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Friday, February 08, 2008

February 8-- Does Russ Have a Shot?

I think Russ Grimm has a legitimate shot at the head coaching position of the Washington Redskins, not necessarily because I know that he has interviewed for the position (I don't) but because logically it makes sense and there is one little thing that's been eating at me all week..

Dan Snyder spoke to Russ Grimm last week at the Super Bowl.. This I know to be true..

On two separate occasions when I had a chance to speak with Snyder after the Art Monk/Darrell Green presser at Redskins Park, Snyder said he spoke with Grimm following the Hall of Fame announcement.. When asked about the continued slight of the Hogs in the Hall, Snyder said he spoke to Grimm and told him the organization will fight for him and the Hogs as they have for Art Monk for so many years..
Now this shouldn't be taken out of context.. All Snyder said was he spoke to Russ about his desire to see the former Skins guard get in but the mere fact they conversed while Russ is contractually with the Cardinals suggests there might have been something else worth contacting about..

Considering a month of fumbles trying to find Joe Gibbs successor, Grimm certainly would be a welcome surprise if he were to be announced as the next head coach.. He'd be immediately welcomed by the fanbase and considering he was a two time finalist for a head coaching slot, and currently and assistant head coach, not a stretch to suggest he is ready.. Plus they Skins could spin this as a keep it in the family moment..

I think Meeks, Mooch and Fassel would be in place if they were the team's obvious choice to succeed Gibbs.. Now that the Super Bowl dust has settled, what's obvious is the Skins don't have an obvious successor in place.. Their apprehention to hire someone says everything about the field of public candidates remaining.. Does this team need Russ to save face? Probably. Does Russ need this job to prove he shouldn't have been overlooked elsewhere? Not sure. The longer this goes on the less credible any head coach becomes if it is not someone who appears to be an obvious choice.. The longer it goes, the more it becomes clear Gregg Williams should have gotten the job at least in the short term.. But that's water under the bridge now.. If Russ can take the system as set up (can't pick his coordinators, can't pick his players, little to no personnel power) then I think the job is his.. And the Skins need him now more then ever..

OK men


Blogger Jino said...

Hey Bram, thanks for a great show today. A lot of people are raving how you did by yourself. You brought up some great questions a lot of us fans are thinking. Keep it real, not the yes man nonsense your partner brings.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Lisa24 said...

Bram, a guy on Extreme Skins said a coach has been hired and it will be announced Monday. He does not know who it is.

Can you help?

12:41 PM  
Blogger Pile of Nonsense said...

I said a week and a half ago, "Of course, if you just wanted a solid, credible coach that the fans already liked, we've already fired two of those this week, so clearly Grimm has no chance..."

I'm not sure I still believe that, just based on the increasingly obvious fact that no one else is right for the job. I almost wonder if Snyder had kept Gregg Williams around for a few more weeks before hiring his replacement, would he be the leading candidate right now?

One thing that seems more and more obvious is that the fans and followers are feeling more and more desperate for a hire. I read a quote by a really smart businessman (or maybe it was the GM of the Athletics; I forget) who said something like, "When you wake up in the morning knowing you HAVE to make a deal TODAY, you are going to get screwed. Desperation leads to stupid moves."

So maybe Snyder is right to bide his time. He might make dumb football moves (often), but in this case, it's a business move, and it doesn't seem like there's any reason for him to be desperate or in a hurry at all. He can take his time and wait for the right deal to open up... and hopefully he'll recognize it when it happens.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Military Uniform said...

From the outside looking in the Redskins look extremely disfuctional. I can only imagine what it really looks like from your angle.

Best of luck to you all and Goodbye.

Skins fan no more 66-08

8:30 PM  

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