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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mora out of running

Seahawks assistant Jim Mora Jr. has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Redskins head coaching vacancy.. He cites he wants to not move his family back to the east coast, many believe he is the front runner to replace Mike Holmgren when he steps down as Seahawks head coach whether that be next week or next year...

The Redskins search has ceased in terms of interviewing candidates as far as I can tell.. There are some clarifications that I have gotten in terms of the search, 1) Dan Snyder never flew to Seattle and flew back with mora.. He did send a plane for him did not accompnay him.. same goes for Ron Meeks, both were interviewed at the Snyder house in Potomac..

As for the continued perception that Gregg Williams remains the front runner, I was told by a league source, "No one has told Gregg he is the front runner and if he doesn't know whether he is the front runner, why would anyone else know that?" So the team continues to downplay Williams as the eventual successor to Joe Gibbs.. Still, with Williams being the only known candidate with head coaching experience, I'd be hard pressed not to believe that he has a more then 50/50 shot at the job now that Mora has bowed out..

There is a fifth unnamed candidate that did interview last Friday with Snyder and the team is continuing to lay low and not publcily comment on who that may be.. So, while I had the impression an announcement could come this weekend or early next week, I am unsure of that timeline with Mora out of the equation.. I have to say the Skins have done a miraculous job keeping this searcj so underground.. The information is quite hard to come by..

Another thing on Williams, the source I spoke with said the number of interviews that Williams has received is "irrelevant" in terms of an indicator of how close he is to getting the job.. Williams works in the building and it was easier to speak with him on numerous occassions as opposed to the long drawn out interview process for out of town candidates..

So my new odds are this: Gregg Williams 50%, Rabbit out of the hat 50%

OK men..


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