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Monday, September 03, 2007

September 3-- Campbell skewers Portis and Ronnie Brown

QB Jason Campbell did something I haven’t seen in a Redskins quarterback in some time, he was funny!!! Campbell jokingly ripped Clinton Portis calling him “The Assistant Vice-President of the Redskins,” suggesting his summer off the practice field is because of his good standing with the organization. He also joked that “If Portis has a good game on Sunday, he may never have to play again.” This of course was all done in jest, but it was refreshing and nice to see someone point out the obvious, Portis has been on scholarship this summer..
As for playing this weekend, Joe Gibbs said Portis took part in full practice, looked good and will be the starter against Miami.. He did caution that Portis and Betts will carry the load.. (Interesting only to fantasy football owners looking to fill out the opening day roster)

Campbell wasn’t done using the media to send some rips.. He also called out former top 5 pick Ronnie Brown who used to be his collegiate roommate at Auburn.. Campbell said Ronnie “looks like he’s lost about 20 pounds since college. I guess he stopped eating all those cheeseburgers.” Asked if Brown had something he could tell the Dolphins about him, Campbell riffed, “He can tell them I am a good cook. I have to call Ronnie to see what’s on the menu.”
This is a total aside and complete opinion, but I can’t tell you how much more I am liking this guy by the day. His personality is starting to blossom, he is not afraid to say what is on his mind and is able to do it in a fun and non-threatening manner.. Combine that with his toughness this summer and guess what, we might have a real starting quarterback here for the first time in a long time..

LB Marcus Washington wore an elbow brace and took part in full practice today.. Washington said he “is shooting for the Miami game,” but is no certainty.. The team is brining in a custom made brace that he would wear on game day that Washington joked, “might be a little prettier then the one he is wearing.” Marcus said he is also unsure whether the dislocated elbow is something that figures to bother him through the season.. We’ll get a more definitive injury update on Wednesday..
LB Khary Campbell was the only player held out of practice (hamstring). T Chris Samuels was said to have taken part in all of practice and appears like he will be ready to start against Miami..

TE Chris Cooley (who will be a guest on the pre-game show) called signing his new 6 year contract extension a “relief.” He said it got to the point where he just wanted to know what was going to happen and that the talks were starting to affect him.. He said that the two sides had essentially agreed to put off talks during the season if no deal could get done, but the Skins figure to have made the right move here.. If Cooley came near his franchise high (for a TE) in receptions, which he got in 2005 (71) and had the added yards per catch to that total as he did a season ago (10 to 12.9) he would be nearing a 1000 yard season and that would have placed in rare status among TE’s making him practically un-signable next off-season..
Cooley admitted last summer when the team essentially hid their offense during the pre-season, that he and others did not know what they were supposed to do in the opener.. He says this summer was much more productive not only because it is year 2 in this offense, but because they treated the games differently..

DE Renaldo Wynn was expected to sign with the Saints after being released by the Skins over the weekend..

The team has the day off tomorrow and will resume practice on Wednesday..

OK men..


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