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Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30--Final prep for emotional game with Bills

Injury list: Out for Sunday, WR James Thrash (ankle), FB Mike Sellers (back).
Questionable: G Randy Thomas (triceps) who has made it sound like it is more likely he will return for the Bears or Giants games, but is a possibility.. WR Antwaan Randle-El (hamstring) who was limited in Friday's practice..
Probable: Wr Santana Moss (heel), G Pete Kendall (ankle), RB Clinton Portis (soreness), DT Cornelious Griffin (foot) all took part in full practice..

Out for the Bills this weekend: RB Marshawn Lynch and Anthony Thomas.. Also DE Chad Kelsay..
QB Trent Edwards starts in place of JP Losman..

Joe Gibbs said he the team would be happy to hear the news of 3 men detained for questioning in Florida related to the Sean Taylor homicide.. Two teens and one 26 year old were in police custody as invesitigators continue to search for the assailiants who broke into Taylor's home late Sunday and fatally shot the Redskins safety.. There have been charges filed as of the time that I am writing this..

The team has opened a trust fund in the name of Taylor to benefit his one and a half year old daughter who survived the attack.. You can get all the details of where you can send donations to that on

For Sunday, a four minute tribute will be shown on the jumbotron during pre-game of the Skins-Bills game.. All those in attendence will receive #21 towels.. The team will not be selling Sean taylor merchandise at their stores on the Fed Ex premises on gameday.. Taylor's name also will be prominently displayed in one of the end zones during the game.. A Moment of silence will take place at every NFL stadium as it did prior to the Cowboys-Packers game Thursday night.. Dallas by the way was one of the first teams to call the Redskins and ask for the 21 stickers to adorn on their helmets to honor Taylor.. Deion Sanders wore a sticker last night on the NFL network postgame show following the game on his left lapel.. By the way, his interview with Terrell Owens following the game was phenominal including asking him why he made a postgame speech while not wearing a shirt and got T.O. to give him a "I love me some me," quote..
Rich Eisen asked an asinine question of "Are you the best team in the NFL?" T.O. responded politically but consiering there is an undefeated team still at large and that team happened to beat Dallas by 21 in Texas Stadium, I think it's safe to say that as of right now, we know who the best team in the league is.. Dallas is good though..

Gibbs was uncertain how his team will play this weekend only to praise the professionalism his players exhibited during what can be easily described as the worst week possible at Redskin Park..
This should be one unique atmosphere for Sunday..

Lastly, I would like to personally thank the many thoughts and opinions expressed to me via e-mail or through this blog during what was easily the most difficult week of my sports broadcasting career.. I got out of covering news because I wasn't interested in dealing with tragedy on a daily basis.. In the unique position I am as a reporter with a higher level of acces to the team, this was remarkably hard to deliver informative and cohesive broadcasts throughout the week..
Many of you sent very kind thoughts of the job myself, Larry, Kevin and the rest of the Redskins Radio crew did.. Some felt we were too insensitive at times.. The majority said we were able to help with the grieiving process and I can't thank you enough for those types of words of encouragement.. It truly meant a lot to hear from so many different fans and listeners durign a trying time..
Also, there Redskins PR staff often gets overlooked in terms of how instrumental they are in hel;ing us provide the coverage of the team on a daily basis.. This week, they did an extraordinary job of handling the crush of demands with grace and patience amid the most grim of days.. They deserve credit for helping us gain access to those who affected closely so they could share their thoughts with you through me and the other media members this week..

We have a very special pre-game show ready for Sunday's game with Buffalo, we hope you can tune in to Redskins Radio at 10AM through kickoff.. 94.3 FM, 92.7 FM, 730 AM..

As usual, you can always e-mail me directly at

OK men..


Blogger Pile of Nonsense said...

I think you guys have been awesome this week. For months, I have been convinced that you were the only actual journalist at Redskins Radio, and that most of your co-workers were utter buffoons (especially that meatball they make you do the lunch-hour show with), but over the past week, a lot of them have gained some pretty serious credibility in my eyes. Sheehan has really redeemed himsef, working the ironman schedule all week.

I don't want to hand out Peabody awards or anything. But, in an exceptionally difficult situation, with little info available (and that conflicting), you were an always credible voice delivering uniquely perspectives and the breaking knews, and it made going through the wek a lot easier. I'm a lot bigger fan of Redskins Radio than I was last week.

Thanks, Bram :)

8:03 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Thank you for the kind words..
It means a lot to me

9:25 PM  

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