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Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26-- Well, didn't see that coming...

A month ago that is..
When the Reskins finished 9 and 7, stole a playoff spot and lost their wild card game in Seattle, I expected a fifth year by Joe Gibbs, and the staff to remain mainly unchanged.. I expected some finagling with the cap, maybe a couple of tough player personnel decisions, but this group to make one more run before Gibbs rode off into the sunset.. But he resigned and now all hell has borken loose..

Gregg Willaims is out as defensive coordinator and has broke ties with the orgnaization.. Williams denies he had any kind of rift with the team, although not winning the head coaching race considering the pool of candidates suggests otherwise..
Greg Blatche who was the defensive coordinator in title only and mainly coached the defensive line is promoted to defensive coordinator.. The rest of his staff remains in flux and I guess we'll see where Williams lands..

Al Saunders is out after two years of trying to implement his spread style to Gibbs's power run attack.. It never meshed (although in fairnes injuries were brutal to the team's continuity) and so Jim Zorn takes over..

This would lead one to believe that Jim Fassel would be THE front runner to get the job, but labelling anyone a front runner, especially after I learned Fassel was told to cool his jets for a few days and the team now openly says no hiring will happen before the Super Bowl, who knows..

The rest of the staff is undtermined at this point.. So from continuity to complete makeover, what a difference a few weeks make.. Incredible!

What did Gregg do to deserve this? Good question.. One source told me it was one of the interview sessions where he and Snyder ended up on different planes of understanding of how things were to be run.. Others say he and Cerrato don't quite see eye to eye on personnel decisions.. Truth is, Gregg would have gotten the job a week ago if the team thought he was the right guy.. They held onto him as a fallback option, but as things collapsed around them in what turned into plan A, Williams was left dangling and obviously spurned, so he's probably better off.. Whether the team is will be something of extreme debate until next season kicks off..

So I expect Steve Spagnuolo to get a shot to win the job after the Super Bowl and I expect Fassel to remain a possibility..

Let the consternation begin..

OK men..


Blogger Rob said...

i don't know what to think anymore. No matter what happens though, I'll be cheering for the team come september. I just don't want a schmuck for a coach.

7:00 PM  
Blogger EZ said...

I do care and Mr Snyder and Mr Cerrato continue to show that they do not know how to lead. I will concede that they are good managers but not leaders. A good leader can accept that you do not agree on everyting and capitalize on a guy like Greg Williams who has the passion and leadership to build on a strong foundation that we have established. A weak leader has to have yes men under them. Unfortunately, Mr Snyder and Mr Cerrato are weak leaders, So we will always be starting over... It is sad.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

I'm in a conundrum, because I actually wanted the team to hire Jim Fassel four years ago, before Coach Gibbs came back.

I really don't have a "preference" of who they should hire; I'm not a professional football man and don't pretend to have the knowledge of one. I just hope that whoever it is is given enough time and leeway to BUILD something. Why can't we be the team with a Jeff Fischer or Bill Cowher?

Man, the excitement of the 2004 offseason seems decades in the past...

6:02 AM  
Blogger Alex Chilton said...

seems like a lost opportunity letting those guys go. might as well kept things together for one more year. i think it would have given dan a lot of credibility and showed some maturity. and i think it would have been best for the team. Gregg really was the safe bet.
but now - we will only know if it was a good decision this time next year.

6:03 AM  
Blogger Mossme89 said...

I am not surprised actually that Williams was let go. I heard he was a jerk in Buffalo, and might have been a jerk here...

7:27 AM  
Blogger Lisa24 said...


Please tell the "Evil Empire" aka Dan Snyder & Vinny Cerrato (or ask Larry to tell them) how disgusted fans are with what they have done. In 2 short weeks, they have destroyed everything Joe Gibbs built for 4 years and we are once again the laughingstock of the NFL. Snyder lied to Williams, the players and the fans. Continuity? Laughable

Also, if Snyder thinks the fans are going to feel any better about Fassel after the Super Bowl, he should think again.

This is a travesty.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Military Uniform said...

As you guys work for him, I watch your backs. I'm a life long Skins fan no more.
My daughters Girl Scout Troop is run better than the Redskins.
I really think Joe knew it was broken and that is was impossible to go any further with those two at the top. Not that he needed an excuse to leave, but he had one with his grandson.
I will not follow the car off the bridge again.
As much as I love Joe, I'd like you to contact Joe Gibbs and see if this is what he had in mind the day he left.
You are going to have a very long couple of years.

Go Dallas, Philly and the Giants!

Former Skins Fan
1966-2000, 04-08

5:44 PM  
Blogger dave said...

Bram, here is some numbers for you to see who the skins fired and compare them to what they brought in. Would like for you to tell everyone if you can. These were checked 3 times and all are accurate. Check for yourself on Football outsiders if you like.

Here is a look at the incoming and outgoing coordinators.

Greg Blache was D coor. for the bears from 1999-2003. He was promoted to D cordinator.

According to Football outsiders his Weighted DVOA in those years, which is essentially his defensive rank in the NFL.

Gregg williams who was fired, here are his ranks.

Also, Gregg williams was once a head coach, served 4 years directly under Joe gibbs, and is only 49 years old.
Greg Blache was never a head coach, and will be 59 years old in march.
One other note, Ron Rivera, who took over for Gregg Blache as D-coor. for the Bears in 2004 after Blache was released in 2003 had the 14th, 1st and 2nd ranked defense in the NFL in 04' 05' and 06' respectively.

On offense, Al saunders was released also. Here are his ranks according to Football outsiders for his offenses. In 2001 thru 2005he was with KC, so lets start their.
With Washington

Now lets look at Jim Zorn who was hired to be the new Offensive Coordinator. Here are his ranks.

He has NONE. In fact Zorn has NEVER called a play in the NFL. He has 20 years of coaching experience, about half in the NFL and half in college. He was promted to O coor. in college for 3years only to be demoted back to QB coach. In the NFL he was offensive assistant for the Seahawks only to be demoted back to QB coach for the past 10 years.

All of this is fact, their is no speculation, opinions or spin.

5:50 PM  

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