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Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29-- Moss, Portis and Williams all speak on Taylor

Those who were closest to Sean Taylor spoke today at the Park as emotions continued to run very high.. Clinton Portis said Taylor has shied away mainly from being in the media spotlight because he'd "been burned too many times," by coverage saying Taylor had explained himself so many times when indescretions were highlighted by media coverage.. When I asked Santana Moss why Taylor didn't want to reveal himself to us he succintly said, "Look what's being said about him on TV." Gregg Williams echoed the sentiments saying Taylor was "all about trust and if you broke that trust you would have to chip away for a long time before you could regain it."
The message from the Park remained that Taylor was a person who was changing his life and that the mistakes he made were ones that anyone could have made.. Williams said, "How about you tell me what you did when you were 16 years old and I tell everyone else." Moss echoed that sentiment saying "everyone, including you have things in your past you wouldn't want people to know about."

Portis said he is not going to change his number to 21 as was intimated earlier in the week.. He said he is "not Sean Taylor and don't want the fans to think of me as playing on that level." Portis remains very outwardly upset by the events of the last few days but remained very strong during the media session which lasted about 10 minutes..

Gregg Williams said he has heard about the rumors that the Redskins would start the game with ten players as an homage to Taylor but said the team has had no discussions about doing that..
The league has told the Redskins their Thursday night home game next week against Chicago will go on as scheduled.. As far as I know the Skins have not petitioned the league to change the date due to the events of the this week and the plans to send the entire team down to Florida for Monday's funeral..
The public will have a chance to view Sean taylor's body prior to the funeral in the morning at Florida International University.. The funeral itself is open to the public despite limited seating at 11AM..

Reed Doughty is expected to start in the place of Taylor on Sunday as he has in the past two games while Taylor was nursing a knee injury.. He said despite the emotions, nothing changes in terms o his role on the field..

Jason Campbell and Chris Sauels both described practice and the overall atmosphere at Redskins park as much more of a releif today then yesterday when the practice was frighteningly quiet and solemn..

Portis was asked about comments made by Cardianls CB Antrell Rolle who has known Taylor since he was six.. Rolle intimated that he did not believe Taylor's murder was random saying a number of ex-friends were jealous of him and that Taylor was scared to return to Miami.. Portis said Rolle knew Taylor longer and had no information that Taylor was a target nor even knew Taylor's house was burglurized the week prior or that Taylor had returned to Miami that weekend.. Moss said he knew nothing of Taylor's fear (through the words of Rolle) either..

Moss shared a story that Taylor once told him he wanted to cover him in practice and he said he was shocked at how close he was able to stay with him saying he was the closest any safety ever came to sticking with him.. Taylor was decsribed in the words of Moss as this team's "Ronnie Lott."

The injury report only had two changes, RB Clinton Portis did return to limited practice and G Pete Kendall returned to full practice.. G Randy Thomas practiced for a second straight day and said not to rule him out for Sunday.. Current belief was that they are targeting Thursday's game for Thomas's return from a torn triceps muscle in week 2, but we'll see how the tomorrow goes..
Bills RB's Marshawn Lynch (ankle) and Anthony Thomas (calf) are both out for Sunday's game..

Ok men..


Blogger Kicha said...

Maybe it's me but I think Sean's dad unintentionally put a lot of pressure on the 'Skins. Win the next five games for Sean -- to honor his memory by making the playoffs?

Wow!! That's a lot to bear for these very young men -- either way if things don't work out I hope they're able to cope.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Ted Unnikumaran said...

Bram, just read on Steinburg's blog about Cowherd's comments on the Sean Taylor issue. I used to listen to your show at 12pm, and ocassionally tuned into the station, but these comments have sealed the deal for me - I'm done with xxxexpnradio.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Sorry to hear that Ted.. Hope you can find your way back to my show in the future..

2:22 PM  

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