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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 6-- Gibbs on Redskins Radio

Joe Gibbs says he did not have any meeting with WR Brandon Lloyd following his punishment for missing a team meeting on Friday. He does expect Lloyd to be back at practice tomorrow. Lloyd has yet to comment as well. Asked directly if he believes Brandon would like to remain a member of the Washington Redskins, Joe Gibbs quickly answered “Yes.” He did admit to the disappointment of the lack of production and now availability of Lloyd who has had a “rough go” the first couple of years with the Skins, but continues to hope for Lloyd to be a “part of things” as they move forward..

On WR Santana Moss, Gibbs said the team was dealing with him more gingerly this past week and are now more apt to give him more spells during the games. Moss had some of his more quick moments in this past Jets game, but the team has determined that Santana needs to be part of less plays during games to have a potential better impact. So Moss is only slated to be part of say 25 plays this week with the hope it will be increased the subsequent games. 25 plays would likely be less then half the offensive snaps for any single game.. Moss has been dealing with hamstring and groin issues since the off-season..

Gibbs says he does get concerned about how team looks when it wins if the balance the team is hoping to attain is not achieved. One fan called in and said Jason Campbell was on a different radio station and claimed to have “his hands tied” by the play calling and the lack of deep passing calls.. Gibbs refuted that Campbell is being held back in an effort to protect the football and even questioned whether Campbell would have used the term “hands tied.” I didn’t hear the interview so I couldn’t tell you whether the caller was paraphrasing or not.


Blogger Voicekiller said...


The interview in question with Jason is with Doc Walker. Doc was the one who implied "hands tied" not not Jason. He told Jason he needs to take charge, and Jason said it was up to Coach Gibbs and Al. He was pretty much just saying he has to take charge out there and maybe bypass what the coaches say. He was saying something like Jason is the field general on the field making plays not the coaches.

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Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

aah.. Thanks

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Blogger AJ said...

Ok men...

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