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Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1-- Wynn, Jimoh, Stoutmire among final cuts

Below is the list of players released by the Redskins to get to the mandatory 53 man roster.. LB Dallas Sartz was also released, injured (hamstring)..
So Sartz was the second draft pick to be released by the team.. QB Jordan Palmer became the 3d, he likely will be resigned to the practice squad on Sunday..

Veterans released: DE Renaldo Wynn, 10 years in the league the last five with Washington.. Room was made for younger speed rush end Chris Wilson and DT Lorenzo Alexander, also it means DT Ryan Coschetti is on the team once again..
CB Ade Jimoh was released, so Leigh Torrence wins the #5 CB job, John Eubanks was also released, a foregone conclusion after he injured his hamstring in the final pre-seson game..
S Omar Stoutmire is a mild surprise, Reed Doughty wins the final safety spot..
FB Fred Beasley ws also let go, a week after the team resigned him.. TE Eric Edwards made the team as the 3rd TE.. My sources tell me Washington is looking at WR and TE as all final cuts occurred this weekend..

G Jason Fabini made the team as a back-up, Taylor Whitley and Calvin Armstrong go.. Todd Wade is in as a versatile T/G..

The team has 52 players on it's roster, I would expect the spot to be filled by a WR, possibly Keenan McCardell after he was released by Houston.. There are only 4 WR's on the roster after Carl Berman, Burl Toler, Corey Bradford and Ryan Hoag were all released..

Practice squad guesses from me: Jordan Palmer, Byron Westbrook, Alex Buzbee, Matt Sinclair, Anthony Trucks, Kili Lefotu, maybe two spots from players released by other teams..

OK here's the list of releases,,

OL Calvin Armstrong
DT Matthias Askew
FB Fred Beasley
RB Brian Bell
WR Carl Berman
WR Corey Bradford
RB Dee Brown
DE Alex Buzbee
DB John Eubanks
DE Justin Hickman
WR Ryan Hoag
DB Ade Jimoh
OL Kili Lefotu
TE Jake Nordin
QB Jordan Palmer
LB Matt Sinclair
DB Omar Stoutmire
WR Burl Toler
LB Anthony Trucks
DB Byron Westbrook
OL Taylor Whitley
DE Renaldo Wynn


Blogger Steve Owens said...

Cory Schlesinger was released by the Dolphins. Would the Skins be looking at him or another FB as Sellers is the only FB on the roster?

7:40 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Brian Bell, an undrafted rookie is on the P squad.. I think Schlesinger would be a possibility..

6:58 PM  

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