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Thursday, September 06, 2007

September 6-- Portis wants everyone to know he's ready

Clinton Portis was a little chippy with the media today saying that he is fine and won't have an issue with conditioning after missing the majority of the summer dealing with knee tendonitis.. Portis said he believes a lot of changes will come to this team (possibly including himself) should the Skins not do better then their 5-11 record of a seaosn ago.. Asked about what kind of condition he's in, Portis responded, "It's the first game of the season, no one is in football shape yet. Remeber my first carry against Tampa, I scored a long touchdown, it took me two quarters to recover from that."
Portis said he won't be shamed into staying into the game if he is winded because the cameras are on him, "If I'm tired I will go out of the game and you will watch me drink some waterand when I'm ready to go back in, you'll say he's recovered."

Gregg Williams said LB Marcus Washington will play Sunday claiming the entire team is at full strength for the opener.. The only player truly in question now is LB Khary Campbell who has a hamstring injury..

Antwaan Randle El was asked about who indeed is the #2 WR for the Skins this year.. Randle El said he thinks too much is made of last season's production saying the entire offense got "bogged down." The rotation of Randle El and Brandon Lloyd should be an interesting early season study..

One more practice until game #1!

OK men..


Blogger Marcus said...

I think Portis has no other choice but to be ready because if he his not then Betts is taking his job and I'm going to bet that if Portis dose not play much like he wants to he's leaving next season.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Man I hope you are wrong.. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt but you might be right..

8:21 AM  

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