who scored his first two (and the WR core's first two) touchdowns of the season left after injuring his ankle during a kickoff return in the second half.. He has a high ankle sprain, his status will be determined later in the week..

The cumulative effect of all the Redskins mistakes added up to a yet another blown second half lead in a 33-25 loss to the Eagles dropping the Skins to 5-4.. Washington missed an extra point, used all of their second half timeouts with 8 minutes to play, had a season high in penalties, and failed to score a touchdown inside the Eagles five twice in the second half.. Washington even used a timeout with 2:08 remaining in the first half when the Eagles were about to punt.. That left them with one.. It saved them a whole :07 and essentially removed the use of the two minute warning as a clock stoppage..
Washington also called a timeout when they had a fourth and 1 on the Eagles 5 even though they had decided to kick a field goal.. They could have challenged the spot on a Mike Sellars third down run if they were going to use a timeout, but I digress..

Joe Gibbs said the team called a draw play on 3rd and goal from the Eagles 7 in the 4th quarter because they thought the Eagles were playing "soft" at that point and they thought they could "pop one in."
Clinton Portis did end up with his second consecutive 100+ yard day in the loss and carried it 30+ times for the second straight week..

WR Santana Moss was inactive due to a heel injury.. LB Marcus Washington missed his fourth game in five weeks with a hamstring injury...
WR Brandon Lloyd so his most extensive playing time in the Eagles game then in weeks and was thrown to deep twice but had no ctaches..

Most of the players I spoke to were under the belief the team "blew another one." This is the third game where they lead in the second half, second by more then one score and ended up losing..

The Redskins did allow Jason Campbell to call his own plays for extensive periods of time by running a no huddle offense.. The team's passing and rushing yards were both effective for the first time in weeks... Campbell said it helped the team become a "more open offense." He also said it was a big step forward for the group but was dissapointed that on two late game attempts to recover from a 1 and then 8 point deficit, the team was unable to gain a yard..
Washington did allow Westbrook to score a late touchdown because they had no timeouts.. The Eagles chose at this point not to sit on the ball with under three minutes to play and run the clock despite being in chip shot field goal range.. It was a smart decision by the staff that was rewarded when the offense was unable to get a drive going.. There was a one deep out to Keenan McCardell that may have possibly been reviewed after it was called incomplete but the Redskins didn't have a timeout and thus didn't have the ability to ask for a review.. Washington did lose a review on a Ladell Betts fumble..

OK men..


Blogger Bucktown Skins Fan said...

bLloyd had the worst case of alligator arms/shying from a hit I have seen in a long time on that last Redskins play.

Watch the replay. He senses Dawkins coming from the middle of the field. Instead of going up for the ball (which actually ends up hitting him in the hands) he shies away from the hit at the last second and throws up some awful alligator arms for the ball. It was disgusting.

I'm not saying that he would have made the catch; it would have been a great one. The fact that he didn't even try is what disgusts me. It was the final play of the game for the Skins, UNLESS he makes that catch. And he was more worried about getting hit than trying to win a game.

We can't count on him on regular plays, and we sure as heck can't count on him on plays that matter? WTF is he doing in an NFL uniform?

5:50 AM  
Blogger estrella117 said...

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