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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30-- Time for an endorsement

Al Saunders is back in St. Louis as the new offensive coordinator of the Rams.. He was the O coordinator for Dick Vermeil's Super Bowl during the Greatest show on Turf years.. Best wishes to Al.. I really enjoyed him while he was here, very genuine with me and very patient with his time..

I just saw the Lewis Black (Silver Spring and I'm pretty sure Springbrook HS grad-I went there too) do a hilarious piece about the impending Fox broadcast which will mesh politics and football prior to the Super Bowl.. A must see..

News is slow with the Super Bowl impending and the Skins obviously not going to make any head coaching announcements before next week.. So I guess it's time to throw some support to a candidate..

Jim Fassel. Everyone who has covered him says he's a fine fellow. He certainly must have done something right if he was in the Super Bowl, survived the New York media for seven years and was recently in charge of an NFL offense as of 12 months ago. But for some reason, when his name is spoken, the most ardent of fans rush to bathe themselves in holy water and start wailing in tongues. How can you replace Joe Gibbs with such an unpopular hire? The answer is, you can't. I'm not sure I'll ever understand why so many have freaked out over Fassel, it's not like Dan Snyder was thinking about hiring Rich Kotite, but the damage is done.

Ron Meeks. Dan Snyder hired Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs and Ron Meeks. It just doesn't feel right. He does not sound like a "Redskin candidate." This job isn't for the meek, no pun intended. This job is truly not to be entrusted to a head coaching neophyte. This job is unique for the pressure not only to be applied by the fans, but certainly by the free spending owner. This isn't a place to learn on the job. Ron might actually be the right guy, just not for this task.

Josh McDaniels. He's 31. Why not just give the job to John David Booty because he played under Pete Carroll? He'd get trampled by the pressure. No offense, but he seems to be living proof that Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time. What scheme has this 31 year old devised? I smell fresh meat.

Steve Spagnuolo. Now this one makes some sense. He's got intimate knowledge of the Giants and Eagles. Was tutored under Jim Johnson who along with Gregg Williams and Monte Kiffin, have my respect for current aggressive schemes. He didn't buckle under the pressure of an 0-2 start after his team gave up 80 points. The Giants defense is nothing to sneeze at and they have dealt with numerous injuries to a secondary that wasn't exactly a strength to start with. Everyone raves about him to the point of suggesting, "If you interview that guy, you'll want to make out with him before dessert comes." But...He has been a coordinator for one year and he's with Meeks on the green side in terms of head coaching responsibilities. Plus, he'll realize that he'll have no say over personnel or his staff. Granted all of them are aware of this but the Skins want us all to believe the people they have previously spoken with all agree, the Zorn/Blache train is destined for immortality. He couldn't have agreed to this notion because he hasn't and wasn't allowed to interview for the job. Honestly, this isn't the right job for him and in the end his apprehension due to the circumstances will probably be evident. I'm going with No with a caveat of down the road he might be a good one.

Pete Carroll/Bill Cowher. The job is yours if you'll take it. But you won't. I imagine we'd have had a press conference by now if you were.

Steve Mariucci. Worked with Vinny Cerrrto while in San Francisco. There are conflicting thoughts on whether the two see eye to eye but the longer I've followed this sport the more I realize nobody likes anybody so what's the difference. He worked with Greg Blache when the two were on the same staff in Green Bay. He would implement a west coast style offense, already in the works with the signing of Jm Zorn to be offensive coordinator. He's got the right demeanor for this job. Besides, in his mind, how could this possibly be worse then Detroit? He obviously wants back in. Did you see him nearly beg for the job while being interrogated on NFL Network? He was smitten, like a high school boy leering at the hot cheerleader. And his eyes are already wide open. He's been on set watching what the Skins have done since Gibbs retired and analyzing it.
The team wants someone of substance with an impressive resume to trot out for the fans. He wants back in and will be paid generously for keeping his mouth shut about the way it is around here. And, well, he was a pretty good coach in San Francisco when the Niners went through a huge cap purge and had to replace Steve Young.
Therefore, I'm pledging full support to Mooch. God speed Moochie.

Quick promotional note: I have a second blog where I write about things other then the Skins. It's pretty dumb.

Check it out..

OK men..


Blogger Jason said...

Didn't Mike Martz run the offense for the Vermeil Super Bowl Rams?

I am glad to hear your thoughts about the Coordinators. None of them seems to be terribly strong candidates for HC jobs at this point. Of the group you listed, I like mooch too. I think he has a good HC personality, one the players might respond well too after Joe Gibbs.

My one question is why don't they have any interest in looking at Russ Grimm?

4:51 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Million dollar question.. What's wrong with Russ?

6:38 AM  
Blogger PhatSkins said...

No actually Al Saunders was the OC and Martz was the QB coach...

Do you think the reason they like those two coordinators are the fact that neither are as strong or the resume as Gregg Williams or even Saunders and will toe the line better for Management?

9:48 AM  
Blogger Pile of Nonsense said...

Russ Grimm has a strong history with the Skins as one of the orginal Hogs. He won a ring with the Steelers in 05 as the O line coach, and spent last season as the offensive co-ordinator/AHC for the (8-8) Arizona Cardinals. He's been interviewed for head coaching slots in Chicago and Pittsburgh, but never gotten a swing at it.

So what's wrong with Russ? He's not a marquee player (like Fossil or Mooch), and he doesn't have a coaching record that takes your breath away, but he's had some success running a Redskins-style, smashmouth offense, and he's got enough street cred among Skins fans that people wouldn't cancel their season tickets.

Of course, if you just wanted a solid, credible coach that the fans already liked, we've already fired two of those this week, so clearly Grimm has no chance...

1:00 PM  
Blogger Jason said...


According to Wikipedia (
Saunders was the Recivers coach under Vermeil and became the Assistant Head Coach one season under HC Martz before heading to KC. Martz was hired by the Rams in 1999 as OC after being with the Redskins as QB coach.

6:30 PM  

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