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Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1-- Portis says he WILL produce, team still suffering Pat hangover

RB Clinton Portis says he is "not worried about my production," when asked about the lackluster run game.. He says he "knows" he will have big days even going so far as saying, "You could hurt the other 3 guys on our offensive line, I'm still going to get it done." Portis is on a 62 yard per game average and right now wouldn't hit 1000 yards for the season..
He said the offensive meetings between the players was more about them then the scheme saying when he watches the team on film, he sees execution issues.. Basically, no one is throwing any of the offensive coaches under the bus..
Jason Campbell called the meeting a "re-committment," this week.. That was their take on trying to get over the NE hangover, which honestly is lingering this week..
Campbell said the team needs to start performing like "an NFL offense." Joe Gibbs said it isn't the time for one of his famed "Time to play Physical Redskins Football" speeches saying that a perception of soft play is "not an issue." When asked directly about the run game however, Joe Bugel blamed the blocking, saying the players up front need to do a better job. He also likened the Skins to everyone else's homecoming opponent..
There is no RB controversy here with Joe Gibbs confirming that Clinton Portis remains the starter.. He conceded he would like to have Ladell Betts get more carries, but cited the lack of overall production (just over 100 plays the last two weeks combined) as an issue.. (Teams generally run between 60-75 plays per game)..

As for the defense, no one is saying much this week after being throttled by the Patriots.. Gregg Williams refused to even field questions about the game stopping one Comcast reporter mid question and saying he would only address questions about the Jets.. When the reporter attempted to rephrase and used the words "bounce back," Williams looked straight ahead and said, "Next."

Injuries: C Mike Pucillo was held out of Thursday's practice (back).. G Randy Thomas is out (triceps).. The other three players on the injury list all took part in full practice on Thursday, Cb Fred Smoot (hamstring), TE Todd Yoder (ankle), and RB Rock Cartwright (quad)

Jets INJ: WR Laveranues Coles has missed two straight days of practice (concussion).. OL Adiran Jones was held out of practice today for personal reasons.. TE Chris Baker (back), DL Mike Devito (shoulder) and DL Dewayne Robertson (knee) were all limited in practice..
DB Abram Elam (Neck), DL CJ Mosley (shoulder), QB Chad Pennington (ankle), DB hank Poteat (chest) and DB Eric Smith (thigh) all took part in full practice..

WR Santana Moss has no issues with the Jets facing his ex-team for the first time since being traded to DC three seasons ago.. He told me some players have problems because of the way things ended with an ex-team, for him though, he enjoyed his four years in NY and said at the time, "it was just time to go." He also expressed happiness with the Redskins.. Coles might have different feelings.. Coach Eric Mangini told us during a conference call that Coles is a team captain and is the "type of guy who'd pick you up at the airprort if you needed a ride." Somehow I doubt he'd be doing that for Redskin officials..

Mangini also talked about using classical music during practices during the summer.. He had read about the "Mozart Effect" which some scientists believe can help people learn better.. So he blared Mozart during some camp practices.. Some might suggest that this experiment failed..

On the NE hangover, marcus Washington admitted for him it is still lingering, "we have some prideful guys in this locker room and it hurts, but it should hurt." Al saunders had the quote of the day saying "It's like you got stood up by a date. You have to get over it though."

OK men..


Blogger skins44 said...

The running game must get going Portis is not getting it done, although he does not deserve all the blame the line is in bad shape. Jason needs the running game to come around so the play action will be effective. I do agree with lee we have class guys and that is something to be proud of, I wanted them to fight Sunday but a few days later im proud of them for not doing so.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

I'd much rather root for a bunch of guys my kids can look up to and that fans can be proud of on and off the field than some arrogant shmuck like Tom Brady. I'll take a 9 -7 team of classy guys over a 14 and 2 team of primadonnas and thugs any day, thank you very much.

11:57 AM  

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