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Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28-- Pete Carroll was in play

So I was driving around tonight and ESPN Sportscenter pops on and says Pete Carroll spent 9 hours with Dan Snyder talking about the Redskins vacancy. When I asked the team directly about this possibility over a week ago they refused comment by not even responding.. You'll recall Larry badgering me on the air about throwing this possibility out and then poo-pooing it on air..
This is not a surprise..
The team is in a hole in terms of PR and Carroll would certainly have helped perception, but alas, Carroll reportedly said no thanks..

The Skins are expected to talk to Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks for a second time tomorrow with any announcement about who becomes the head coach on hold until after the Super Bowl..

The Steve Mariucci rumors remained quite rampant around the Park today.. Easy conclusion to make, he's got a big name, he worked with Vinny Cerrato in San Francisco, he would implement a west coast offense- already in place with the hiring of Jom Zorn as offensive coordinator, worked with Greg Blache, new defensive coordinator when both were in Green Bay..
But alas, that rumor was being debunked as the day continued as an unlikely mix if for no other reason, that Mariucci would want a say as to who his staff is.. Those decisions have been made..

Jim Fassel remains in the race, however many believe the negative reaction to him possibly being named coach has cooled Dan Snyder's jets about moving forward and thus the Super Bowl detente.. Steve Spagnuolo is expected to be interviewed and of course the Mariucci thing I suppose could become a possibility..
The team is in a hole, they'll dig out, but when the go public, there's no telling at this point what the end result in terms of perception will be..

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