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Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21-- What next?

All the little birdies who suggest they know flight itineraries have floated out the possibility that a Redskins plane was in Green Bay today to pick up someone as the Redskins coaching search continues..

The team is not commenting publicly on who they have or will speak to, but one look at the Packers staff suggests there isn't anyone outside of Mike McCarthy the that might stand out better then Gregg Williams, but that is the purest of speculation as possible.. McCarthy is expected to receive a pay hike and contract extension, so I'm assuming it isn't him..

You know who else was in Green Bay yesterday? Jimmy Johnson.. Hmmm.. All reports suggest Johnson likes his off-seasons to have personal time and hasn't been interested in a return to coaching, but who knows with the money thrown around these days..
I didn't watch NFL Network, but I suppose it's possible Steve Mariucci was in Green Bay as well.. Vinny Cerrato worked with Mooch in San Francisco and Cerrato certainly is not in jeopardy of losing any control in DC so I suppose there could be a connection..
Bill Cowher said on CBS Sports web site that the Redskins job "has a lot to offer someone, just not Bill Cowher." So he is staying steadfast in his convictions to remain retired at least one more season..

This thing remains so underground, having any sense of where it is going is all guesswork.. Hell, if the Fox guys are finally talking about a "mystery candidate" then even they don't know.. So kudos to the Skins brass for staying underground..

I know the Skins are not particualrly pleased that Jim Mora said anything about the search, mainly he was dropping out but neither side has suggested he was going to be offered the position, although many watching this thing closely felt he was the team's choice.. At least he had the dignity to drop out before any offer could be turned down and putting the Skins cards on the table..

So I'm not sure if the search is officially re-opened but if it is, that suggests Gregg Williams falls lower down the priority list and while he certainly is not out of the running, this is becoming quite telling about their feelings about whether he is their top choice.. The process has gone long enough to give him the job, that hasn't happened so we'll see..

Ooh yeah, Pete Carroll just might be that mystery candidate.. Why not? He flirted with the Falcons, who's to say he isn't dating Dan right now..

OK men..


Blogger Lisa24 said...

Mooch was not in Green Bay...he was on the NFL Network Postgame Show.

2:41 PM  

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