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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22-- Vinny gets promoted, search continues

Vinny Cerrato was promoted to executive Vice President, said to now be in charge of the entire football operation from salary cap management, player personnel acquisition through free agency and the draft as well as scouting departments..
Cerrato was formerly the VP of player personnel mainly in charge of personnel acquisition anyway.. Essentially my read on the whole thing is that the team President role filled by Joe Gibbs has been replaced if not in title by Cerrato.. Cerrato and Snyder are the two main forces in determining who will be the next head coach of the team and said head coach will not have as much decision making power in terms of roster control as Gibbs had..

That said, I had an inkling Pete Carroll may have been that mystery candidate that's been bandied about however Carroll has made it clear he wants huge money (he'd get it) and full control of decisions (won't get that). So that would suggest he is an unlikely candidate to replace Gibbs as coach..
The mystery candidate stuff stemmed from one of the plane trips to pick up a coaching candidate being in Arizona.. Many assumed this was for Russ Grimm, assistant head coach of the Cardinals, but that has been debunked and now it appears the mystery candidate was former Giants head coach Jim Fassel who met with the Skins for a second time yesterday after he was taken from Green Bay to Washington following his work calling the NFC Championship game.. Fassel lives in Arizona and may have been that initial unknown candidate..
Fassel was interviewed back in 2004 before Gibbs accepted the job with the team..

Whether Fassel is a clear cut choice for the head coaching spot remains unknown as the Skins remain underground declining to publicly comment on any candidates... It is possible among the folks I talked to at the Park that Fassel could be hired as a QB coach/Offensive coordinator for whoever the next head coach may be which would lead one to believe that Gregg Williams remains very much in play..

So the front office make-up has been settled, now the coaching carousel could be coming to an end.. If Fassel does not get the job, I'll be curious to see if the search is re-opened to new candidates..

More on Carroll, I spoke with a USC source who when asked if the Skins had contacted the school for permission to speak to him, the response was that Carroll does not comment on speculation because it just leads to more speculation.. But I didn't ask the spokesman for a Carroll comment, only if the school had been asked for permission to speak to him.. On that front, they simply said they were not inclined to answer that and referred me back to the Redskins.. The Skins in turn have declined to comment on whether any such contact was made.. It was so evasive on both ends, it led me to believe Carroll might have been the prize, but now it seems Fassel was the original mystery candidate..

And so the wait continues..

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Blogger Rob said...

Am I crazy for not thinking this is a bad move? I know Vinny isn't Mr. Popular with the fans, but I wish the fans would evaluate this for what it is.

We have wanted a GM now for quite some time and now we essentially have one. So from my standpoint if Vinny blows it and completely stinks, then Snyder will be forced to fire him and the position will be filled by someone else.

So #1, it's not like our draft picks and free agent pickups have been terrible lately and Vinny has been very involved with that process. #2 It appears that we will have a "GM" from now on.

How is this all that bad? Am I completely wrong?

7:01 AM  

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