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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February 6-- Snyder Speaks

I had the opportunity to speak with Skins owner Dan Snyder yesterday during the reception honoring Art Monk and Darrell Green who will enter the Hall of Fame this summer..

I found Dan to be as open as possible, and patient with the media perception of the coaching search which is lasting longer then even he expected.. Snyder preached patience saying he wanted to conduct a full search with their original list of candidates which ultimately included coaches who were taking part in the Super Bowl..

Steve Spagnuolo's interview went into today and is expected to be ending by this evening so the liklihood of a decision is forthcoming.. Spagnuolo could be using the interview as leverage to get a better deal to stay in New York as the defensive coordinator with the Giants.. Or maybe he'll take the Skins job is offered.. Spagnuolo apparently went to New York and accepted a number of his assistants already hand picked when he took over as coordinator, so I suppose there is reason to believe he would be satisifed with the coordinators that have already been chosen here if he were to take over as head coach..

Steve Mariucci is not out of the running, but according to people I spoke with inside the organization, is viewed as behind Jim Fassel for the job.. So it appears there are three possibilities here, Fassel (unpopular among the masses) but was on board with the coordinator hirings and may have been named coach ten days ago had there not been a adverse reaction..
Spagnuolo likely gets it if he impresses Snyder today and wants to bolt New York for what would be his first head coaching gig..
Ron Meeks is still in play and is well liked, but like Fassel hasn't been offered the job, so the wait continues for him..

Snyder said that no candidate seemed overly concerned with having to follow in Joe Gibbs's footsteps but said it has been a topic of discussion.. As for Gregg Williams, Snyder only would say that "he's a good guy, but we felt it was not the right fit for the team and we wish him well." It was his first public comment since Williams was jettisoned out of Washington, and while it was vague, it reads to me that personality clashes were the likely reason..

New Odds: Jim Fassel 50%, Steve Spagnuolo, 30%, Ron Meeks 15%, Steve Mariucci 3%, Rabbitt out of the hat 2%

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Blogger Roy said...

ll you had to do was watch the
Giants dominate the line of scrimmage vs. the Patriots to realize that this team lacks what they need to win, and the blame belongs solely with Snyder and Certrato

9:46 AM  

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