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Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1-- Cooley gets extension, Brunell going nowhere

The Skins have extended the contract of TE Chris Cooley for six more seasons.. At this point I don't have any financials, my best guess would be that is would be close to the deal Ben Watson got from New England with a signing bonus nearing 15 million.. Cooley was heading into the final year of his contract, the team had made it clear that they would work on extending him before free agency began..

There have been no cuts as of yet as the team works it's way toward the 53 man roster.. The Skins have to cut 22 guys by 4PM..

When asked if the rumors of a Mark Brunell to Seattle deal were ture, Joe Gibbs simply said 'No." When pressed if Brunell would be on the roster come next week, Gibbs simply said "Yeah."
I have a highly placed source who essentially told me after the Jacksonville game that the Redskins are not dealing Brunell, not unless the offer from Seattle or whoever becomes overwhelming. So I'm sticking to my guns here, I know a number of outlets are continuing to report that Brunell could still be dealt, I'm saying at this point I'm 90% certain it won't happen because I believe my sources and Gibbs who told me directly after the JAX game that they are not dealing him.. But we'll see I guess..

There is no rotation set for the quarterbacks, Joe Gibbs will wait to make the decision on who will be the back-up to Jason Campbell until next week..

LG Pete Kendall is "getting settled in" according to Gibbs so it appears Kendall will remain the starter for the opner, not that this is a surprise to anyone.. Todd Wade "can play tackle in his sleep" according to Gibbs who used the former starting left guard to back-up RT on Thursday night.. Gibbs contends that Wade could play both psoitions come the season if need be..

Asked about whether he thinks this team is ready for the season, Gibbs said "We've worked very hard the last 4 years geting this team together. We feel we have a group of hard working individuals. But like I always have said, you never know. The past doesn't buy you anything." '05 bought the Skins nothing in '06, so maybe he'll be right about '07..

OK, cuts coming later, I'm off to the MD-Nova game.. QB Josh Portis apparently is going to be deemed academically ineligible and miss the season!!!! Horrific..


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