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Thursday, November 08, 2007

November 8-- Meet Choo Choo

RB Clinton Portis showed up for his weekly media session wearing a flamenco dance shirt, large bumble bee sunglasses and a sumo wig claiming to be Choo Choo, a dance instructor.. He proceeded to tell us that he taught Antwaan Randle-El, Mike Sellars and Santana Moss their moves and now is working on teaching Clinton Portis how to be a better dancer...
This was the first dress up day for Portis this season and it follows his break out game of the year against the Jets.. Portis did say (of course he's wearing this get up when the interview got semi-serious) that the break out day was very good for his confidence as the team continues into the second half of the season..
When Al Saunders walked by Portis screamed out' Hey Coach Saunders, Holla at your boy!"
Joe Gibbs did a double take and looked as if his eyes were going to pop out of his head when he saw Portis talking to the media, but Gibbs won't be mad and in the past didn't mind the Portis shenanigans..

Gregg Williams said what he is most pleased about with the defense is the team is not giving up big chunks of yardage making teams "earn every bit of it." He also praised Laron Landry who in my opinion is making a big case for defensive rookie of the year in the league for rarely if ever "making the same mistake twice." Landry (according to Redskin stats) has 33 tackles, 1 sack, a fumble recovery and an interception on a 2 point conversion attempt in the last 3 games combined, truly staggering numbers for a safety over that stretch of games..
Williams also credited London Fletcher, Chris Wilson and Anthony Montogmery as among players who are improving and leading this unit..

Injuries: WR Santana Moss (heel), LB Marcus Washington (hamstring), CB Fred Smoot (hamstring) all missed practice again.. WR Antwaan Randle-El (hamstring missed Thursday's practice as well, he was the only one of that group that did practice on Wednesday..
DT Cornelious Griffin (back) returned to do limited work..
The Eagles injury report went unchanged from yesterday except for the addition of T Broderick Bunkley (back) He was limited in practice...

OK men


Blogger Lisa24 said...

Bram...would you PLEASE just STOP with the Patriots "love"??? Belichick is a jerk and the players are not much better....Brady yelling at the refs is just classless....and he seems to do this every matter how far ahead they are.

Today, you were taking up for Belichick and saying he should be coach of the year. Belichick cheated....there is no telling how long he has been doing this...years I would guess. To make it even worse, the NFL coaches were sent a letter approximately a week before the season began ordering them not to videotape - which means Belichick snubbed his nose at the Commish and did it anyway. Coach of the Year? Heavens, no!

4:33 PM  
Blogger JW Moore said...

This is hysterical. Belichick was caught videotaping one game, against a team (the Jets) the Patriots were crushing anyway. I don't know what practical advantage this gave them; at any rate the coach and team have paid their penalty and they're still demolishing the competition. They just beat the second-best team in the league in their own house and may just go undefeated. That's what you really can't stand, isn't it?

Bram is right: these Patriots are probably the best team to ever play the game. Belichick won Super Bowls with lesser talent, now he's set up to win a few more with superior talent. Just because he's not a "nice guy" doesn't alter the fact that he has been the best coach in the league for the past decade. George Halas, Paul Brown and Vince Lombardi weren't exactly sweethearts either, and they're all in Canton, just like Belichick will be one day. Get over it.

1:17 AM  
Blogger Karl said...

Bram... Portis and the costume stuff is ridiculous. When he has a good game he comes out in these things and the media covers it? Why?? It is not news...Ask him why he only does it when he had a "big game or breakout performance" He did nt do it last year or even earlier this season. Oh thats right, he wasnt having fun yet. I know you will ask because Larry never wants anyone to be mad at him! Thanks, Karl28

8:56 AM  
Blogger Lisa24 said...

Actually, JW Moore (not that it is any of your business) before this season it made no difference to me whether the Pats lossed or won - had nothing against or for them. But now, I have nothing but disdain. Who knows how long Belichick has been cheating? Probably ever since he was in Cleveland. The NFL destroyed the evidence because they knew it was going to cause more problems.

Also if Marvin Harrison had played last Sunday, the Colts would have beaten the Pats. Belichick barely shook Dungy's hand. He's despicable.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

They did videotape something that was happening during a game that could have been as easily captured by the numerous TV cameras at the game.. Is it stealing if what you are taking is free?
Just think the whole thing was blown out of proportion.. And they are really good.. Just fact..
I Appreciate your thoughts though Lisa..

As for Portis, the first time he wore an outfit was in 2005 before the NYG game, they lost 36-0 and he came back and wore one the next week anyway, so it isn't all about frontrunning.. I actually find it kitshcy and original, but I like Portis so I don't find it distracting or negative.. The team doesn't seem bothered either, they encourage him to do it..

8:03 PM  

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