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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

January 5-- Dan Snyder Interview tomorrow! Art/DG honored

Who knew the Art Monk//Darrell Green press conference would become a roast.. It was a light hearted afternoon where Monk spoke openly about how much the community and the Redskins mean to him and Green taking a more light take on his induction as a first ballot Hall of Famer..

Green and Monk are very close, more close then I ever knew.. He said that Desiree Monk (Art's wife) is indeed his aunt.. And the old jokes started flowing after that.. Monk said when he came to the Redskins he was not given feathers on his helmet because back then you had to earn them.. Green kidded Monk by saying "back when I was playing, we already had feathers on our helmets."
Many Redskin greats were in attendance including Hall of Famers Sam Huff and Charley Taylor.. Brian Mitchell, Joe Jacoby, Ken Harvey, Dexter Manley, Mark Moseley, Brian Mitchell, Roy Jefferson were among the guests..

Monk admitted he had a letter written to the Hall of Fame where he was going to ask to be taken off the list of finalists had he not gotten in because the spoiled expectations of seven years waiting had gotten to him.. I spoke to Dan Snyder who said he had written a letter to the Hall last year and "took a lot of grief for it," chiding the selectors for not inducting a man he believed was one of the best receivers in league history.. I asked the owner about the Hogs and he said he spoke with Russ Grimm and said he will continue to lobby for inclusion of a representative of one of the best offensive lines in league history..

I spoke with Mr. Snyder one on one, an interview about both the Hall and the ongoing head coaching search, that will air today on Redskins Radio from Redskins Park at Noon.. He commented on Gregg Williams leaving the organization and a search that has gone longer then even he expected.. Check it out..


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