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Monday, November 05, 2007

November 5-- Lloyd will be back at practice

WR Brandon Lloyd is welcomed back to practice on Wednesday according to coach Joe Gibbs who called the latest issue with Lloyd missing a team meeting and subsequent deactivation for the Jets game a "dissapointment." Gibbs said there have been an accumulation of issues with Lloyd that were taken into account as to why the suspension (if you will) occured. Gibbs publicly still hopes Lloyd will play some form of role for the team this year..
The reality of the situation is Lloyd has become irrelebant to the success or failure of this year's team, but the distraction is of note and we'll see if Lloyd will address the issue with the media on Wednesday..

Due to all the hamstring and upper leg injuries, Joe Gibbs and the Skins have decided to use a six pronged approach as to how to try to alleviate the issues.. The specialists told Gibbs that the team is "over-worked," something he addressed with us on Redskins radio.. So Gibbs said the team has changed it's practice habits, he doesn't want to back off from the hitting and drills they run, but players who aren't "100%" will be asked to stay off the field in an attempt to not accentuate the problem..

Injuries: DT Cornelious Griffin suffered back spasms in pre-game warmups and played sparingly against the Jets.. The trainers believe he will be fine for this week's game with the Eagles.. WR Santana Moss (heel) shouldn't miss practice and is expected to be fine for Sunday..
CB Fred Smoot reaggravated his hamstring injury and is said to be "week to week." As for practice this week, the staff will dtermine his availability dependent on how he feels..
LB Marcus Washington is day to day.. They increased his running today and the hope is he will progress through the week..
C Mike Pucillo is having a check-up for his strained back and the team is hopeful he will be cleared to return to practice..
G Randy Thomas continues his recovery from a torn triceps muscle.. "So far so good on his recovery." He has had no setbacks and, he continues lifting and running and the recovery continues to be "all about strengthening." The team remains hopeful for him to return by mid-December..
RB Rock Cartwright had no setbacks to his strained qud.. he played against the Jets despite missing the Patriots game.. Cartwright's speed was altered, at least in my view during the Jets game, but that is to be expected..
LB Rocky McIntosh made it through the Jets game without incident to the shoulder where he has been dealing with "burners" and possibly a pinched nerve.. Joe Gibbs said he is hoping "things won't re-occur."

Cartwright by the way is emerging as one of the team's more vocal leaders.. Last week he made T-shirts reading "When you are winning, play like you are losing." He also was the player at the center of the team's pre-game huddle exhulting the team to perform prior to kickoff before the Jets game.. No offense to Rock, but it is interesting that this role is not visibly occupied by a player who has more of active role on offense or defense, but Cartwright certanly deserves credit for taking a leadership role where a void seems to exist..

Awards for the Skins following the Jets win: Offense-- Clinton Portis, Pete Kendall, Casey Rabach, Todd Wade, and Mike Sellars..
Defense: Shawn Springs (who is dedicating his season to his ailing father), Fred Smoot, Laron Landry, Sean Taylor and Rocky McIntosh
Special teams: Sean Taylor, Khary Campbell, Rock Cartwright, Mike Sellars, Todd Yoder and Laron Landry

Gibbs was very insightful about the issues coaches deal with balancing a personal and professional life with all the attention on Eagles coach Andy Reid and his trouble with his two jailed sons.. He didn't speak directly to the Reid issue but said one of his greatest regrets in being a head coach is missing out on a lot of his son's lives when they were young.. He also said there is one thing for certain he'll never look back on his career and think is "I could have worked more."

The offense remains a work in progress and the passing game was missing from a dominant run performance in NY.. Comcast's Kelli Johnson had Al saunders on her show yesterday and he openly talked about how the game plan is devised by Gibbs and though he calls the plays, the plays are mainly called from said game plan.. This oesn't seem to be an unusual circumstance however the plan of attack varies greatly between Gibbs and Saunders.. Power run versus a more spread attack.. It continues to remain a work in progress to find the right mesh of the two schemes..

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