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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 28-- Team is back at practice but remains silent

The team is on the practice field as we speak, RB Clinton Portis is in street clothes but on the field, there is no reason yet given for his absence from practice..
It is eerily quiet on the field and to be honest it’s like following a room of zombies today.. In fact while watching the early moments of practice, you could hear the lifts that hold the camermen who film the session.. The only thing audible to the sideline was coaches orders, a rarity..
No players spoke during the open locker room session which was changed from it’s normal format of opening the actual locker room.. Players were asked to come up to the media room but none elected to do so at this point.. Joe Gibbs will address us after practice..

Chaplain Brett Fuller was part of the team meeting that took place this morning, Pedro Taylor, father of Sean, the fiancée and other family members attended.. Taylor spoke to the team for approximately 8-10 minutes and told them he wants the team to play and win the rest of their games to make the playoffs because that’s what Sean would have wanted..
Gibbs and owner Dan Snyder both spoke to the team as well although their sentiments and the more private moments have yet to be revealed..

Former Kicker John Hall was here to see teammates for support.. He said he has been unable to cope with the aftermath of the tragedy himself and wanted to check in on his former teammates..

Two conference calls with the Bills went on as scheduled, Coach Dick Jauron said his team has addressed the Taylor issue and that his heart goes out to the Redskins organization as well..
Former Skins guard Derrick Dockery said he has spoken to former teammates including Chris Samuels over the last 48 hours and said he has been affected by the tragedy as well.. He intimated that he believes the Redskins will want to play in light of the death of Taylor saying he knows that’s what Sean would want.. He also echoed a number of sentiments issued by those who knew Sean Taylor crediting him for becoming a better person over the last couple of years and said Taylor was not “making the same mistakes he used to on the field and off of it.”

I’ll have more as the day progresses.. The media horde is larger then the one that was here yesterday..



Blogger Coffee Guy said...

I am still in so much shock from this. My heart goes out to all those who knew Sean.

3:33 PM  
Blogger dave said...

bram you should read the story over at Its about Taylors past legal issues. No where else can i find details and such on his life. Its called the Sean Taylor narrative. Its excellent.

4:02 PM  

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