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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HOF Finalists Named

Darrell Green, Art Monk and Russ Grimm were among the 17 finalists for election to the pro football Hall of Fame..
Green and Cris Carter are the only first time ballotees potentially to be elected..

So who is the shoe in? Probably Carter, certainly not Monk who's been shafted for years for no other good reason then he didn't spend his free time at the White House, not that White House nor wear Mink coats to press conferences he shied away from..

Monk gets in when class becomes a criteria.. Considering the lack of marquee names, the time is now for Art..

While Monk seems to be the poster child for Redskins fans ire, my heart is desirous for Grimm or Joe Jacoby (who for some ungodly reason can't even make it to the finalists) to be elected. This is the Hall of Fame, yet there is no representation of the greatest offensive line in the history of the NFL. There is a Hogette in Canton (true) and not a Hog. Hmmm..
If "Fame" is one of the criteria for the Hall of Fame, then why wouldn't someone from the most Famous offensive line ever be there?

As for Mr. Green, he likely gets in first among all of them. 20 years one team. 7 pro bowls. Among the best at his position for a long period of time. Champion. Highlight moments defensively and most famously a punt return in a playoff game where he tore a rib cage muscle leaping a coverage Bear and returning it for a backbreaking touchdown. Green also is a community leader, something that certainly shouldn't be a main criteria, still..

My guess, Green gets in if for no other reason, he doesn't have significant competition. Art stays out because Carter gets in and his numbers are better. Grimm fails to make it although, one day he'll be enshrined and the oversight of passing over the Hogs finally comes to an end..

OK men


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