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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11-- Skins sign Reche Caldwell, clear up Springs issue

The Redskins have signed wide receiver Reche Caldwell, he becomes the 6th receiver on the roster.. he had a career high 61 receptions a season ago for New England..
The team has officially placed Jon Jansen on injured reserve ending his season..

RB Marcus Mason was released from the active roster, if he clears waivers, he will likely be resigned to the practice squad.. WR Burl Toler was released from the practice squad, his spot was taken by Justin Geisinger who has had brief stints with the Titans and Bills..
There is one roster spot currently open.. The spot to watch may be safety with injuries to Pierson Prioleau and Vernon Fox.. The team releases Omar Stoutmire at the end of the camp, he would be a possibility..

The Redskins will start Todd Wade at right tackle this week, Stephon Heyer will cotniue to practice at both tackle postions and now becomes the primary backup to Wade and Chris Samuels..
Wade started one game last year for Washington replacing Jon jansen in New Orleans..

On the Shawn Springs situation: Gibbs said he is going to speak with Springs after he was quoted as saying "I don't know what Joe Gibbs is talking about," in regard to Gibbs's explanation that Springs was mianly used as a nickel corner because of health concerns..
Gibbs clarified today that Springs was in the trainers room early in the week prior to the Miami game and came out with his hamstring qrapped.. The trainers then alerted secondary coach Jerry Gray that Springs was not 100%.. Gray then determined that while Springs was practicing that he wasn't showing the "same explosion" on his reps.. So the team determined as the week progressed that due to Springs's injury history (missing numerous games last year with a sports hernia) that they were making a precautionary decision with Springs.. Gibbs essentially is emphasizing that Springs has done nothing wrong and hasn't necessarily been passed on the depth chart by Carlos Rogers or Fred Smoot, but the team was being overly careful about him in order to attempt to avoid a repeat of last year with Springs in terms of health.. Gibbs also would not say Springs is the best corner on the team repeating the mantra, "we have 3 starters at CB here."

S Pierson Prioleau has a high hamstring strain, he is questionable right now for the Eagles game.. S Vernon Fox is dealing with a groin injury..

A funny moment occured on Redskins Radio today when a caller asked Joe Gibbs if there are audibles in the offnese.. He claimed "This drove Bram crazy last year when the team didn't have any." Gibbs explained that audibles are in the offense this year and basically said the caller should pin that reporting on me that it wasn't true.. Mark Brunell told me a season ago that the team was not using audibles.. This year apparently is different.. And I offically resign my position as assistant to the offensive coaching staff!

On the second interception where Jason Campbell was trying to find Brandon Lloyd in the end zone, Gibbs said he didn't want to talk specifically about it or assess any blame on anyone.. Take that for what it is..

OK men..


Blogger gabe said...

Hey Bram,

not that I know much about him except that he is a pretty big WR, but do you if the skins were looking at Doug Gabriel?

Any insight on why they went with Caldwell?

1:23 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

production more then anything.. Maybe Gabriel wanted more money, not sure..
Caldwell signed for the league minimum

3:47 PM  

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