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Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28- ooh yeah, one more thing

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the e-mails, posts, comments and personal reaction to the Redskins coaching search, but please please please spare me this sentiment that I've found in my inbox an inordinate amount of times. It goes something like this..

"Hi Bram,

My name is Joe. I have been of the Redskins since I was a fetus. But if they hire Jim Fossil over Gregg I'm never going to watch them on television again.
Please tell Dan Snyder that I am personally angry and plan on telling my mother what a terrible job she did while I was in her woom. "

A) If you are like me and are lucky enough to have tickets in the upper or lower bowls, and you are that moved by the search that you are going to e-mail me with your pain, then you are not someone the Skins are "worried" about losing. This is what I would call a veil threat. I'm frustrated too, but I'm not giving up my seats. It took my family 25 years to get them, so lets all realize this isn't Cincinnati.

B) I'm not a shrink. I feel the same way as you. So what are we going to do about this, huff paint to ease the pain?

C) If you give up completely on the Redskins, here are activities you will be doing next fall: Driver of car pool to 6 year old ballet class. Make pottery with new age girlfriend. Take a walk, outside. Try new things like chai or broccoli.

D) You could switch allegiances, but give me a break. What, you're really into the Titans now? Why don't you just go to work without wearing pants on Monday.

My advice is this: Calm down. They haven't even hired a coach yet. Give it a week. If Dan comes out with a whistle around his neck claiming he will only be referred to from this point forward as "Supreme Coach" then, well, I take it all back. I'll be there with you at the next club meeting of the Washingtonians for Dick Jauron club. Maybe we can just move to Toronto and hope the Bills come with us.

OK men..


Blogger Jason said...

Good post Bram. Funny, yet gets an important point across. We haven't lost a single game yet, but many fans seem to think the franchise is finished. Hysteria!

9:52 PM  
Blogger Military Uniform said...

You should check with your competition on SIRIUS and 980 - Seems you guys (who work the organzation) and the only ones NOT LAUGHING.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Veretax said...

Excellent Post Bram, and I agree. I am VERY sick of all the whining about Dan Snyder this or Vinny Cerrato that, Boycott the concessions, boycott tickets, I'm embarrassed to wear Redskins apparel , etc. I didn't become a Skins fan because of Joe Gibbs, he was the coach at the time, but I didn't quit being a fan when he retired the first time. I didn't quit being a fan after we hired a Coordinator from the Dallas Cowboys as our Head Coach (Norv Turner), I didn't quit being a fan under Schottenheimer, and I didn't stop being a fan under Spurrier. The skins did not begin with Gibbs and they will not end with Gibbs now gone. I am a redskin fan, not a redskin coach fan. 16-0 or 0-16 and I'll still be a Redskin Fan. For those that are so upset about this, feel free to send that apparel to me, I haven't had a good quality redskin shirt in about several years (mostly do the marketing and inability to find them here in West Virginia.) In any event, stop the whining and let's just wait and see.

4:37 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

Thank you, Bram. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I have no threshhold at which I would turn my back on the team. Ok...maybe there's a threshold, but it would involve associations with oppressive regimes.

The colts have been my second favorite team for a while, but there's no scenario where I can imagine them taking over the skins' place in my heart.

And I still say Snyder is not purposely screwing up the team like the conspiracy theorists want to think. Sure he seems to be screwing up the chemistry, but it's unintentional.

7:28 AM  
Blogger XSeasonTicketHolder said...

Listening to Larry is like listening to a member of the Bush Administration; stonewalling, misinformation, innuendo, ridicule... Talk about a company man. Let's remember how he got his job.

Nice radio though: you represent the fan perspective; Larry prepresents the F@#* You attitude of the organization tpward the fans. I'm yelling at the computer...

Larry frustrates me as much as Snyder. I had four loge seats for several years. Several Snyder stories, but when he added two more rows in front of mine and placed a cantilevered support blocking my aisle seat access, that was enough for me. I had to pull a LaVar Arrington; I had to buy my way out of the remaining years on my contract. It was worth it. I'm glad I dumped my tickets. I always felt I was paying for previous year's failures. Current season ticket holders will be paying for the fired coaches, Wide receivers, and free safeties for many years to come.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

Thanks, Bram, for the reality check. I'm definitely upset but NO WAY will I stop being a fan of the Skins. That's just silly. I do think the organization seems very confused right now, and a little misguided. And you know that is true if the scouting staff in Alabama is laughing. But, that's been the scene since Dan Snyder took over. Cerrato has been a disaster for this organization's cap, and has left us without good draft picks for years. We are not building anything here in DC. Certainly not a real football franchise. Snyder is, yet again, trying to buy his way to the Super Bowl. That's why everyone laughs at us. We are doing what we have always done here with Snyder -- look for the star hire or the over-the-hill superstar. AND, I think if the "Danny Man" wants to stop taking the heat for his decisions, then he should hire a GM. That would put the heat where it rightly belongs --- with the football people. Synder should stick to smoking cigars with Sonny at training camp, and focus on using his marketing expertise to continue making the Redksins a top revenue generating team. I'll do my part and keep rubbing my little redskins helmet clock hoping the skins return to glory one day. That seems to be really working out for me.

10:33 AM  
Blogger christa said...

Bram - I agree that we might all need to take it down a notch on the hysteria right now...but as you know, these Redskin off-seasons can really send many of us into la-la land sometimes. It's just all so damn frustrating watching from afar and not having any idea what is happening with the team.

Thanks for your perspective on Redskins Radio. I'm so glad you are there to help keep Larry's idiocy in check. If you were not on the show, there is simply NO WAY I could listen. You are an excellent resource and have a great perspective on the team (all year long, not just during crunch times like these!)

11:48 AM  

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