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Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27-- This Takes the Cake!

I spent the weekend in New York, a trip planned weeks ago assuming that once the Redskins used an Angel to soar into the playoffs, all was well in Ashburn. Yet yesterday, I spent the afternoon trolling around midtown fielding calls from around the country all asking the same question, "What the ---- are they doing?"

There are two appropriate answers: complete silence or psychopathic rant. I found myself tip toeing around both emotions.
You can't defend firing Gregg Williams and promoting Greg Blatche. So I guess what is being said is "we like the defense, we just don't like the guy who was responsible for it."
Doesn't every workplace include someone who despite being a blowhard happens to be too valuable to get rid of? I call that person, Bill Parcells, Bill O'Reilly, or Bill Belichick. On second thought, maybe need to hire someone named Bill.
That statement would suggest Gregg is the second coming of somebody. Far from it. But he might have been. All I am merely suggesting is not everyone has Joe Gibbs demeanor. And sometimes we have to sacrifice the notion of hanging out at Happy Hour with the boss.

Let me see if I have a full grasp of where the Skins stand as of right now. They don't have a head coach but they do have a two coordinators, one replaces the lead candidate who's been ushered out of the running despite a lack of a better Gibbs successor. This makes sense to who?
So is anyone of any merit going to accept this job now that they will be told they'll have little to no say in personnel and certainly no say in who their staff is? That seems backwards to me, but I'm no Bill.

Do you like watching people feign happiness? Then wait till you see the smiles on the faces of the Snyder/Cerrato/New Coach in waiting the day of the eventual press conference naming this person head coach in charge of everything and nothing all at the same time..
So who has the 10 million dollar smile? I'd go with Steve Mariucci, he certainly could pull off the role and besides, could this situation be worse then Detroit?
Don't answer that..
Or my NY friends posed this one, what's the bigger disaster, The Skins or the Knicks?
Don't answer that one either..

OK men..


Blogger Lisa24 said...


As I posted on your previous thread....the way Gregg Williams was treated is a travesty. Snyder has lost the fan base (not that he cares) and in 2 weeks has destroyed everything Gibbs worked so hard to build. Understand the players are ready to move on to other teams as well - and who could blame them? It will be interesting to see how Larry Michael tries to put a positive spin on this travesty.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Randall said...

so in the last 2 hours you and the WP skins blog are both pointing to Mariucci? Curious...

Don't get my hopes up. Any info supporting this assumption?

9:03 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Snyder lost the fan base? How so? No one has ever been terribly supportive of him(myself included), and they aren't now. What has changed? I'm not going to put my redskins gear on ebay and change teams and I don't know anyone that plans on doing so. They are my team, and no matter who is on the sidelines as Head Coach this fall, I will be cheering. Even if it's Frank Caliendo doing an impression of John Madden.

9:09 PM  
Blogger theo said...

As a true fan of the Redskins spirit for over 30-years, Dan Snyder is a total INSULT to our once proud and classy team. His arrogance and lack of treating people with respect is nothing short of a complete disgrace. Snyder has proven over and over again that trust and loyalty mean absolutely nothing to him.

After the tragic loss of Sean Taylor, the team obviously became a galvanized family and the true Redskin spirit from years past seemed to be reborn. Well, so much for that now! With the way Snyder has handled this mess, he has blown yet another golden chance to truly endear himself to the fans and gain his players trust. Snyder actually reminds me of the character Commodus (played by Joaquin Phoenix) in the movie Gladiator - thirsty for power and oblivious that he is losing respect from the people.

Personally, I am a firm believer that an employee that feels respected and happy with their work environment is more likely to make sacrifices for that company. With the Redskins for example, how many players will now be as eager to restructure their contracts to help the team? I guess only time will tell just how damaging this transition will turn out to be but it would probably be safe to assume that a lot of trust has been damaged regardless of who they bring in here as coach.

As for you Coach Gregg Williams, congratulations on representing yourself with class through this entire process. Though inside you must be feeling very unappreciated and betrayed right now, you have obviously gained thousands of fans that will always wish you well.

Thank you so much Gregg! Not only did you do a GREAT job coaching and leading men, but you proved to be a beacon of strength to many of us outside the team that were also grieving. Though management obviously thought otherwise, you TRULY represented this community proudly and for that you will always be highly regarded by us fans. In many ways, you are probably much better off now. Good luck! As for you Snyder, please sell the team soon to a more deserving owner!!! As always, GREAT job Bram on your reporting and insight.

1:40 AM  
Blogger PhatSkins said...

Is there any change for Gregg Williams to have been release to be rehired as HC? He could have picked his coordinators and the team is waiting to make a splash after the superbowl. I could be just waiting for a train that wont ever pull into the station though.

7:53 AM  
Blogger ruffin said...

The moves can make some sense. If you like the defense but your DC will only stick around if made HC, I can understand ditching him IF you're that concerned about the offense. I am. Zorn is supposed to be good with QBs. Fassel ain't so bad himself, Boller excused for the time being. Buges is good with the o-line, which just leaves us with the question of why Byner is leaving.

Now if your two coordinators are only running you 800 grand (how many years?) and you decide you simply have to have someone who wants someone else, I think Snyder's put himself in a situation where there's not too much of a PR hit to fire them before they take a snap. I mean heck, how much lower can Snyder go in the public's eyes?

Not that I think that's happening. If you keep the good (defense and o-line) and replace the bad (Saunders and Co.'s handling of Campbell), don't you have an efficient amount of continuity? And if it stinks, guess who can come in next year?

The question is can Cowher work well with Blache and Zorn? If that's a yes, I think the pieces are falling into place.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Ryan_ said...


This isn't even about the talent of the new coaching staff or the promotions. This is about the entire insane process and blatant disrespect to Gregg. I've never been more disappointed in the leadership (if there is any) of this organization. I'll always love this team, but why are they making it so difficult?

9:18 AM  
Blogger Ryan_ said...

PS. Keep doing what you're doing. We need more voices of reason.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Langleypark Joe said...

I'm glad that he let them both go now instead of later on so they can interview other places. I am really hoping they don't end up in the NFC East with us. Go Skins 4eva but I pray Danny has some greater plan that we just can't see yet. Keep up the great work B, good stuff all the time!!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

There are 32 Head Coaching positions in the NFL, and only 4-6 come available per year. If the Skins ask a current coordinator to take over the job, even with his entire staff preselected and a front office that is only outdone in terms of dysfunction by Al Davis and Co., odds are, that person is going to take the job. Add to that the kind of money that Snyder will throw at him, and he'd be an idiot not to take it.

This "process", and the way in which Snyderrato has chosen to carry it out, does not inspire confidence in the front office's ability to make decisions or interact with humans in a respectful manner.

That being said, I'm a fan, and will continue to be a fan.

I hope to see Spagnuolo as the Head Coach, but Mariucci or Fassel appears to be more likely.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Colby said...

As a skins fan what the hell is goin on now??? why dose synder feel the need to clean house all over again after we just had a decent season? For jason campbell its another new Offense which im sure he wasnt looking foward to this off season...where we go again

bram please explain

3:46 PM  
Blogger Rob8128 said...

Larry,Bram, Im in the Russ Grimm camp for coach. I tend to be called a homer by when I say that, (even Riggo feels that way) but I dont understand why. Yeah it would be great to have an old Hogg back, but my goodness look at what he has done since he has left us. He's great at what he does, and ex Redskin or not I cant help but see him as a great possibility for coach. Here or any other team.???

10:02 AM  

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