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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 4-- No Leftwich for DC

Joe Gibbs says while the Redskins like Byron Leftwich, he feels the quarterback situation in Washington is settled and from a cap perspective, it would cost too much to bring Leftwich in, thus the Redskins don't feel he would be a "good fit" for them and thus the Skins will not actively attempt to sign him..

Gibbs also said the Ladell Betts can expect a lot of the carries come Sunday against Miami.. Clinton Portis will start for Washington but Gibbs is concerned (and for good reason) that Portis won't be able to get the typical ammount of carries for a starting back after missing most of the summer..
There is no rift between Portis and the organization over the decision to allow him to rest his knee this summer instead of practicing, Gibbs said Portis is one who calls him often during the off-season to give his two cents on player acquisition and even was among those campaigning or the drafting of Laron Landry.. Maybe he indeed is the Assistant Vice President as Jason Campbell joked on Monday..

OK men..


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